LV pheasant, the queen of Henkel, and Mrs. Qi, the concubine of Liu Bang, fought bitterly

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Henkel queen Lu pheasant

Ms. Qi Yi’s family background may not be a prominent official family, so her life experience is not mentioned in the history books. She didn’t have ambition at first, but after she gave birth to a son for Mr. Liu Bang, her only son, Liu Ruyi, she began to have ambition. She found that her old man husband was different. He was a man with unlimited power


Master, and the emperor master is as tame as a lamb in her arms. As long as that guy says a word, she can rule China. This is a strange scene that she didn’t dream of when she was a little Jasper. She was so excited that she asked Mr. Liu Bang to make Liu Ruyi the crown prince. The crown prince is the legal heir to the throne. Mother values her son. Once the old man dies and her son ascends the throne, she will become the queen mother. Eh, the sky will open.

The crown prince, Mr. Liu Ying, is a sincere and kind-hearted young man. With his biological mother, Ms. LV pheasant, he has been staying in the capital Chang’an palace. Although he is a father and son with Mr. Liu Bang, he is relatively estranged from his father and son. Ms. Qi Yi, with Liu Ruyi, has always been inseparable from Mr. Liu Bang. Mr. Liu Bang, an old hooligan, not only indulged in her beauty, but also vulgar, “cats always eat children, people always cherish children”, and people’s old also love young children most. Mr. Liu Ruyi is extremely smart, quick and decisive. Mr. Liu Bang was full of praise and said, “like me, like me.” From his name “Ruyi”, we can understand how much dad likes him and loves him.

——My friend, Mr. Tian Jingshan, settled in San Francisco, the United States. His son and master married a foreign wife. At first, the old couple were so angry that they wanted to jump the Jinshan Bridge. Who knows that the foreign wife is better than the Chinese wife. The second old man is happy enough, but he didn’t expect that the foreign wife gave birth to a white fat boy. The second old man couldn’t close his mouth with a smile. Every day, he hugged, hugged, kissed and jumped, nicknamed the boy “ten thousand fans”. The boy’s glance and smile fascinated the whole family. When Mrs. Bai Yang was in San Francisco, she shared the happiness brought by her children, which really made my old man beat his chest with envy.

Mr. Liu Ruyi must be a clever child, otherwise he won’t be named “Ruyi”. Ms. Qi Yi then took the opportunity to carry out her plot to seize her legitimate rights and cried to her husband day and night. Although the history books did not say what she was crying about, we can infer that it was nothing more than: “dear, ring the bell, you are old. In case you fall down and can’t get up, who will my wife rely on? I’m afraid LV pheasant and her son Liu Ying won’t let us go.” Mr. Liu Bang thought it was reasonable, so he ordered Liu Ruyi to be king of Zhao as the first step. The second step, in 197 BC, when Mr. Liu Bang was in the early Dynasty, he said that he would make Liu Ruyi the crown prince. Civil and military officials were startled. Crown prince Gai was not a hired worker. As soon as he was dissatisfied, he drove away and found another one. Not to mention the second century B.C., even in the 20th century A.D. 2000 years later, it was not so easy for the head of the Empire to change to a crown prince. Mr. Zhou Chang, one of the prime ministers (the censor doctor), made a serious protest. Mr. Liu Bang said, “OK, let me hear your opinion on changing the crown prince.” Mr. Zhou Chang was born with a stuttering, but now he was so angry that he couldn’t say it at once. He just shouted, “I can’t speak, but I hope I know it. If you abolish the crown prince, I hope I won’t accept orders.”

This is really an interesting scene. In the midst of killing, a stammer suddenly appeared, and Mr. Liu Bang couldn’t help laughing. Fortunately, the laughter stopped the car and made no further decision. The early morning ended immediately. Alas, it’s dangerous.

This is Ms. Qi Yi’s challenge to Ms. LV pheasant. During the court meeting, Ms. LV pheasant hid in the East Wing side room of the Jinluan hall to eavesdrop. After the court meeting ended, Mr. Zhou Chang passed by. Ms. LV pheasant came out and knelt down to him, kowtowed and said, “if it weren’t for you, the crown prince wouldn’t be protected.” However, Mr. Liu Bang only gave in temporarily, and he still couldn’t forget to canonize Liu Ruyi as the crown prince. The conspiracy was still going on and would break out at any time. Although Ms. LV pheasant is a hero among women, she is helpless. But she finally came up with a way to defend herself. She sent her brother Mr. LV Shizhi to find Mr. Zhang Liang, one of Mr. Liu Bang’s three heroes. According to the history books, Mr. LV Shizhi didn’t use “beg”, but “rob”, probably threatening Mr. Zhang Liang that if he didn’t give an idea, he would die with him. Mr. Lu Shizhi warned, “you are the emperor’s brain trust. Now the emperor wants to change the crown prince. Do you think you can lie on your back and stay out of the matter?” Mr. Zhang Liang is worthy of being wise and resourceful. He analyzed the reason why he couldn’t appear – because even if he did, it was useless. He said, “at first, the emperor listened to me when he was in trouble and danger. Now the world has been settled, and the country is unified. Because of a little selfish love and hatred, if you want to change the crown prince, outsiders can’t talk between your bones and flesh. Even if there are a hundred Zhang Liang, there is nothing you can do.” Mr. Lu Shizhi forced him to come up with an idea and said, “anyway, you have to help this, save queen Lu’s mother and son.” Mr. Zhang Liang had to, Date: “This is not something that can be done by mouth alone. Well, I recommend someone else. Since Mr. Liu Bang became emperor, he always thought that people all over the world would flatter him. However, there are four old men, who are deeply disgusted with Mr. Liu Bang’s arrogant attitude. He also found them, and they fled to the mountains and vowed to die not to be his subordinates. Because of this, Mr. Liu Bang treats them with more respect. Your Excellency If he didn’t spare the gold and silver treasures, the Pope crown prince would personally repair the book and respectfully invite them to be his guests. He often followed him into the court, deliberately letting Mr. Liu Bang find out that Mr. Liu Bang must be strange and ask who they are, which is a great help to the crown prince. “

These four old men were called “four haos of Shangshan” – dongyuangong, Mr. Jiaoli, Qi Liji, and Xia Huanggong. Shangshan is located in the south of Chang’an, where they fled. Four Hao, four white haired.

Shangshan Sihao soon contributed their wisdom.

In 196 BC, Mr. yingbu, the Fengwang (Huainan king) stationed in Shouxian County, Anhui Province, rebelled—— Mr. yingbu’s mutiny is related to Mr. Peng Yue’s unjust prison and Mr. Liu Bang’s brutal killing. Mr. Liu Bang chopped Mr. Peng Yue into meat sauce and sent them to the kings everywhere. His Excellency meant to show his blood *, which was equivalent to announcing, “Whoever dares to rebel, I will do this to whoever.” He thought this could have the effect of intimidation, but he didn’t expect the effect. On the contrary, Mr. inbu was surprised when he saw the meat sauce. Eh, the old hooligan was so cruel that he might attack me one day. If he didn’t get away as soon as possible, it would be too late to repent. Therefore, he supported the army and separated from the central government.

——Of course, people share the same heart and reason, but people will have different reactions to the same stimulus due to different personalities, spirituality, knowledge, opinions and positions. This is the complexity of politics.

When the news of Mr. yingbu’s rebellion reached the capital Chang’an, the government of the Western Han Dynasty was greatly shocked because of his great strength. Just because Mr. Liu Bang was ill, he was lying in bed humming, so he planned to lead the Pope’s crown prince, Mr. Liu Ying, to fight. Four old men with white hair, out of their wits, said, “the crown prince commands the army. It’s a bad thing.” Immediately find Mr. LV Shizhi, the uncle of the crown prince Liu Ying, and warn: “the crown prince personally led the army, * traitors, returned with great victory. What credit does it take? The crown prince is a supreme minister and cannot be promoted any more. However, in case of defeat, that’s great. When the emperor wants to abolish him, he has an excuse. And those he commands


All of them are like the outlaws who fought with Mr. Liu Bang in those days. They are rebellious and teach a young generation to be fooled by them


It’s like teaching sheep to drive wolves. I’m afraid they won’t try their best. So this trip was futile. I heard that the emperor’s master once clenched his teeth and said, “don’t teach Xiao Zi (Liu Ying) to live above Ai’er (Liu Ruyi).” The situation is so obvious that one day, the crown prince’s throne will be lost. ” In this way, in this way, I taught Mr. LV Shizhi a set, and Mr. LV Shizhi transferred this set to his sister Ms. LV pheasant.

Therefore, Ms. LV pheasant went to see Mr. Liu Bang and cried to her old husband who had no feelings (the tears came not easily): “Ying Bu is a strong general in the world, good at using troops, and some in front of her


, are all old friends of your generation. If they are called Liu yingtongjun, I’m afraid they are uncomfortable and won’t listen to orders. When the news reached yingbu’s ears, he would not pay attention to the central army. Attacking all the way west, there would be no one to stop, and the government was in danger. Although you are ill, you still have to fight in person. You don’t have to ride a horse. It’s the same with lying in the car and commanding. The generals dare not do their best. Although you work harder, you can


? Brother, run for your wife and your son. ” Hearing this, Mr. Liu Bang found that he was so important. As soon as long Xin was happy, he was half cured, but he still shouted, “I knew that boy couldn’t do things, so I’d better do it myself.”

——There is a film in Taiwan, the title of which is “junior sister’s departure”, which was simply banned by the film official. It’s easy to understand the reasons for the ban. Originally, “departure” is not allowed, and “departure” is OK, so it had to be changed to “junior sister’s departure”. This is also one of the anecdotes of officialdom. We don’t know the difference between the minds of officials and the minds of the people. We only know that Mr. Liu Bang was lucky to be born in the second century BC and was able to start his career. If his Excellency was unlucky and born in the 20th century, I’m afraid he had to leave the customs.

Mr. yingbu’s rebellion finally failed, and he was not Mr. Liu Bang’s opponent. After Mr. Liu Bang returned to Chang’an, the capital, his condition became worse and he was more anxious to change the crown prince. But once, at a banquet, Mr. Liu Bang saw four white haired old men standing behind Liu Ying, all over the age of 80, with a fairy spirit and a “big tail” like Mr. Bai Yang. He couldn’t help asking, “what are they doing?” When he knew that it was actually Shangshan Sihao, he was shocked and said, “how many years have I been looking for you, and you ran away without a trace, but now you follow my son. Why?” The fourth old man replied, “you look down on people and are fond of swearing. We refuse to meet you because we don’t want to be insulted by this. The crown prince is loyal, benevolent and filial, and respects intellectuals. Everyone in the world is willing to die for him, so he is willing to serve around.” Mr. Liu Bang thanked, “then, please take care of him.” When they left, Mr. Liu Bang kept looking at their backs and thinking.

After retreating from the court, Mr. Liu Bang returned to the palace and told Ms. Qi Yi, “I was determined to change the crown prince, but with the help of Shang Shan Sihao, he has abundant feathers, which is hard to shake. Queen Lu pheasant will become your master.” This is a desperate blow to Ms. Qi Yi, who suffered a disastrous defeat that has been unable to turn over the money. She shed tears, and at this time, tears have been unable to save the overall situation. She didn’t understand why Mr. Liu Bang cared about the four white haired old men, but she didn’t dare to insist. Mr. Liu Bang sighed, “well, you dance the local dance of Chu for me, and I sing the local song of Chu for you.”

The Song said: geese fly high and fly thousands of miles,

Feathers have been abundant across the world,

What can I do when I cross the world.

Although there is a bow and arrow, where to cast the song is pathetic, which is a sad mood that can’t be rescued after watching his beloved fall off the cliff. Ms. Qi Yi was even more bitter. She only danced and cried, and finally broke into tears. She had expected her unfortunate ending, but she didn’t expect it to be so terrible.

The reason why Mr. Liu Bang did not change the crown prince is what we described in the official history. Some people think that four old men with white hair may not have such power. Once Mr. Liu Bang has sex, don’t say four old men with white hair, even if there are a hundred old men with white hair, he won’t pay attention. The problem is that Mr. Liu Bang has his way. In his life, he never does anything that cares about the past and ignores the future. This is his supreme wisdom. There was obviously a great mistake in Ms. Qi Yi’s strategy (she soon paid the price for her mistake). Her mistake was not that she dared to seize the throne, but that she was always isolated. Except for catching the emperor’s old man, she did not establish Party members in the court and among senior government officials. However, Ms. LV pheasant made a lot of good luck. From her kneeling to Mr. Zhou Chang as the queen, we can see that her means and use are wonderful. Four old men with white hair represent a huge support force. Considering the situation of Ms. Qi Yi, once Mr. Liu Bang forcibly establishes Liu Ruyi as the crown prince, and after his death, the mother and son may not even have food because of lack of support. Now he is no longer worried about driving Liu Ying out of the throne, but about how to protect his most beloved Ms. Qi Yi’s mother and son.

However, he could not think of a proper way, which was the tragedy of the autocratic regime – in the next 2000 years


In, such tragedies emerge in endlessly, with new forms – that is, the majestic autocratic demon king can protect his life, but he can’t control the people behind him. When his favorite people are mercilessly slaughtered after he stops breathing, the murderer is playing the sign of loving him.

Mr. Liu Bang’s depression made him constantly sing the “song of Chu” he wrote in the palace. This is really an irony. Only ten years ago, the “Chu song” in cuxia troubled Mr. Xiang Yu and drove him to death. Now, Mr. Liu Bang’s own “Chu song” makes him depressed and helpless. Even with his great ability and unparalleled authority, he can’t untie this knot. All government officials knew the emperor’s troubles, but no one could share them with him. This situation was seen by Mr. Zhao Yao, an official of the Ministry of supervision (Royal historian Fu Xi). His heart was pounding. He knew that his opportunity for promotion was coming. So he asked Mr. Liu Bang, “are you unhappy? I guess it’s because Liu Ruyi is young, and Mrs. Qi Yi and queen Lu pheasant are incompatible. Can’t Mother and son survive after you die?” Mr. Liu Bang said, “that’s right. I’m almost worried to death, but I can’t think of a way.” Mr. Zhao Yao said, “I’ll give you an idea.” Mr. Liu Bang said, “what idea?” Mr. Zhao Yao said, “Liu Ruyi’s title is prince, and all princes have enfeoffments; all enfeoffments have ‘state ministers’. If your majesty can send a powerful minister, who has always been respected by the queen and crown prince, to serve as state minister, it’s OK.” Mr. Liu Bang said, “this method is very good. Who can do it?” Mr. Zhao Yao then recommended Mr. Zhou Chang. The reason why he recommended Mr. Zhou Chang was that Mr. Zhou Chang did have the conditions he said – in fact, I’m afraid he chose Zhou Chang first, and then said his conditions. Second, Mr. Zhou Chang was transferred to the “prime minister” (the Prime Minister of the state), and he could climb up the vacant position of one of the prime ministers of the central government (the censor doctor).

Mr. Liu Bang summoned Mr. Zhou Chang and told him his decision. Mr. Zhou Chang was 100 times unwilling. Although he was unwilling to be demoted from the Prime Minister of the central government to the Prime Minister of the feudal state, he also knew that after Mr. Liu Bang died, he could not resist Ms. Lu pheasant at all. However, Mr. Liu Bang said, “I know it’s demotion for you, but I’m worried about Liu Ruyi’s life, and you can’t protect it. Anyway, do it reluctantly for me.” So he sent Mr. Liu Ruyi to his feudal state, the state of Zhao (in the south of Hebei, the capital of the state of Zhao is Handan, Hebei).

——Alas, Mr. Zhao Yao’s idea is a bad idea. Can the tough “prime minister” protect the prince? It’s really navel farting. There’s no such thing. Gai “national prime minister” was appointed by the central government. He cannot be independent from the central government. He can only accept the orders of the central government. After the death of Mr. Liu Bang, the central government fell into the hands of Ms. LV pheasant. It was easier to get rid of Mr. Zhou Chang than an ant. The mud Bodhisattva crossed the river, and it was difficult to protect himself. How could he protect others? With Mr. Liu Bang’s intelligence, he would not have thought of this, but he has entered his twilight years, his ambition has faded, and the situation is stronger than others. He has to pretend to praise this method, creating a safety illusion for himself, day by day.

In 193 BC, Mr. Liu Bang stretched out his legs and stared. The crown prince, Mr. Liu Ying, inherited the throne of the emperor, and Ms. LV pheasant became empress dowager. The situation changes dramatically, and those who are * excluded should be ordered. Ms. LV pheasant is not a kind-hearted woman (however, when a man was changed, his wife fell in love with a little white face and plotted to sweep him out day and night, his reaction after being ordered was probably not much more moderate than that of Ms. LV pheasant). Ms. LV pheasant couldn’t forget the torture she suffered from Ms. Qi Yi, and she immediately retaliated. Poor Ms. Qi Yi, she lost her only support. When Ms. LV pheasant was hit, government officials all stood on Ms. LV pheasant’s side. Now it’s Ms. Qi Yi’s turn, but no one said a word for her—— In fact, resentment is already deep in the bone marrow, even if someone speaks, it is useless.

Ms. LV pheasant ordered Qi Yi to be arrested and imprisoned in the special prison (Yongxiang) in the imperial palace. She shaved her hair and shaved it into a bald head. She tied her neck with an iron chain, put on a scarlet prison coat, and taught her to pound rice every day. This punishment is not only painful, but also humiliating. In her grief, Ms. Qi Yi pounded rice and sang, “my son is a prince and my mother is a prisoner.”. Endless rice, accompanied by death.

Three thousand miles apart, anyone who can send a message will send such a sad song under such circumstances. However, after political interpretation, the meaning is completely different. After hearing this, Ms. LV pheasant flew into a rage: why, you still expect that boy Liu Ruyi to send troops to save you. Turn over. So she decided to cut down the roots.

Since Ms. Lu pheasant decided to uproot, Mr. Liu Ruyi would have no life. When the order of the central government to summon Mr. Liu Ruyi to Chang’an, the capital, arrived in the state of Zhao, Mr. Zhou Chang, as the state minister, already knew what was going on, He said to the imperial envoy, “Mr. Liu Bang entrusted Liu Ruyi to me. How can I not give my whole heart? We all know that the Empress Dowager hated Ms. Qi Yi to the bone. Now when recruiting Liu Ruyi, it must be the mother and son who killed her. I can’t let him go. Moreover, Liu Ruyi is just sick and can’t go.” Three orders from the central government were rejected by Mr. Zhou Chang.

With Ms. LV pheasant’s sinister character, she can kill Mr. Zhou Chang first. It’s easy to kill Mr. Zhou Chang. Now, Ms. LV pheasant is the central government, and the central government is Ms. LV pheasant. As soon as she turns her face and says that Mr. Zhou Chang disobeys orders, no one can save him. However, Mr. Zhou Chang had too high a reputation, and Ms. LV pheasant was also grateful to him, so Ms. LV pheasant adopted a relatively mild means of luring the tiger away from the mountain, and she ordered Mr. Zhou Chang to be recruited to the capital.

When you call up a prince, you can refuse to resist the prime minister. When you call up a prime minister, you cannot refuse to accept orders. Mr. Zhou Chang had to go. After arriving at Chang’an, I met with Ms. LV pheasant. Ms. LV pheasant was different from the day when she knelt down to him. Now she is the Empress Dowager and has great power. As soon as she saw Mr. Zhou Chang, she scolded and said, “you bastard, don’t you know that Qi Yi and I are at odds, why don’t you let Liu Ruyi come?” Mr. Zhou Chang said: “Mr. Liu Bang entrusted Mr. Liu Ruyi to me, and I will protect him for one day as long as I live. Besides, Mr. Liu Ruyi is the younger brother of the current emperor, and Mr. Liu Bang loves him the most. I used to protect the current emperor and was trusted by Mr. Liu Bang, so I hope I can also protect Liu Ruyi, so that their brothers will not be fratricidal. If you have selfish desires and hatred, I dare not participate, I only know to follow Mr. Liu Bang’s will.” This remark made Ms. LV pheasant speechless and stayed for a long time. But no serious reason can change a person’s selfishness – especially his emotional selfishness. Only a person with great wisdom can yield to reason, and Ms. LV pheasant is not a person with great wisdom. She only has too many small cleverness.

Ms. LV pheasant then ordered the recruitment of Liu Ruyi. Without Mr. Zhou Chang as the master, he was just a child, so he had to go. Mr. Liu Ying, who is new to the throne, is not old, but he has a sincere character. Normally, Liu Ruyi almost squeezed out his position as emperor. He should hate Liu Ruyi, but he cares about his flesh and blood. When Liu Ruyi was about to arrive in Chang’an, he went to the suburbs to meet him in person and received him in the palace. This year (194 BC), Mr. Liu Ying was only 18 years old and did not marry the queen. He ate at the same table and slept in the same bed with Mr. Liu Ruyi without leaving for a minute. Ms. Lu pheasant was so anxious that she jumped. Mr. Liu Ying’s practice made her unable to use poison tricks without harming her own son.

However, open guns are easy to hide, and hidden arrows are difficult to defend. Soon, the opportunity came. The age of Mr. Liu Ruyi is not recorded in historical books, but we can speculate. In 205 BC, Mr. Liu Bang called Shandong and got Ms. Qi Yi. Assuming that she gave birth to Liu Ruyi in the second year, that is, 204 BC, in 194 BC, Liu Ruyi was only 15 years old, and he was still a naive big child in the primary middle school. Obviously, he did not know that great disaster was coming. In fact, even if he knows, his age does not allow him to protect himself. He was fond of playing and sleeping. One day in the winter of this year, Mr. Liu Ying got up early in the morning to go hunting, and Mr. Liu Ruyi was still sleeping soundly, and he couldn’t wake up anyway. Mr. Liu Ying thought that it didn’t matter for a while, so he went first by himself. Ms. LV pheasant’s minions are densely distributed in every corner. This is the opportunity to perform loyalty. The small report was immediately called over. Ms. LV pheasant immediately sent someone to attack. The murderer woke up Mr. Liu Ruyi. At this time, he couldn’t help but wake up. Then several big men pressed his hands and feet and poured poisonous wine from his mouth. We can imagine children struggling, crying for help and crying. Then, when Mr. Liu Ying came back from hunting, his younger brother had bled and died in bed. And all the people around swore to heaven that no one knew the reason for his sudden death, not even Ms. LV pheasant.

Ms. LV pheasant killed Mr. Liu Ruyi, and there was no future trouble. Then, she ordered Ms. Qi Yi to cut off her hands and feet, dug out her eyes, smoked her ears deaf with smoke, and forced her to drink dumb medicine and throw it in the toilet, named “human pig”. Sad husband, writing here, it seems that we can still vaguely see the tragic scene, generation


, now she has become a bloody *, her head is bare, her eyes have become two black holes dripping with blood, her ears can’t hear, and she is in great pain. She can only open her mouth and can’t shout. No hands, no feet, no standing, no holding, no survival, no death. But her heart is still clear. She may still be longing and hoping for her love to rescue her, or she may be recalling the past love with Mr. Liu Bang, but she only shed blood and tears from the black hole. The cruelest punishment in the world fell on a woman, but it was another woman who ordered the punishment.

Ms. LV pheasant not only dealt with Ms. Qi Yi in this way, but also taught her emperor’s son, Mr. Liu Ying, to visit her brutal achievements. Mr. Liu Ying looked, creepy, and asked the eunuch what the creepy * was. The eunuch had to tell him that it was Ms. Qi Yi. Mr. Liu Ying burst into tears and said, “this is not human behavior. I am the son of the Empress Dowager. There is nothing I can do to the empress dowager, but I can no longer govern the world.” Excessive sadness and shock made Mr. Liu Ying sick.

Mr. Liu Ying died in 188 BC. His death brought Ms. LV pheasant eight years of scenery, and also brought the disaster that Ms. LV pheasant’s whole family was slaughtered. Assuming that there is karma in the world, it is tragic enough.

When Ms. Qi Yi died is not recorded in history books. We think she may not survive in 194 BC. After thousands of years, a woman who is charming like flowers and jade still plays politics with her husband’s relationship. It’s dangerous and sad.

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