LV Yi’s husband Qian Yongchen complained live that the actors are harder than migrant workers

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Qian Yongchen has also appeared in many film and television works, such as bounty hunters, long-lasting love, herbal fragrance, married into a rich family, seamless, diamond rich family and so on. However, when it comes to Qian Yongchen, more people call him LV Yi’s husband. LV Yi’s husband Qian Yongchen told his grievances live, saying that the actors were harder than the migrant workers. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

LV Yi’s husband Qian Yongchen’s live complaint

As for the note of Qian Yongchen, we know that Qian Yongchen now runs a film and Television Academy. Therefore, Qian Yongchen often makes live broadcast on Tiktok to promote his film and Television Academy. Many netizens signed up to Qian Yongchen’s film and Television Academy to learn performance through Tiktok’s publicity. During a recent live broadcast, Qian Yongchen said that the actors’ work was harder than that of migrant workers, and their food was not as good as that of migrant workers.

Qian Yongchen’s remarks were immediately refuted by many netizens. Even in the live broadcast room, many netizens began to scold Qian Yongchen. Unexpectedly, Qian Yongchen claimed that he had not made a mistake, saying that these people who were their mothers had a mentality of hating the rich. Qian Yongchen also clamored with netizens who scolded him in the live broadcast room, and said that he would connect with these people and directly debate in the live broadcast room.

Qian Yongchen said that actors work harder than migrant workers

And those fans of Qian Yongchen also comfort Qian Yongchen with various messages, saying that those who question Qian Yongchen are black fans. Let Qian Yongchen calm down and ignore these black fans. Xiaobian really can’t understand the behavior of Qian Yongchen’s fans and can’t agree with Qian Yongchen’s viewpoint. How high are the wages of migrant workers? How high is the star’s salary? Qian Yongchen unexpectedly compared the stars with the migrant workers, and drew on the migrant workers to praise these stars. Many netizens also began to speak harshly, asking her to take care of her husband and let Qian Yongchen stop talking nonsense in the live broadcast room.

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