Ma Chao’s days in Shuhan: he was deserted and saved his life by betraying his friends

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In the romance of the Three Kingdoms, machao’s life experience was very tragic. His family was tricked and slaughtered by Cao Cao. After taking refuge in Liu Bei, he began a beautiful life, and was awarded the Grand Marquis of the Hussars general. He spent his last years happily in honor and favor. However, in history, Ma Chao lived a very depressed and painful life after taking refuge in Liu Bei. He had few friends and was ostracized and suppressed everywhere. He spent the rest of his life in fear.

After Guan Yu went north to Xiangyang, LV Meng offered advice, and Lu Xun, an unknown young general, guarded Lukou. In October of that year, LV Meng was appointed as the governor of Jingzhou. He led his troops to the West. Along the way, Wu soldiers dressed up as businessmen in white, cheated Guanyu’s posts along the river, reached Jiangling and the public security, and the general Mi Fang surrendered one after another. Lu Meng took Jingzhou without a single soldier. This is the historical story of “crossing the river in white”.

Guan Yu is very proud and likes the flattery of others. When Ma Chao first came to surrender. Guan Yu, who was far away in Jingzhou, wrote a letter to Zhugeliang asking about Ma Chao’s personality level. Zhugeliang immediately understood Guan Yu’s intention. In his reply, he first boasted about how machao was a hero, saying that he was also compared with Zhang Fei. Then he changed his brush, “you are not as outstanding as your handsome bearded male!” After reading the letter, Guan Yu was very satisfied and asked his subordinates to circulate it.

In July of the 24th year of Jian’an, Guan Yu launched the Xiangfan campaign. At the beginning of the war, Guan Yu first captured Xiangyang. Then they besieged Fancheng and wiped out Cao Cao’s reinforcements. According to historical records, “Yu awed China. Cao Gongyi moved Xu capital to avoid its sharpness”. However, at this time, LV Meng attacked Jiangling and the Public Security Bureau and occupied Guan Yu’s base area. At this time, Guan Yu’s first reaction was to go back and recover the lost land. However, the soldiers in Jingzhou were disheartened, defeated and lost their fighting capacity. Guan Yu led the remnant to flee and was captured and killed in Linju.

The records of Guan Yu in the annals of the three kingdoms are very simple, but in the romance of the Three Kingdoms, Luo Guanzhong gave Guan Yu the most beautiful names and made up the most about Guan Yu’s life stories. Such as riding alone for thousands of miles and going to meetings alone are all fake. It is purely feudal superstition for Guan Yu to show his holiness in Yuquan mountain after his death and capture LV Meng alive to kill him. Hua Rong Dao and Guan Yu’s righteous interpretation of Cao Cao were made up by the author to vilify Cao Cao and establish Guan Yu’s tall image. Although Guan Yu’s military affairs have their roots, they are far from historical facts.

Huang Zhong initially worked under Liu Biao. When Liu Bei sent Guan Yu to attack Changsha, the city was trapped and Liu Bei was demoted. After Liu Bei leveled the four prefectures in Jingnan, he followed Liu Bei to forge ahead in Sichuan. He often took the lead and bravely won the three armies. In the 24th year of Jian’an, when Liu Bei took Hanzhong, Huang Zhong killed Cao’s general XiaHouYuan at Dingjun mountain, defeated Cao’s army, and was granted the title of general for the western expedition. He can use a large Sabre with excellent arrow skills and hit a hundred shots. Although he is old, he often refuses to accept his old age.

Ma Chao was born in a powerful family in Liangzhou. In the 16th year of Jian’an (A.D. 211), he attacked Cao Cao and fought with Xu Chu at Tongguan. Later, he was defeated by Cao Cao by means of Anti Japanese tactics, fled back to Liangzhou, was defeated by Yang Fu and others, and fled to Hanzhong to belong to Zhang Lu. Later, he returned to Liu Bei and made great contributions when he captured Chengdu. He worshipped the Hussars general, led the herdsmen of Liangzhou, and became a marquis. With a long gun, it has the good name of Shenwei general and is a famous general in the Three Kingdoms period. Courage is more than enough, but not enough. Later, he died.

Historical data show that Ma Chao’s father Ma Teng was not lured to Xuchang by Cao Cao, but surrendered to Cao Cao himself. In order to appease the princes of Liangzhou, Cao Cao appointed him a guard. Ma Teng also plans to spend the rest of his life in Xuchang. Later, Cao Cao planned to attack Hanzhong. Ma Qu ignored his father and family and rebelled against Cao Cao. Cao Cao immediately killed more than 300 members of Ma Chao’s family and defeated Ma Chao in Tongguan.

In the romance of the Three Kingdoms, machao’s life experience was very tragic. His family was tricked and slaughtered by Cao Cao. After taking refuge in Liu Bei, he began to live a beautiful life, and was awarded the Grand Marquis of the Hussars general. He spent his last years happily in honor and favor. However, in history, Ma Chao lived a very depressed and painful life after taking refuge in Liu Bei. He had few friends and was ostracized and suppressed everywhere. He spent the rest of his life in fear.

Wei Yan is a famous general of Shu. When Guan Yu attacked Changsha, Wei Yan killed the Lord and offered the city. Later, he went to Sichuan with Liu Bei. He made great achievements all the way. General renzhenyuan, Hanzhong prefect. With Zhugeliang’s pacification of the Nanman, he split Wang Shuang, the great general of the Wei Dynasty, in Chencang, and moved to the rank of the great general of the western expedition. The Marquis of Nanzheng. After Zhugeliang’s death, he fought with Chang Shi Yang Yi for military power and was killed by Ma Dai, who was arranged by Zhugeliang before his death. He is good at using broadsword and skilled at Sabre technique.

Liu Bei calmed down the Han Dynasty and sent a famous general to guard it. At that time, people thought that this role must belong to Zhang Fei, and Zhang Fei himself also thought that it must belong to him. But the result was unexpected. Liu Bei asked Wei Yan to be the prefect of Hanzhong. At the appointment ceremony, Liu Bei solemnly asked Wei Yan, “how are you going to protect Hanzhong?” Wei Yan replied, “if Cao Cao tried his best to fight, I would use the city and the danger to resist. If he just let the local general lead a few people to harass him, I would open the city gate to fight.”

Liu Bei died of illness, and Zhugeliang returned to Chengdu after pacifying nanzhong. Guo Huai and Fei Yao, the generals of the state of Wei, came to attack the Qiang people in Liangzhou and destroyed the alliance between the Qiang people and the Shuhan people. Zhugeliang found Wei Yan and said, “you go to break the enemy, but I don’t have any extra soldiers for you. You take the existing soldiers in Hanzhong to save the Qiang people.” Unexpectedly, Wei Yan laughed. The prime minister said, “don’t worry. I won’t use the state’s troops. I’ll take a team of my own soldiers and command the Qiang people.” So Wei Yan made a quick decision. Send troops at once. He secretly sneaked into the Qiang army with a small number of his own soldiers and commanded a group of ethnic minority soldiers whose organizational systems had been smashed to smash the Wei army in Yangxi area, which made him famous.

Zhao Yun is famous for his bravery and good fighting. He used to be a subordinate of gongsunzan and later belonged to Liu Bei. Liu Bei was defeated by Cao Cao at Changbanpo, Dangyang. Zhao Yun rescued lady Gan and ah Dou from Cao Cao’s millions of troops. Liu Bei recruited relatives from the eastern Wu Dynasty, and Zhao Yun led the guards. Later, he stopped the river to save ah Dou. With a long spear, he appeared and disappeared. He was courageous. He fought countless battles throughout his life. He repeatedly made miraculous achievements. Later, he paid tribute to general Yi Jun, and the central guard marched against the south. He was granted the Marquis of Yongchang Pavilion. In 227 ad, he attacked Guanzhong with Zhugeliang, lost in Jigu and returned to Hanzhong. He soon died at the age of 73.

Zhao Yun followed Liu Bei, just like Guan Zhang. Regardless of Liu Bei’s difficulties, he never gave up. Zhao Yun never showed any respect for his work and always maintained a harmonious relationship with his colleagues. When Liu Bei was defeated at Changbanpo, Zhaoyun and the generals were separated for a while, but each fought his own way and disappeared. Some people argued in front of Liu Bei that Zhao Yun must have gone north to subdue Cao Cao. Liu Bei angrily raised his short halberd, knocked on the man’s armor and said, “don’t talk nonsense. Zilong will never abandon me.” Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Zhao Yun to wrap his breast around Liu Bei’s infant son, ah Dou, and be covered with blood. Mrs. Gan, who escorted Liu Bei, hurried to Liu Bei. She also wept and thanked Liu Bei for her sins, and was deeply guilty of failing to stop Liu Bei’s Mrs. MI from committing suicide in a well.

Zhao Yun’s deeds in historical materials are few, but he is described in the romance of the Three Kingdoms with many words. He is always alone. If you fight alone with others, or if you fight a group of enemies alone, you will be unharmed. You can’t be brave.

Liao Hua was named Liaochun at that time and later changed his name to Hua. People who have read the romance of the Three Kingdoms often think that Liao Hua is a young third-class character. We often hear a saying that “there are no generals in Sichuan, and Liao Hua is the pioneer”. As a matter of fact, Liao Hua is old, has considerable ability, and does not “carry a bag”. He is from Xiangyang County and once worked as Guan Yu’s master book; When Guan Yu was defeated, he fell into the hands of Donghao officials. He escaped from the control of Dongwu officials by pretending to be dead. He accompanied his mother to the West and met Liu Bei who came to attack Dongwu in Zigui County. Later, he became the governor of Yidu County, the prime minister’s office of Zhugeliang, and the governor of Guangwu Garrison (at that time, he was called “governor Guangwu”), and finally he was promoted to “General of right chariot”, led the governor of the state remotely, and was granted the title of Zhongxiang marquis. He is a man of determination. He fought bravely and was called guolie.

Huang Quan did not write much in the romance of the Three Kingdoms, but he was a very important figure in history. Huang Quan was even the most important general Liu Bei relied on after the closure of the people’s Republic of China. In the spring of the 20th year of Jian’an, Cao Cao went to Hanzhong to crusade against Zhang Lu. Huang Quan told Liu Bei, “Hanzhong is an important place. We have to send troops to rescue Zhang Lu.” Liu Bei said, “OK. I’ll appoint you.” So Huang Quan set out to assemble the army. Unexpectedly, Zhang Da was wiped out after five months of resistance. Huang Quan had no choice but to return to Chengdu. However, Huang Quan never gave up his “Hanzhong complex”. Later, Cao Cao arranged XiaHouYuan to guard Hanzhong. Huang Quan and FA Zheng took the opportunity to attack. After years of hard struggle, they finally took Hanzhong into the hands of Liu Bei.

Ahuibu is the general under Meng Huo, the king of the southern barbarians, and the marshal of the third hole. Fight with the Shu and Han armies. be captured. After the Shu army released him, he sent troops to challenge again. He was scolded by the Shu army for being shameless. His face was red and he withdrew quickly.

Wu Tu, the head of the state of Ugo, is two feet long. He doesn’t eat grain. He lives on snakes and evil animals. He has scales and can’t be invaded by swords and arrows. He is the first to ride an elephant. He wears a sun moon wolf beard hat and a golden Bead Tassel. His scales and armor are exposed under his ribs. There is a slight light in his eyes. Zhao Yun, Ma Dai and others dared not fight with him directly, which was very powerful for a while.

How can the tiger General Ma Chao be idle?

After returning to Liu Bei in Sichuan, Ma Chao was once quite proud of his official career and had been promoted three times. The official position is only below Guan Yu. Liu Bei first worshipped him as a general of Pingxi, took Hanzhong and then moved to Zuo general. In the first year of Zhangwu (221 AD), Liu Bei became emperor, and moved machao to become a general of hussars, leading the herdsmen of Liangzhou. As the officials became bigger and bigger, Ma Chao got worse and worse.

After Ma Chao returned to Liu, there was an episode. Historical records. Machao saw that Liu Bei treated himself well. At that time, Liu Bei was only a left General of the Han Dynasty. He was a little arrogant. He was still calling Liu Bei by his name. Liu Bei was angry. On one occasion, both Guan Yu and Zhang Fei were behind Liu Bei. Ma Chao was still uninterested and called Liu Bei by his name. Guan Yu and Zhang Fei were so angry that they wanted to make a crime against Ma Chao. Ma Chao was in a cold sweat and dared not do it again. In fact, since Liu Bei came to Sichuan, Guan Yu has been guarding Jingzhou. Naturally, he will not go to Chengdu for such a small matter. The so-called scare of Ma Chao by Guan and Zhang is just an unofficial history. However, it can still be seen that Ma Chao’s position in Liu Bei group is not reliable, which is related to his own personality defects. Ma Chao fell to Liu on the way, but he was not Liu Bei’s lineage and did not pay attention to etiquette. He became increasingly isolated. Apart from occasionally serving as a partial division, he rarely sent troops to fight. He could only envy Huang Zhong for charging the front and watching Wei Yan defend Hanzhong. He didn’t make much achievements. Liu Bei just wants to use his reputation to win over Qiang people and win the reputation of love talent. Ma Chao was impatient but helpless.

It’s sad that generals can’t go out to fight, and their families have been killed. Ma Chao, a middle-aged man, lives in the double grief of doing nothing and losing relatives all day long. One spring festival, Ma Dai paid a New Year greeting to him. Ma Chao could not help but feel sad. He vomited blood and sobbed: hundreds of people in his family have died. What else can you and I celebrate. In the 20th year of Jian’an, the loyal general pound defected to Cao Cao after the defeat of Zhang Lu and was captured and killed by Guan Yu in the battle of Fancheng.

Along with loneliness comes political caution and self preservation. Ma Chao had a good personal relationship with a man named Peng Yang. Liu Bei appointed Peng Yang as the governor of Jiangyang. Peng Yang was unhappy and poured bitter water on Ma Chaoda. Machao said, you have talent and ability. You could have kept pace with Kongming. How could you have become a prefect in that small place? Listen to that. Peng Yang forgot his sense of propriety for a while. He said that Liu Bei and Kongming “went against the old revolutionary revolution, but they can restore the evil way”. He also said that “Qing is the outside, I am the inside, and the world is not fixed”. When Ma Chao heard that Peng Yang’s words were treacherous, he kept silent. Later, he played all Peng Yang’s words to Liu Bei. Peng Yang was imprisoned and soon lost his life. Peng Yang thinks he has lost his talent and complains to Ma Chao. He thought he could resonate with Ma Chao. Unexpectedly, his trusted friend became an informer. Machao can understand for self-protection. If you betray your friends for this reason, it will be despised by most people. It can be seen from his situation in Shuhan that the so-called love between fish and water is just a novelist whitewashing peace. The heroic machao is the real machao in history.

After this incident, Ma Chao became even more isolated in Shuhan and spent the rest of his life in loneliness and sadness. Two years after Liu Bei became emperor, Ma Chao fell ill and died. Before he died, he wrote to Liu Bei: “there are more than 200 people in the imperial clan, who have been killed by Meng de. only the younger brother Dai should be the successor of the Wei clan. I am deeply surprised at your majesty. I have nothing to say.” It is really deplorable that these last words, which have been soaked in dishes, have been uttered.

Appendix: Annals of the Three Kingdoms ยท biography of machao

Machao, Meng Qi, (right), Fufeng, Maoling. Father Teng, Lingdi, Bian Zhang, Han Sui and others all started their business in Xizhou. In the third year of Chuping, Sui and Teng led the public to Chang’an. In the Han Dynasty, Sui became the general of Zhenxi, and was sent back to Jincheng. He became the general of the western expedition, and was sent to Tunxi. After Teng attacked Chang’an, he was defeated and returned to Liangzhou. Zhongyou, the school captain of Sili, moved the book to Guanzhong town and was named chenzhenfu. Teng sent Chao freely to ask Guo Yuan and Gao Gan for help in Pingyang. Chao personally beheaded pound. Hou Teng and Han Sui were at odds and asked to return the capital. So he enlisted as a Wei Wei, took Chao as a partial general, granted the capital to the Marquis of the pavilion, and led the Teng division.

Dian Lue RI: Teng Zi Shoucheng, Ma YuanHou. During the reign of emperor Huan, his father had the word zishuo, and he tasted as a LAN Gan Wei of Tianshui. Later, he lost his official position and lived in the wrong place with Qiang because he stayed in Longxi. The family was poor and had no wife, so they married a Qiang woman and gave birth to Teng. They are poor and have no industry. They often buy wood from the Zhangshan mountains and sell it to the cities to supply themselves. TENGWEI is more than eight feet long. He has a huge body, a different face and nose, and a virtuous and thick nature. Many people respect him. At the end of Lingdi, Geng Bi, the governor of Liangzhou Prefecture, was appointed as a traitor, and the people’s Kingdom and the di and Qiang rebelled. Those who are brave among the people raised by the prefectures and counties, if they want to ask for it, they can leave it in the collection. Different states and counties, the Department is engaged in military affairs, and the code leads the Department. He made meritorious contributions to the quest for thieves. He worshiped the army and took charge of horses. Later, he moved to the west to recruit the general. He often stationed between Yi and long. In the early days of the war, the general of the East was defeated. At that time, there were few valleys in the western state, and they showed that there were many soldiers. They asked for the valley in Chiyang, so they moved to the Changping shore. But he attacked the tengying camp by threatening Wang Cheng and others to harm himself. When the time came, he was unprepared, so he broke away and went west. The three auxiliary societies were in chaos, and they never came to the East again. Instead, they became brothers of different surnames with Han Sui, a general in the west of the town. At first, they became very close to each other, and then they invaded each other in a series of episodes, becoming even more enemies. Teng attacked Teng and left. The group also attacked Teng and killed Teng’s wife. Even the soldiers were puzzled. At the beginning of Jian’an, the national code of discipline was almost relaxed, which led to the reconciliation between Zhong Yao, a senior officer of Sili, and mu weiduan of Liangzhou. Zheng Teng returned to the village of Huai Li, turned to worship as a former general, and granted the Marquis of Huai Li on a holiday. Hu Kou was prepared in the north and white cavalry was prepared in the East. They waited for scholars to enter the ranks and save people’s lives. The three assistants were very peaceful and loved. Ten (5) years later, he was enlisted as a guard. Seeing his age, he joined the guard. At the beginning, Cao Gong was the prime minister, and piteng’s eldest son Chao did not leave. Empress Chao was supervised by the school captain of Sili to ask for Guo Yuan. He was hit by the flying arrow. He fought with his feet and cut off his head. The imperial edict paid homage to the governor of Xuzhou and later to the remonstrating doctor. And Tengzhi entered the camp. He was appointed as a general and led the Teng camp. He also worshiped brother Chao, Xiu Fengche Duwei, and brother Xiu’s iron cavalry Duwei, and moved their families to ye, but Chao stayed alone.

Since Chao unified the masses, he joined forces with Han Sui and joined forces with Yang Qiu, Li Kan, Cheng Yi, etc. to march to Tongguan. Cao Gong, Suining and Chao Shan spoke at a horse meeting, which was more negative than his strength. The Yin desire suddenly met the premise of Cao Gong. Xu Chu, the general around Cao Gong, was angry and opened his eyes. Chao Nai was afraid to move. Cao Gong used Jia xumou to alienate Chao and Sui. He was even more suspicious and his army was defeated.

Shanyang Gongzai recorded the day: at the beginning of the year, Cao Gongjun was in PuHan and wanted to cross the West. He said that Han suiri: “it is appropriate to reject it in the north of the Wei River. However, in the twenty days, when the valley in the east of the river runs out, he will go.” Then the sun said, “listen to the order to cross the river, frown in the river, and don’t worry!” No construction shall be carried out beyond the design. On the day of public news: “if a horse does not die, I will not be buried.”

When he went beyond to protect Zhu Rong, Cao Gong pursued him to anding. He would have something to do in the north and lead the army back to the East. Yang Fu said that caogongri: “with a great faith and courage, he won the hearts of Qiang and Hu. If the army returns, it is not strictly prepared for him. The prefectures in Longshang are not part of the country.” Chaoguo led zhurong to attack the counties and prefectures in Longshang, and all the counties and prefectures in Longshang responded. Weikang, the governor of Liangzhou, was killed. According to the city of Hebei, there were many. Chao claimed to be the general of the western expedition, led the state herdsmen and supervised the military of Liangzhou. Yang Fu, Jiang Xu, Liang Kuan, Zhao Qu and other officials of the Kang Dynasty conspired to attack the superpowers. Fu and Xu started in halogen City, and beyond the attack, they can’t go down; Wide, the thoroughfares close the gates of the city of Hebei, and no entry is allowed. In a dilemma, I ran to the middle of the Han Dynasty and followed Zhang Lu. Lu is not good at planning things. He cherishes his heart in the city. He hears that the former Lord surrounded Liu Zhang in Chengdu. Please surrender the secret letter.

Dian Lue date: in the 16th year of Jian’an, Chao and the generals of Guanzhong, including candidate, Chengyin, likan, Zhang Heng, Liangxing, Cheng Yi, Ma Wan, Yang Qiu, Han Sui, all ten of them were opposed, and hundreds of thousands of them were built and listed together in the river and Tongchuan. At the age of, Cao Gong marched westward and fought with super class at the turn of the river and the Weihe River. Super class was defeated. When he reached stability, he rushed to Liangzhou. The imperial edict is to collect the family members of miechao. Chaofu was defeated by Longshang. Later, when Zhang Lu ran to Hanzhong, he thought that they all talked about sacrificing wine and wanted his wife to have a daughter. Or he admonished Lu RI: “if someone doesn’t love their relatives, how can they love them?” Lu Naizhi. At the beginning, when Chao was not rebellious, his little women and brothers planted and kept three assistants, and Chao was defeated. They planted in the first eight Hanzhong. On the new year’s day, he planted a longevity on the day when he beat his chest and vomited blood: “close the door and have a hundred mouths. Once they have the same life, they will congratulate each other for evil?” Later, they asked for troops from Lu to take Liangzhou in the north, but Lu sent them there without any profit. And Lu General Yang Bai and others wanted to harm his ability, so Chao fled from Wudu to Dizhong and ran to Shu. It was nineteen years of Jian’an.

First, the LORD sent people to meet Chao, who led his troops to the city. When the city is shaken and terrified, Zhang is the first,

The canon said: “I have to get Yizhou.” This is to stop people from surpassing, and to use military resources. When they reach the north of the city, they will lead the army to the north of the city. When they reach the north of the city, Chengdu will collapse before ten days.

Yi Chao was the general of Pingxi, overseeing Ju, because the former capital was the Marquis of the pavilion.

The public of Shanyang recorded the day: Chao often called for the word “Bei” because he saw how prepared he was. Guan Yu was angry. Please kill him. Prepare the day: “people come back to me when they are poor. You are so angry that you kill them because you call me the word. Why do you show it to the world?” Zhangfei said, “if so, we should show it as a gift.” At tomorrow’s meeting, please go in. Yu and Fei stand straight with their sticks and swords. Chao Gu sits at the table. He is shocked to see Yu and Fei, but he sees them straight. So he doesn’t call back. Tomorrow he sighed: “I know why he was defeated. It was the main word for calling people. It was killed by Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.” Since then, it has been a matter of respect and preparation. Chen Songzhi thought that he would return to Beibei from poverty and accept his title. How can he be arrogant and call Beizi? When he entered Shu, he stayed in Jingzhou, Guanyu Town, and Yu did not try to benefit the soil. Therefore, Yu heard that Ma Chao had come back and asked Zhugeliang in a book, “who can be compared with Superman”, which should not be like the book. How can Yu stand upright with zhangfei? When a man acts, it is said that he can do it. When he knows that he cannot, he cannot do it. Chao ruoguo’s call for the word “Bei” is also called “Li Yi’er”. He asked Yu to kill Chao. Chao shouldn’t have heard of it. But when he saw the two sons standing upright, why did he know that Guan and Zhang had killed yun ji? If you don’t speak to the manager, you can be very angry. According to the records of music, literature, etc., it is filthy, miscellaneous, empty and fallacious. If this is the case, it is almost impossible to win.

The former Lord was the king of Hanzhong, and Baichao was the general of Zuo. It was a holiday. In the first year of Zhangwu’s reign, he moved to the general of hussars, led the herdsmen of Liangzhou, and became the Marquis of “Xiang”, The policy said: “I have won the supreme honor by virtue of my immorality. I flatter the ancestral temple. Cao Cao and his son have borne their sins throughout the world. I have used tragedy and fear as if I were the first to be angry at home. In addition, the di and Qiang people have led the way in obedience and respect justice. With your faith in the northern land, you are powerful and clear. You are entrusted with the task of granting you authority to fight against hurricanes and tigers, and also Dong Wanli, and to seek the people’s welfare. His Ming Dynasty was proclaimed to protect the far and near, and he was scrupulous about rewards and punishments, so as to benefit the Han people.To the world.” He died two years ago at the age of 47. Linmei said: “the more than 200 members of the imperial clan have been killed by Meng De, but I have nothing to say, except that the younger brother Dai should be the successor of the Wei clan. I deeply trust your majesty.” After the posthumous title, Chao said that he was Marquis Wei, and his son inherited his heir. Dai Wei was appointed general of Pingbei and became Marquis Chencang. Super girl matches Anping Wang Li.

According to the synopsis of the canon, when Chu Chao entered Shu, his concubine Dong and Zi Qiu stayed with Zhang Lu. When Lu was defeated, Zeng Gong won it. He rewarded Yan Pu with Dong and paid Lu with autumn. Lu killed it himself.

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