Ma Jiaqi’s college entrance examination scene was surrounded by fans. Fans came to the scene to refuel, causing chaos

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The reason why mainland stars are so expensive is that many crazy fans hold them too high. It is precisely because of these crazy fans that many people are very disgusted with stars, especially those who love beans. Ma Jiaqi’s college entrance examination scene was surrounded by fans. The scene was in chaos and was criticized by many passers-by. The incident was exposed on the Internet, which also attracted the angry criticism of many netizens. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Ma Jiaqi’s college entrance examination scene was blocked by fans

As the captain of the times youth league, Ma Jiaqi is also very popular. Moreover, many of the fans of this love bean men’s group are relatively young and are not easy to be controlled. Recently, Ma Jiaqi returned to his hometown Zhengzhou, Henan Province to take part in the college entrance examination. Unexpectedly, a group of fans came to the examination room. There are many parents waiting outside the examination room. In addition, the scene has been very chaotic.

As a result, after the examinee finished the examination, these fans began to hold their mobile phones and crowded to the door to record videos, for fear of missing the moment when Ma Jiaqi left the examination room. So the entrance outside the examination room was suddenly blocked. The parents waiting for their children were naturally very dissatisfied with the behavior of Ma Jiaqi fans. In addition, silence is generally required outside the examination room, but these fans are very excited and make a lot of noise.

Ma Jiaqi fans came to the scene to refuel, causing chaos

Especially after Ma Jiaqi took the exam, the situation became even more chaotic. After the live video was put on the Internet, netizens not only criticized Ma Jiaqi’s fans, but Ma Jiaqi was the first to be implicated and was angrily criticized by many netizens. Netizens accused Ma Jiaqi and his company of incorrectly guiding fans. In fact, Ma Jiaqi’s support association has issued a statement to persuade and warn these fans. Unfortunately, it is of no use at all. There are still a group of disobedient fans who go outside the examination room to make trouble. As a result, Ma Jiaqi was the worst one to be scolded. This is the fact that fans and behavioral idols pay the bill.

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