Ma Jingyi, the daughter of a rich family, is willing to play a supporting role in TVB for thousands of years

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Hong Kong TVB has a lot of dragon actors. These actors are equivalent to working in TVB and appear in TVB’s major TV dramas. Friends who like watching TVB dramas should be familiar with Ma Jingyi’s face, but many people don’t know Ma Jingyi’s name, because she is not popular in the entertainment industry, and she hasn’t even played the leading role. As the daughter of a rich family, Ma Jingyi is willing to stay in TVB to play a supporting role for the millennium, which is also very surprising. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Ma Jingyi is the daughter of a rich family

Ma Jingyi has played the role of a lady in many TVB TV dramas. Although there are few scenes, Ma Jingyi takes each role seriously. In the play, Ma Jingyi owns many famous clothes, jewelry, bags, etc. Although she has always played a supporting role, Ma Jingyi is still very happy. Ma Jingyi has no attachment to acting as a heroine, just like acting. Ma Jingyi came to TVB to act. It was really just for fun.

However, many netizens in Hong Kong are very familiar with Ma Jingyi, because Ma Jingyi’s family is very well-off, and Ma Jingyi is an absolute rich family in Hong Kong. Ma Jingyi’s father is especially good at business, so Ma Jingyi has a big family and a big business. After his father died, Ma Qingwei took care of the family’s property. Ma Jingyi was not interested in taking care of the family business at all. The relationship between sister and brother is also very good, so Ma Qingwei takes good care of her sister Ma Jingyi.

Ma Jingyi is willing to play a supporting role in TVB

Ma Qingwei also often appears in the gossip news in Hong Kong, because he was the ex husband of Chen Meiqi, the legendary young actress of the new white lady. Later, because Guan Zhilin was involved in this marriage, Ma Qingwei and Chen Meiqi filed for divorce. However, Ma Qingwei and Guan Zhilin did not get married, but married her girl, but eventually ended in divorce. The married man who can let Guan Zhilin step in knows how rich Ma Qingwei is.

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