Ma Rong moved quickly to avoid Song Zhe. Is Song Zhe going to get out of prison

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When talking about the modern version of Pan Jinlian, many people will think of Ma Rong. Up to now, netizens still scold Ma Rong. Song Zhe, the agent of Ma Rong who cheated on Wang Baoqiang at that time, and the two men also tried to transfer Wang Baoqiang’s property, but the result was directly exposed by Wang Baoqiang. People who eat melons should know this very well. Recently, it was reported that Ma Rong moved quickly to avoid Song Zhe. Is Song Zhe going to get out of prison? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Ma Rong moved quickly to avoid Song Zhe

Ma Rong and Song Zhe framed Wang Baoqiang together at the beginning, but Song Zhe was the only one who was sent to prison and sentenced to six years. Ma Rong divorced Wang Baoqiang, separated a large amount of money, and then lived a carefree life outside. Ma Rong and Song Zhe were originally grasshoppers on the same rope, but their outcomes were very different.

Song Zhe was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment that year, and her sentence will soon end. Although Song Zhe and Ma Rong were affectionate little lovers in those days, the relationship between Song Zhe and Ma Rong has been very stiff since the accident. Wang Baoqiang originally estimated that it was for the sake of two children that he didn’t send Ma Rong to prison. And Song Zhe took all the charges at that time, so that Ma Rong could be free.

Is Song Zhe going to get out of prison

Insiders revealed that Ma Rong was now particularly afraid of Song Zhe’s release from prison, worried that Song Zhe would retaliate against her immediately after her release, or afraid that Song Zhe would entangle her. So Ma Rong has moved now, and the security of the community where Ma Rong lives is very strong. After reading this news, many netizens are particularly looking forward to what kind of story will happen after Song Zhe’s release from prison. After Song Zhe was released from prison, there was nothing left. It was estimated that he could not even find a job. Everyone was still looking forward to seeing Song Zhe and Ma Rong dog bite the dog. It was really great to watch them tear each other and disclose the news.

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