Ma Sichun and her boyfriend zhangzhexian returned to Beijing. Ma Ma’s mother warmly hugged Zhang Zhexian at the airport

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Ma Sichun went to Britain with her boyfriend zhangzhexin a long time ago. At that time, many people ran into them in Britain. It has been said that Ma Sichun went to England to have a baby, and even bought a house for Zhang Zhexian. Recently, Ma Sichun returned to Beijing with her boyfriend zhangzhexian., Ma Sichun’s mother also went to pick up the plane in person and gave Zhang Zhexian a warm hug at the airport. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Ma Sichun returns to Beijing with her boyfriend zhangzhexian

Recently, the media photographed Ma Sichun and Zhang Zhehuan returning to Beijing. In order to avoid being recognized by many people, they also deliberately took the VIP channel. Although Ma Sichun looked a little fat that day, he was always in a good mental state. An assistant accompanied Ma Sichun and Zhang zhejuan. Ma Sichun’s mother also came to pick up her daughter in advance that day.

After seeing Ma Sichun and Chen Zhehuan, Ma’s mother was also very happy. Her face was immediately filled with a smile, and she gave Ma Sichun a hug, and then she also warmly gave Zhang Zhehuan a hug. In front of Ma’s mother, Zhang Zhehuan also looked very good, completely different from the wild and uninhibited character on the stage. After greeting, the group left by car. In fact, in August last year, the media photographed Ma Sichun Taking Zhang zhexin to have a dinner with his family. At that time, Ma’s mother was also there, chatting with Zhang zhexin at the door of the restaurant after the dinner. It seemed that the relationship was very good.

Mama Ma warmly hugs Zhang Zhehuan at the airport

From the attitude of Ma’s mother towards Zhang zhejuan, Ma Sichun’s family should have accepted Zhang zhejuan now. It has been speculated that Ma Sichun had a child in the UK before, but there were no children around Ma Sichun and Zhang zhexin, so the rumor that Ma Sichun had a child was defeated. After all, if Ma Sichun gave birth to a child, the child must only be a few months. Ma Sichun and Zhang Zhexian cannot leave the child behind. They should come back alone.

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