Ma Sichun patted his left ear and was refused to go through the back door to play li

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Ma Sichun was first known by everyone. He was the film left ear directed by Su Youpeng. Although the actors of the film were not as famous as the Director Su Youpeng, the film was still popular. Ma Sichun was rejected for patting his left ear. In the end, he played the role of li ba through the back door. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Ma Sichun’s left ear is rejected

Zuo er’s film is adapted from Rao Xueman’s novel of the same name. Ma Sichun has done Rao Xueman’s book model, and she likes Rao Xueman’s works very much. So when I learned that left ear was going to be remade into a film, I actively wanted to play the role of li ba. Because Ma Sichun likes Li bar very much, she hopes she can be a girl who dares to love and hate like Li bar.

Masichun sent her information to the left ear crew. Unfortunately, she was rejected by the left ear crew because she was too fat. When Ma Sichun’s aunt jiangwenli learned about this, she found the director suyoupeng through her contacts. She hoped that suyoupeng could see her face and let Ma Sichun play li. However, zuoer’s film is Su Youpeng’s first time as a director. He attaches great importance to this work, so he is unwilling to choose an inappropriate role, because Su Youpeng is afraid that the film will be destroyed because of a role.

Ma Sichun played Li through the back door

Unexpectedly, Jiang Wenli is also very strong. Since Su Youpeng disagreed, she directly invested in the film left ear. After becoming an investor, Jiang Wenli naturally has the right to let Ma Sichun play li. However, in the end, Ma Sichun made a compromise, that is, he had to lose 15 kilograms in two months. Although Zuo ER was very successful, Su Youpeng was right to refuse at the beginning, because Ma Sichun’s libala was not outstanding, and many original fans roast about its bad performance.

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