Ma Sichun’s parachute fans shout, and most of them are for the publicity of the broken bridge

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Although Ma Sichun has not come out to work for a long time after falling in love with Zhang zhexin, Ma Sichun still has a file before. The film “broken bridge” starring Wang Junkai and her is scheduled for August 13. Ma Sichun parachuted into the fan group, hoping that the fans can do more publicity for the film “broken bridge”. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Ma Sichun airborne fan group

Ma Sichun lived in the UK with her boyfriend Zhang zhexin for a long time. Recently, she was photographed by the media returning to Beijing with her boyfriend. Subsequently, Ma Sichun also parachuted his own fan group, hoping that fans can help to make a hot search and forward the final preview of the film. Ma Sichun said that this was his first play since he was ill, and it was very important to him. He also told his fans that after a year’s rest, his health was much better.

Ma Sichun was criticized by many netizens for his love with Zhang Zhehuan, and many fans chose to take off their fans. Ma Sichun also expressed in the fan group that he hoped that the fans would know that their rest was not because they did not want to engage in business, but because they were only interested in love and did not want to make movies. It was because their bodies did not allow them. When I get better and better, I will still work. Ma Sichun’s speech was very sincere.

Ma Sichun’s shouting fans are mostly broken & middot; Bridge publicity

Ma Sichun made a lot of efforts to make the film “broken bridge”. In order to better fit the roles in the film, Ma Sichun lost 20 kilograms in a short month and a half. Even director Li Yu admired Ma Sichun’s perseverance in losing weight. Many netizens also expressed the hope that Ma Si would be as pure as she said in her fan group and never give up her career. Ma Sichun’s face is really suitable for the big screen. I still hope that she can make more movies. Of course, I also hope that Ma Sichun can recover as soon as possible.

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