Ma Tianyu refuted the rumor and did not cooperate with angelababy’s propaganda play. The picture shows that the pattern is open

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Ma Tianyu and angelababy cooperated in the TV drama “dust relationship”. The fans of both sides are looking forward to the broadcast of this drama. The stills released by the official wechat have a really good texture. As a result, I didn’t expect that many marketing numbers recently said that Ma Tianyu did not cooperate with the publicity of the play. Ma Tianyu denied the rumor that he did not cooperate with angelababy’s propaganda play, and also provided a picture to show the opening of the pattern. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Ma Tianyu refutes rumors and does not cooperate with propaganda drama

Recently, there is a marketing number with rhythm, saying that Ma Tianyu is no longer interested in the entertainment circle. Therefore, Ma Tianyu is not willing to cooperate with angelababy to promote the drama of “life and death”, leading to angelababy’s worry, because angelababy began to attach great importance to the drama. Unexpectedly, Ma Tianyu angrily resented & ldquo; You know again? You live under my bed? It hasn’t been broadcasted yet. I’ll promote a woolen yarn;.

Subsequently, Ma Tianyu also issued a document & ldquo; Ma Diyu, please be honest and don’t make trouble for me every day;, And it is also equipped with & ldquo; Pattern open & rdquo; Picture of. It is obvious that Ma Tianyu is very dissatisfied with the rumor of the marketing number, and then uses self mockery to dispel the rumor. Ma Tianyu is still a very dedicated actor. It’s impossible that he doesn’t deserve the publicity. In addition, it is necessary to cooperate with the drama to make publicity. These are all written in the contract. Ma Tianyu cannot breach the contract. First, there is no need to breach the contract and pay compensation. Second, Ma Tianyu is not so bad about artistic ethics.

Ma Tianyu said that the pattern was open

The relationship between Ma Tianyu and angelababy is a fairy drama adapted from the novel of the same name in the misty rain south of the Yangtze River. The play was finished in February last year, but it has not been broadcasted for a long time, and there is no order yet. There are still no orders for the relationship, and Ma Tianyu will not publicize it. I also hope that some black fans won’t repeat rumors. Ma Tianyu didn’t want to quit the circle. When he meets a suitable job, Ma Tianyu will still take over.

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