Macron told the truth!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: planting flower city (ID: hqsycn)

France’s Le Figaro reported on the 1st that macron delivered a speech at the Elysee Palace on the same day. His core views are as follows:

There are conflicts between China and the United States, but there is no “logic of confrontation” between France and China in the Indo Pacific region, and France is not prepared to adopt a confrontational strategy with China in the Indo Pacific region;

Europe must establish “geopolitical independence”, refuse to choose sides and become a vassal of the United States;

? macron video screenshot

Second, I mainly talk about “European Strategic Autonomy”. This is something that macron has pushed hard. It is very difficult with the United States.

Just to make the first point, there is no logic of inevitable confrontation between China and the EU. This should be a true statement made by macron.

As the author has mentioned many times earlier, there are economic competition contradictions between China and Europe, but there is no logic of geographical conflict.

Russia is adjacent to Europe and has threats to each other. Russia’s huge size poses a natural threat to Europe, and is also the most important existential threat, which makes Europe have an inherent “Russian phobia”.

It is precisely because of this that Europe now wants to accompany the United States to overthrow Russia at the cost of massive bleeding, even if the Russian Ukrainian war itself has nothing to do with Europe.

However, China and the EU are different. China and the EU are separated by thousands of miles. No one poses an existential threat to anyone, and there is no inevitability of conflict. Therefore, macron said that there is no “logic of confrontation” and “no inevitability of confrontation” between China and France.

However, macron is not entirely right. China and the EU just have no existential threat, no geographical conflict, but economic competition.

The origin of this world is the demand for energy and the pursuit of resources. Whoever has more control over both will lead a better life. The reason why the west is rich and powerful is that they, as the first mover, have more control over it.

I won’t say much, just three examples.

First, German engineer

In the early years, many of our machinery had to be imported from Germany. If there was a slight defect, we had to find a German engineer to maintain it.

But other people can’t come in vain. In addition to the normal parts and maintenance costs, he also has to include his salary, travel expenses, accommodation and other expenses.

As a result, he came to China for a trip, and after a tour of mountains and rivers, he easily took 100000 euros.

But now, we can do a lot of machinery ourselves. If there is any problem, our engineers can solve it in half a day and at a cost of several thousand yuan. German engineers are not so comfortable.

Second, the income gap between China and the United States

It was said by a Chinese professor. I forgot my specific name and now live in China.

He said that when he first went to work in an American company, it was stipulated that he would start working at 8 o’clock. He went to the company at more than 7 o’clock and found that there was no one; Then he also learned to be smart and went back at 8:30. Only one or two people came out; He kept pushing the time until 9:30 in the morning, and there were more talents.

Finally, he realized that the company had an early meeting at 10:00, so long as he arrived before the meeting, there was no need to punch in.

The same as when he left work in the afternoon, it was stipulated that he would leave work at 5 o’clock. At first, he waited until 5 o’clock honestly, but found that all the people ran away at 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Later, he also ran away.

Then he compared 996 with 996 in China. Americans work four or five days a week and four or five hours a day, but they earn much more money than us. He sighed the gap.


I borrowed your money to buy your things, but in the end I took it for nothing.

The typical is US Treasury bonds. The United States borrows money from other countries and then buys things from other countries. Isn’t that equivalent to taking it for nothing?

For example, in a supermarket, if you have no money, you go to borrow from it, borrow money, and then use it to buy things in the supermarket. If you have no money, you go to the supermarket to borrow again, it is equivalent to taking it for nothing… This is the logic that Americans do.

The above three points hide the reason why the developed countries want to play hard to suppress the emerging countries. They control the first mover advantage and a large number of world resources, which can make them live well. Now suddenly, a large number of backward countries are going to rise, but the world’s overall resources are so large. As vested interests, they will not want such things to happen, and will certainly suppress and contain them.

If you understand this, you will understand why the West represented by the G7 has become one; Understand the inevitable contest between the United States and China and Russia; Understand that although there is no inevitability of life and death confrontation between China and Europe, the competition of economic interests and even the suppression and containment of Europe are the reasons; As for Russia and Europe, in addition to the contest of economic interests, it is also necessary to carry out a life and death confrontation;

We can also understand why the western right wing and the extreme right wing have risen in recent years, and why trump will rise suddenly in 2016; Why the Democratic Party is now trying its best to encircle and suppress trump, only because the support force behind him is too large; Even in 2024, the rebels of the two camps of the Democratic Republic of the United States will merge and form a new powerful force.

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