Made in the United States, which is still strong — a brief introduction to the 19 second tier world top 500 manufacturing enterprises in the United States!

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Original: Shenzhen ningnanshan source: ningnanshan

Let’s update the manufacturing giants in the United States. In the previous article, I screened out 22 manufacturing giants with us revenue of more than $50 billion. You can see the previous article:

What sustains America’s self-confidence — a brief analysis of the 22 US $50 billion manufacturing giants

However, there are actually 41 manufacturing giants in the United States among the world’s top 500. Today, we will continue to talk about the remaining 19 American manufacturing giants, whose revenue is between $28.72 billion and $50 billion, which can be considered as the second echelon of the United States.

Let’s continue to get to know the world’s largest competitor.

Cisco ranked 23rd in the manufacturing industry in the United States (with an operating income of 49.818 billion US dollars in 2021). The first thing we thought of was that it was a competitor of Huawei. When Huawei entered the United States that year, Cisco sued Huawei in January 2003. The allegations made included copying Cisco IOS source code, copying Cisco technical documents, and copying Cisco’s “command line interface”, This is an important component of Cisco IOS software and infringes at least five Cisco patents on routing protocols.

Huawei then announced that it would stop selling certain products in the United States that Cisco accused of containing illegally pirated software. Huawei also removed its Quidway router from its website in the United States, recycled a small number of such products sold in the United States, and denied Cisco’s allegations. At the same time, Huawei actively responded, inviting a third-party expert from Stanford University to review and compare Huawei’s and Cisco’s codes and provide testimony, viewing this lawsuit as a key battle to enter the US market.

This famous lawsuit directly led to the birth of a new company, that is, Huawei 3Com, which was jointly established by Huawei and 3Com in March 2003 and renamed H3C in 2007. Later, after several equity changes, Huawei sold 51% of its equity to 3Com, and then 3Com was acquired by HP as a subsidiary. H3C also belonged to HP group. Later, HP sold H3C to China’s Ziguang group and named it Xinhua third company, Until today.

In those days, 3Com was an American company, but like Huawei, it had a common competitor, Cisco,

3com chose to side with Huawei in the lawsuit war between Cisco and Huawei, and the establishment of a joint venture company has enabled Huawei to obtain a large number of technology and patent licenses,

In March 2003, Mr. Bruce L. Claflin, CEO of 3Com, directly gave a testimony in favor of Huawei in court, He pointed out: “before agreeing to establish a joint venture, 3Com had spent months meeting with Huawei’s engineers to discuss and test products. In the process, I witnessed Huawei’s world-class engineering capabilities. I believe that the products shipped from the joint venture will be unique and competitive in the world, and these products are designed on the basis of full respect for the intellectual property rights of all companies.”

In June 2003, the US District Court ruled that Huawei should stop using the controversial code, but held that Cisco did not have enough evidence to prove that Huawei copied it.

Huawei said that the controversial software source code mainly involves the EIGRP part, accounting for 1.9% of the previous version of Huawei’s VRP software platform, which has been deleted in the new version. The court does not support Cisco’s requirements in the command line and other aspects.

Later, with the help of 3Com, Huawei finally reached a settlement with Cisco in July 2004, and the lawsuit was terminated.

After this lawsuit, Huawei developed rapidly in the world despite its entry into the United States, while Cisco gradually fell. Today, Cisco is still the leading manufacturer in the data communication field, mainly in the global share of routers and switches. These two products account for about half of Cisco’s revenue. In addition, Cisco also has network security equipment (such as firewalls) and software revenue,

Cisco also has a video conference system WebEx, which is benchmarked against zoom, but its development is not as good as zoom. In addition, Cisco is also learning from Amazon to develop cloud business.

Today, most of Cisco’s revenue comes from the American market, especially the local market in North America. We can see that Huawei, Ericsson, ZTE and Nokia are the top four in the world in the field of communication equipment. Cisco can only provide a part of network equipment. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that the United States has no longer the ability to design and manufacture communication equipment.

Tyson Foods ranks 24th in “made in America”, with a revenue of US $47.049 billion

Founded in 1935, Tyson Foods is the world’s leading supplier of chicken, beef, pork and processed food,

In 2001, Tyson food established its first factory in China, officially entered the Chinese market, and its regional headquarters was set up in Shanghai. At present, it has three R & D centers, seven processing plants and dozens of breeding farms in China. It is a meat production enterprise in the whole industrial chain from breeding and slaughtering to processing and distribution in China, providing a full range of foods such as chicken, cattle and pigs.

The following figure shows some of Tyson’s retail products. In fact, Tyson food is also a supplier of catering stores, providing cold chain services for these catering stores, chicken, beef, pork, and various processing technologies such as roast chicken wings.

Bristol Myers Squibb ranked 25th in “made in the United States”, with a revenue of 46.385 billion US dollars in 2021. This is a pharmaceutical company, which ranks sixth in the global pharmaceutical industry according to its revenue in 2021.

Bristol Myers Squibb said on its Chinese website that it focused on the two major disease areas of viral hepatitis and immuno tumor treatment,

Immunooncology (I-O) and related research aim at using the human autoimmune system to fight against tumors. Although considerable progress has been made so far, less than 50% of patients respond to I-O treatment (depending on the patient population and specific tumor species). Statistics raise the question: why do some people respond to immunotherapy while others do not? This is the problem to be solved in this discipline.

Nike ranks 26th in the manufacturing industry in the United States, with a revenue of 44.538 billion US dollars in 2021. Everyone is familiar with this company,

Take a look at the figure below. Nike’s revenue from 2008 to 2021 increased from less than 20 billion US dollars to more than 44 billion US dollars, achieving tremendous development. Its net profit also increased from 1883.4 million US dollars in 2008 to 5.727 billion US dollars in 2021, which tripled the scale. It should be said that Nike is a bright spot in the rapid development of the US manufacturing industry.

Domestic websites say that after Nike moved its production lines to Vietnam in large numbers, the quality of shoes became worse. I partially agree with this view. Psychologically, I think that the quality of Nike shoes made in China is indeed better than that in Vietnam, but from the business data, it has not affected Nike’s performance in the past ten years.

The 27th place in “made in America” is Deere company, whose full name is John Deere company. With a revenue of 44.024 billion US dollars in 2021, this company is the largest agricultural machinery company in the United States, and high-powered tractors are its representative products.

Of course, agricultural machinery is not all the products of John Deere company. They also provide all kinds of machinery used in golf courses, including lawn mowers, sand raking machines, drilling machines and so on.

It is worth mentioning that John Deere is also the second largest construction machinery manufacturer in the United States and the fifth largest in the world, second only to Caterpillar in the United States. In 2021, their global market share was 4.9%, second only to Caterpillar (13.9%), Komatsu (11.0%), XCMG (7.9%), Sany (7.0%)

The following figure shows all kinds of diggers of Deere. It says “China Construction Machinery”, but it is indeed Deere’s excavator.

The 28th place in “made in America” is Abbott, with a revenue of US $43.075 billion in 2021.

Speaking of Abbott, we are familiar with its milk powder business, such as various milk powder and nutrition products in the figure below.

And it is also a global medical device giant.

In the 2021 “big 100” – the top 100 global medical device companies released by MDO magazine in October 2021, Abbott’s medical device business income was US $11.787 billion, ranking 11th in the world.

The 29th place in “made in America” is Thermo Fisher, with a revenue of 39.211 billion US dollars in 2021, which can be seen to be lower than 40 billion US dollars.

This is a company of scientific research instruments and experimental consumables. The following figure is the popular products listed on their official website, including cell culture and transfection reagents. I checked that cell transfection is to introduce foreign molecules such as DNA and RNA into eukaryotic cells.

Laboratory plastic consumables and pipettes, suction heads, plastic bottles and other supplies,

As well as various experimental chemicals

The following figure is an overview of somerfield’s products. It seems that there are more experimental consumables and equipment related to bioscience.

The 30th place of “made in the United States” is Coca Cola, with a revenue of 38.655 billion US dollars in 2021. As mentioned in the previous article, this revenue level is only half of PepsiCo’s revenue of 79.474 billion US dollars in 2021. The reason is that PepsiCo has many brands, such as Lotte, Minolta, 7up, Gatorade and so on.

But then again, Coca Cola’s brand family is actually quite large, including Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta, binglu mineral water, Minute Maid fruit orange, coarse grain king and so on. It is also worth mentioning that Costa coffee, which we often see on the street, is now a brand of Coca Cola company. In 2019, Coca Cola incorporated Costa coffee into its brand through acquisition.

The 31st place in “made in America” is general dynamics, with a revenue of $38.469 billion in 2021

This is a military enterprise in the United States. The company’s largest and most successful project is the F-16 light fighter in service with the US military, but the company’s famous works are far more than that.

General Dynamics electric boat, a subsidiary of general dynamics, manufactured Holland, the first submarine in service in the history of the United States Navy. It is worth mentioning that this submarine was commissioned in 1900, the year that the Eight Power Allied war of aggression against China broke out.

General Dynamics electric ship company also designed and manufactured the world’s first nuclear submarine, the Nautilus, which was launched into service in 1954. Later, the company designed and manufactured the Ohio class, Los Angeles class, sea wolf class and Virginia class nuclear submarines of the United States. The company can be said to be a century old submarine meritorious enterprise.

The bath iron works under general dynamics designed and manufactured the American Arleigh Burke class destroyer.

The famous jumwalt class destroyer was also designed and manufactured by the bath shipyard under the company.

In addition, the land systems department of GM designed and manufactured the famous M1 series Abrams main battle tanks and Stryker armored vehicles in the United States.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to military weapons, the famous Gulfstream business jet is also a product of the company.

The 32nd place of “made in America” is CHS company, with a revenue of 38.448 billion US dollars in 2021

This is an agricultural product processing enterprise, including processing rapeseed into rapeseed oil, corn into ethanol, melon seed snacks, and soybean oil from soybeans. Among them, ethanol is worth mentioning. This company not only manufactures ethanol, but also is a seller of ethanol. It produces 260 million gallons of ethanol every year (1 U.S. gallon = 3.785 liters) and sells more than 1 billion gallons of ethanol. We produce 260 million gallons of fuel-grade ethanol and market 1 billion gallons of ethanol each year? Ethanol is widely used in automobiles in the United States as a fuel like gasoline.

The company also produces and manufactures energy products, including propane, lubricants and so on. It has two lubricant brands including cenex.

Made in America ranks 33rd in Nucor, with a revenue of 36.48 billion US dollars in 2021

This is the largest steel company in the United States, the 14th largest steel company in the world in 2021, and the largest scrap recycling enterprise in the United States. This company mainly uses scrap to make steel.

In 2021, nuoco’s steel output was 25.69 million tons, of which 20.296 million tons were sold to customers, and the remaining 5.394 million tons were used for their own production of steel products.

In addition, in 2021, the company recovered up to 20.4 million tons of scrap steel.

we recycled approximately 20.4 million gross tons of scrap steel.

The proportion of scrap steel used in steel manufacturing in the United States is still very high.

Northrop Grumman ranked 34th in “made in America” with a revenue of 35.667 billion US dollars.

This company is also a world-class military giant. It was merged from Northrop and Grumman in 1994,

Before the merger,

The famous weapons developed by the former Northrop company include B-2 bombers and the F / A-18 hornet carrier based fighter plane jointly developed by the former Grumman company, while the former Grumman company developed the F-14 fighter plane. Even the F-14 fighter plane piloted in top gun starring Tom Cruise is also the masterpiece of Grumman company. After merging with Northrop, the E-2 early warning aircraft will continue to be upgraded to the current E-2D.

The merged Northrop Grumman company developed unmanned fighter x-47a and x-47b test aircraft (x-47b in the figure below) in terms of aircraft, but failed to mass produce them and became part of the ucas-d plan of the United States carrier based unmanned fighter.

Northrop Grumman is also a company engaged in aerospace business. In 2018, it acquired an orbital science company that develops and manufactures satellites. The successor of the Hubble Space Telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope, which was launched in December 2021, was developed and manufactured by Northrop Grumman.

The company is also an intercontinental missile developer and is currently developing the lgm-35 sentinel intercontinental missile, which is the next generation of land-based intercontinental ballistic missile planned to be deployed by the United States. It is planned to complete the development in 2029 and replace the lgm-30 Minuteman III ballistic missile in service, which is expected to be in service until about 2075. In 2020, after Boeing withdrew from the bidding, the US Air Force and Northrop Grumman reached a special agreement of $13.3 billion for the research and development of the lgm-35 sentinel missile. The company also outsourced some of its work to Lockheed Martin, general dynamics, Honeywell and other US arms contractors and weapon R & D companies

The 35th place in “made in the United States” is 3M electric, with a revenue of 35.355 billion US dollars in 2021.

For 3M, I think we are most familiar with its automobile film, and 3M water purifier. But 3M can do more than that. The following figure is 3M’s core brand.

For example, the nexcare inside is used for personal medical supplies such as band aids, bandages, masks, and abdominal bands during pregnancy.

The Sego brand is dishwashing cloth, brush, mop, roller stick brush, window cleaning tools and so on for daily cleaning at home.

Newspaper stickers are small yellow stickers used in our daily office.

Gorman brand is a variety of traceless hooks used at home.

To be honest, I’m still a little surprised that the brand has been realized in daily household areas such as mops, dishwashing cloths, hooks and stickers.

In addition to automobile film and various household products, 3M also provides various cable joints, adhesive tapes, gloves for electricians and so on in the power field.

The 36th place in “made in the United States” is Honeywell, with a revenue of 34.392 billion US dollars in 2021.

The company has four business groups, namely aviation, construction, characteristic materials, and automated material handling, scanning and mobile terminal systems.

In the aviation field, take C919 as an example. Hongxiang flight control, a joint venture between Honeywell and AVIC Xi’an Aircraft Automatic Control Research Institute, is the flight control system supplier of C919 civil aircraft in China.

Honeywell is also the supplier of APU auxiliary power system for C919 in China. This APU is actually a small engine installed at the rear of the aircraft. It is mainly used to start the main engine and continue to provide lighting and air conditioning for the cabin when the main engine on the ground stops. This device is very important. In case the main engine on the wing of the aircraft stops in the air, it can be restarted by APU.

APU auxiliary power unit is a star product of Honeywell, with high reliability. Honeywell’s first APU was put into use for the first time in 1950. As of September 2021, Honeywell has produced more than 100000 APUs. At present, more than 36000 Apus in service are installed on more than 150 fixed wing and rotary wing models in regional, business and commercial fields

In addition, Honeywell also cooperated with Honeywell Boyun aviation systems (Hunan) Co., Ltd., a new material company of Boyun, to provide braking systems and aircraft tires for C919 in China in 2012.

In addition to flight control system, APU, brake and tire, Honeywell is also the supplier of navigation system and atmospheric data system of C919 large aircraft, which can accurately provide real-time aircraft position and import meteorological data for flight control system.

In the construction field, Honeywell can not only provide fire protection systems,

It can also provide a complete set of security systems including access control, camera, anti-theft alarm and monitoring center software,

At the same time, there is also a building automation system, which controls the temperature control and power system of the whole building,

It can also provide switch sockets, voice controlled and light controlled switches, circuit breakers and distribution boxes, heating systems, etc

In the field of characteristic materials, Honeywell can provide various high-purity chemicals for semiconductors and lead and lead alloys for chip mounting on PCB boards. In addition, Honeywell is also one of the world’s largest target suppliers in the field of chip materials, which can provide various high-purity metal targets. In this regard, China’s Jiangfeng electronics is Honeywell’s competitor.

At the same time, Honeywell can also provide chip thermal conductive materials. Honeywell’s phase change material (PCM) is usually used as the matrix material for thermal conductive interface applications. Because it is solid at room temperature and softens after heating, it can completely fill the gap between the contact surfaces, achieve thin layers and high reliability, without pumping problems, and can effectively export the heat generated by chip work to protect the chip and improve its life and stability.

In the field of logistics and warehousing, Honeywell can also provide sorting machines, robots, shuttle cars and other products.

At the same time, Honeywell can also provide human safety protection equipment, including gas masks, firemen’s fire suits and so on.

Honeywell’s application in the above fields stems from some underlying technologies. Honeywell is one of the top ten sensor manufacturers in the world. Honeywell’s sensor IOT business division provides more than 30000 products, including quick action, limit, light touch and pressure switches, as well as position, speed, pressure, temperature and humidity, current and airflow, gas, scanning engine sensors, which can be applied to medical treatment and industry, Aviation, transportation, logistics and other industries. The following figure shows some sensors that can be used in the medical industry, including air flow, breathing gas flow, touch force and so on.

Qualcomm ranks 37th in “made in the United States” with revenue of 33.566 billion US dollars in 2021

Everyone is familiar with this company. Most of the Android smartphones we use are Qualcomm chips. At present, Huawei, glory, Xiaomi, oppo and vivo all use their chips.

Qualcomm is also highly dependent on the Chinese market, because the SOC of Apple’s mobile phone is self-developed, and Apple’s baseband chip is purchased from Qualcomm. In the huge Android Market, except Huawei, which has its own SOC and baseband chip, all are purchased from Qualcomm. This also leads to 67% of Qualcomm’s revenue in 2021 coming from China, and it is also the most dependent on China among all chip companies with a certain scale in the United States.

Because of this, Huawei was sanctioned and hit by the United States, and Qualcomm naturally became the main beneficiary. However, from a long-term perspective, Huawei’s ban also prompted China to start the whole chip industry chain, so there is not only bad news.

The 38th place in “made in America” is Philip Morris International, with a revenue of $31.405 billion in 2021.

This is a tobacco company, and Marlboro is its brand.

Danaher company ranks 39th in “made in America”, with a revenue of 29.453 billion US dollars in 2021

According to the revenue in 2021, it is the fifth largest medical device company in the world.

Medical instruments such as blood gas analyzer (to detect indicators such as pH and gas in blood), conventional biochemical systems, centrifugation, capillary electrophoresis, protein analysis, cancer detection instruments, etc. the following figure is Danaher’s molecular diagnosis instrument.

Danaher also provides water quality analysis systems, including laboratory analyzers, Portable Analyzers, on-line analyzers, automatic water quality samplers, flow meters, etc., which can provide water quality detection instruments for users in pure water / ultrapure water, drinking water, municipal sewage, industrial wastewater, industrial circulating water, environmental monitoring, university scientific research and other fields.

In addition, Danaher is also a supplier of product identification. All kinds of inkjet coder, laser coder coding system, thermal transfer coder and labeler equipment can print variable data (such as the best use date, production date, batch number and operator information) as well as one-dimensional barcode and two-dimensional barcode on almost all printable product packages, freight containers or pallets.

In addition to code spraying, laser marking and engraving can also be provided for use on plastic, metal and other carriers.

It is worth mentioning that Danaher also has pigment production technology of various colors, which can be used in various industries including printing and packaging, paint and coating, food and beverage, clothing, electronic products, cosmetics, household goods and construction.

The 40th place in “made in America” is Jabil, with a revenue of US $29.285 billion in 2021.

This is a large electronic foundry in the United States. It also makes various molds, metal structural parts, adhesives, plastic structural parts, etc. it can be considered as Foxconn in the United States.

According to the list of the top 50 global EMS (electronic manufacturing services) OEM manufacturers in 2021 released by the research institute MMI in 2022, Jabil in the United States is second only to Hon Hai, Hesuo, and Wistron in Taiwan ranks fourth in the world, surpassing Flextronics, another major OEM in the United States.

In fact, the watches made by this foreigner may not be accurate. For example, China’s largest OEM, Lixun precision, is not on them, and other companies such as Wentai and Huaqin are not on them.

But at least it also shows that a big country like the United States has not given up electronic OEM, and there are still large OEM manufacturers like Flextronics and Jabil. It is worth mentioning that apple is one of Jabil’s main customers. Chengdu is Apple’s largest iPad production base in the world, and Chengdu Jabil is the OEM of iPads. In addition, Jabil also manufactures Apple TV, iPod, and iPhone shell.

Jabil has factories in the United States and Europe. For example, Jabil beitlach factory is located in the famous watch industrial zone of Switzerland, specializing in the production of complex and innovative implants (nails and nail components), drills and other trauma and spine medical products.

What deserves our attention is that the overall scale of electronic OEM in the world, especially in Taiwan, China, is far ahead, while Chinese Mainland (such as lucent precision, BYD, Goethe, etc.) and the United States (such as Flextronics and Jabil, etc.) are in the second tier,

For example, the revenue of rapidly developing Tencent precision in 2021 was 153.946 billion yuan, which was 23.86 billion US dollars in US dollars, about 81.5% of Jabil.

Made in America ranked 41st in Yizi international, with a revenue of 28.72 billion US dollars in 2021.

This is a global snack giant. Oreo, which we know well, is a brand of his family. Other brands include Cadbury chocolate, funny chocolate cookies, Yikou lotus toffee and so on.

In this snack field, in fact, China is also backward. We do not have a local international brand for all kinds of snacks in supermarkets and stores, and the top ten candy snack manufacturers in the world are dominated by European, American, Japanese and Korean brands, including Alps, Oreo, dove, Snickers, Wrigley gum, Ferrero, happy chips, Yakult (like Chinese, but actually Japanese), zhenzhibang lollipop, Haoliyou (Korean), yikoulian, Haagen Dazs ice cream, Nestle’s chocolate bars and instant coffee

The above is the introduction of this article. The reason why this article is called “made in America everywhere” is that it is indeed a fact,

Some fields that we think the United States has withdrawn from, such as electronic OEM,

There are still more than one company with global influence in the United States, such as Flextronics and Jabil, with factories all over the world.

Some fields that we usually ignore, such as agricultural product processing,

The United States has a large number of giants, which can also be extended to the production of ethanol fuel, lubricating oil and vegetable oil. Not only does the United States have a world-class agricultural machinery giant like John Deere, but it can also manufacture special machinery related to golf courses.

Some food and beverage brands we usually see in our daily life, such as Le Shi, Oreo, 7up, Minolta, Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola, are actually from the manufacturing industry in the United States. They have established a strong brand concept and successfully created a high-end image. Similarly, there are various daily supplies, such as 3M’s band aids, stickers, mops, pregnant women’s braces, Honeywell’s Firefighter protective clothing, Personal fall arrest devices, etc.

In the field of military industry, the United States has such military giants as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon technology, general dynamics and Northrop Grumman. In fact, the United States also has Huntington Ingalls industries, a military industry company that will enter the world’s top 500 in the future. This company was once acquired by Northrop Grumman in 2001, and later became independent in 2011 to operate independently.

The Newport News shipyard under Huntington Ingles industry is the only shipyard in the United States that is currently manufacturing aircraft carriers. The factory began to build various aircraft carriers for the United States after World War I. during World War II, it also manufactured many aircraft carriers, and launched the world’s first nuclear powered aircraft carrier “enterprise” in 1960.

There are 11 aircraft carriers in service in the United States, including 10 Nimitz class and 1 Ford class, all of which are manufactured by the shipyard.

A total of 10 Nimitz class aircraft carriers have been built, and all of them are currently in service.

The first Nimitz was commissioned in 1975, and the last Bush was commissioned in 2009. The USS Reagan, which escorted Pelosi during her recent visit to Taiwan, was also a Nimitz class aircraft carrier and was commissioned in 2003.

In addition to the first Ford (still a steam catapult) already in service, three Ford class aircraft carriers are under construction at Newport News shipyard.

There is another Ingles shipyard under the Ingles industry in Huntington, which has manufactured a large number of very famous warships in the history of the United States Navy,

The 31 Spruance class destroyers of the United States (now all retired) are all manufactured by this factory,

There are 27 ticondero class cruisers (the United States has built a total of 27, the first one was commissioned in 1983, and the last one was commissioned in 1994). Among them, 19 were built by Ingles shipyard, including the first four in service.

Although the Arleigh Burke class destroyers are the first ships and many warships developed and manufactured by bath Steel Shipyard under general dynamics, some orders of Arleigh Burke class destroyers are made by Ingels shipyard. Because there are a lot of Arleigh Burke class destroyers, bath Steel Shipyard has manufactured more than 40 ships, and Ingels shipyard has also manufactured more than 30 ships, which are still under construction.

The current four Kidd class destroyers of the Taiwan Navy are also manufactured by the factory. The factory has also manufactured submarines in history, such as the sturgeon class attack nuclear submarines that have been retired.

Huntington Ingles industries was selected into the world’s top 500 in the future, but this does not hinder its position in the US military industry, especially in the field of naval surface ships.

In addition, the United States clearly has the dominant strength in the aerospace industry. Take Honeywell as an example. The flight control system, brakes and tires, APU auxiliary power unit, navigation system and atmospheric data system on China’s C919 are all provided by the company.

In the field of hospitals, a large number of medical devices and drugs are from American companies,

According to the “big 100” of 2021 released by MDO in November 2021, Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens Medical, Philips, Danaher, Mellon, Ge, Gardiner, elastoluxottica and Stryker are among the top 10 in the world.

Among them, Johnson & Johnson, Danaher, Mellon, GE Healthcare, Gardner and Stryker are all American companies, and Medtronic is actually an American company, except that it has its headquarters in Ireland, and seven of the world’s top ten American companies account for seven.

Among the top ten pharmaceutical companies in the world, American companies account for five.

But generally speaking, as for the manufacturing industry, the core technological advantages of the United States in large-scale fields include semiconductor, aerospace, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, military equipment, and automobiles (electric vehicles). In addition, the United States has a very deep accumulation of software technology in every field, so we can also add the field of software.

In fact, the United States is also engaged in agricultural product processing and trade, brand clothing, food and beverage brands, electronic brands, scientific research instruments and consumables, construction machinery and agricultural machinery,

Daily chemical and consumer goods brands (milk powder, diapers, shampoo, cosmetics, laundry detergent, baby products, household daily necessities such as band aids, stickers, mops, etc.) have their own advantages.

The space in these fields is not small, and it is not small for China’s domestic brands to globalize.

So in fact, in addition to the high-tech fields we pay attention to daily (semiconductors, electric vehicles, aerospace, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, military industry), there is also a lot of room for China’s industrial upgrading,

When we go to overseas stores, we can’t see any candy and food brands from China,

We can’t see Chinese beverage brands, clothing brands, etc. nor can we see Chinese brands of daily chemical products from laundry detergent to cosmetics.

Therefore, the space for the world’s top industries is large enough. If we continue to upgrade, it will be enough for our 1.4 billion people to live a good life. From another point of view, our competition with the United States must be long-term. In the next ten years, we will only be able to surpass the United States in terms of the total amount. To truly overwhelm them, the total amount must be more than two or three times of theirs.

But in the long run, I think it is too difficult. The main reason is that China’s birth rate has dropped too fast. At present, China’s birth rate this year is expected to be 10 million, while the United States has maintained at about 3.6 million in recent years. That is, China’s birth rate this year is about three times that of the United States. In other words, China’s per capita needs to be as high as the United States (the United States will break through 70000 US dollars per capita in 2022) to achieve a total economy three times that of the United States.

Judging from the current situation, I am a little pessimistic, because China’s annual birth population of 10 million can not last long. According to the fertility rate of 1.3 in 2020, it will continue to fall.

We should quickly turn to encouraging and rewarding childbirth and give due rewards to those who have made contributions to raising children. I think this is related to China’s long-term development and survival.

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