Many depositors of village banks in Henan, where it is difficult to withdraw money, were given health code red codes when defending their rights

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Original title: Many depositors of village banks have been assigned red codes for “difficulty in withdrawing money” Zhengzhou 12345: There is a problem with big data

Source: Tianmu News

On June 13, many netizens reported on social platforms that many Zhengzhou Communication Village Bank depositors who faced “difficulty in withdrawing money” were assigned “red codes”.

Immediately, Tianmu News reporter contacted one of the depositors, Ms. Tang. Ms. Tang said that she has been in Anhui and her hometown has no epidemic, but after scanning the QR code of Zhengzhou High-speed Railway Station sent by the depositor’s rights protection group, she was also given the Red code, “But my family scans this QR code is a normal green code.” Ms. Tang told reporters that because they have not made progress on their “difficulty in withdrawing money”, some depositors discussed that they should go to Zhengzhou, Henan on June 13. To defend the rights, “Some depositors arrived in Zhengzhou on the 12th, and then they were given red codes.”

Many depositors were assigned red codes Image source: Respondents

Ms. Tang said that she saw in the rights protection group that some depositors went to Zhengzhou with their family members. “They said that the depositor’s code scan is a red code, but the family members of the same family will be fine if they scan the code.” Ms. Tang further introduced that her rights protection agency As long as the depositors who went to the site in Zhengzhou, Henan, basically scanned the local QR code, they were given a red code, and the depositors who did not go to the site were also shown a red code when they scanned the code in their hometown. “However, I scanned the code today and it turned into a green code again. I don’t understand such behavior.”

Ms. Tang’s health code on the 12th Image source: Respondent

“I have a friend who is also a depositor, and he is from Zhengzhou. He told me that he has never been out of Zhengzhou, but he has also been assigned a red code, including his family members.” Ms. Tang told reporters, Her friend called the relevant department about the matter, and the reply was that big data showed that she had been to Hong Kong.

In the rights protection group, Ms. Tang also saw that many depositors who went to Zhengzhou to defend their rights were taken to centralized isolation because they were assigned red codes.

According to the screenshot of the red code provided by Ms. Tang, the source of the code is Zhengzhou, the time of code assignment is 21:04 on June 12, 2022, and the reason for the code assignment is “immigrants who are undergoing centralized or home medical isolation observation”.

The staff of 12345 in Zhengzhou City replied to the Tianmu News reporter that they had received multiple calls today to report that they did not travel or were given a red code by Henan Province for no reason.

Regarding whether the “red code” is only for depositors, the staff said that they did not know the specific situation, but after verification, it was due to some problems in the big data information database. The situation has now been reported to the government and is being actively improved. “It is recommended to follow up s concern”.

In addition, the staff of 12345 told reporters, “The situation of the red code in Henan Province is handled by the provincial unit. It is recommended to try to consult the community, but according to the notification received, the community cannot handle it at present. If it is Zhengzhou City The red code, we can accept it.”

On the morning of the 14th, a reporter from Tianmu News also contacted the Propaganda Department of the Henan Provincial Party Committee. The staff on duty said that they were not aware of the situation and needed to report to the leaders before replying. As of press time, the reporter has not received a reply.

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