Mao Zijun once tried to make up mountains and rivers, so that Zhou Zishu and Mao Zijun responded not to make trouble

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Three months after Shanhe order was broadcast, all the delayed dramas were killed, because according to the regulations of the radio, film and Television Bureau, these delayed dramas could not be broadcast. Therefore, Shan He Ling also ate the last wave of dividends of the delayed drama, and directly praised Zhang zhehan and Gong Jun. Mao Zijun once tried to make up for Zhou Zishu, and Mao Zijun’s Zhou Zishu triggered a heated discussion among netizens. For this, Mao Zijun’s studio sent a document to respond that it would not cause trouble. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Mao Zijun once tried to make up for Zhou Zishu

Shanheling tells the story of Wen Kexing, the owner of ghost Valley wandering in the Jianghu, and Zhou Zishu, who left the temple at ease. Gong Jun plays Wen Kexing and Zhang zhehan plays Zhou Zishu. But this play has been taken off the platform because of Zhang zhehan. Recently, the news that Mao Zijun tried makeup and made Zhou Zishu suddenly became hot, even the modeling photos of Mao Zijun and Zhou Zishu. In this regard, many netizens said that if it had been Zhou Zishu played by Mao Zijun, Shanhe Ling would not have been removed from the shelves.

It is reported that the original author of Shanhe Ling liked Mao Zijun very much at the beginning and recommended Mao Zijun to play zhouzishu in Shanhe Ling. Although Mao Zijun came to try it on again, he finally gave up the order of mountains and rivers because of the delay in changing the theme and chose the drama of the Republic of China. Hate you is not like Jiang louyue. Judging from the broadcasting effect of the two films, Mao Zijun’s choice was really unwise and missed an opportunity to become a big hit.

Mao Zijun responded that he would not make trouble

Many netizens thought that it was Mao Zijun who hyped the blog topic when he tried to make up for Zhou Zishu’s news. However, Mao Zijun’s studio soon responded, saying that it was suddenly a disaster to spend the summer at home. Mao Zijun was very Buddha, and he didn’t make trouble, didn’t make trouble, didn’t buy hot search, and called on netizens not to blind cue. Looking at Mao Zijun’s response, this matter is really not hyped by him. Mao Zijun is not stupid enough to offend Zhang zhehan’s fans.

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