Maorenfeng’s Ninja: calling his wife stealing a man is “business training”

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Maorenfeng, huzongnan, JiangJingguo

Maorenfeng, one of the four famous spies of the Republic of China, is known as the smiling face Yanluo of juntong and the killing machine of Chiang Kai Shek. He was the successor of Dai Li to the top position of the military unification after the crash, and later became the director of Taiwan’s Security Bureau. But few people know that he was already 40 years old when he entered juntong. It took him only 13 years to climb from an ordinary county clerk to the throne of director of the Security Bureau of the Kuomintang Ministry of national defense. This is a miracle for the professional agent who pays attention to seniority.

Mao Renfeng’s secret of being an official is summarized by himself. There are only three words: “forbearance”, “waiting” and “ruthlessness”. These three words seem simple, but they have become the ladder of his success. Every stage of his officialdom is accompanied by such a trilogy.

“Forbearance” means dormancy. Maorenfeng is weak in body, weak in personality, ordinary in origin, and has no strong personal charm. Many people don’t take him seriously. His colleagues make fun of him in person or in private, but maorenfeng hears it but hears it as a breeze; His superiors slapped him in the face in public, and Mao Renfeng smiled as if he were cool; When his wife goes to bed with other men, he says that it can accumulate experience and serve him better. Mao Renfeng believes that “forbearance” can avoid disaster and pave the way for promotion and wealth.



JiangJingguo and maorenfeng

“Waiting” is waiting for the opportunity. Mao Renfeng lived in seclusion and was cautious. He seldom took the initiative to fight, rob and ask for money. He knew that he was a junior and not intelligent man, so he was very patient, just like a crocodile lying quietly in the swamp, waiting for its prey to jump up when it passed his mouth. Because he could endure and wait, he could shrink in a small room nine feet square and lay his foundation in obscurity day and night.

“Ruthless” is because of the abnormal outbreak after being oppressed for too long. He would vent his emotions at intervals. After Dai Li’s plane crash, maorenfeng, a spy who was not surprising and could not suppress the public, inherited Dai Li’s mantle after some competition. When he was in power, he immediately exposed his sinister and ferocious face and extended his butcher’s knife to the Communists and the broad masses of the people.

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