Massive data leakage in France!

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Author: ye Lihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

How can the data be leaked if it is well stored in the computer room? Someone must get it out, it will leak.

Some things do not depend on people’s will to happen, but data leakage must depend on people’s will to happen.

Recently, a major case of data leakage occurred in France. The contents of macron and Putin’s phone call were somehow leaked to the Internet.

The contents of macron’s and Putin’s calls are data that must be kept strictly confidential. If they are online, France will be very passive internationally.

Makron, Schultz and Putin promised that Zelensky would follow the contents of the Minsk agreement, which happened before.

However, Zelensky did not implement the Minsk agreement, so on February 22, 2022. Putin called to plead guilty.

As a result, macron said on the phone that the content of the Minsk agreement was completely correct, Putin was right, Zelensky did not respect the Minsk agreement, but the Donetsk and Lugansk people did not respect the Minsk agreement. Mainly Article 9.

Putin said that the Donetsk and Lugansk people had sent a note to the Ukrainian authorities on Article 9 of the Minsk agreement, but there was no response.

Macron said again that Lugansk and Donetsk did not respond to Article 9 of the Minsk agreement, so it is not wrong that the Kiev authorities did not respond.

Putin had to say it again, asking macron to listen carefully. Lugansk and Donetsk have sent a note to the Kiev authorities and responded. Don’t slander people in empty words. Only the Kiev authorities did not respond to the Minsk agreement.

Macron had nothing to say and went to the next step. He hoped that all parties could let all parties finish the meeting within the framework of the coordination group, that is, Russia, France and Germany.

Putin said yes. I’ll study this matter as soon as we hang up the phone. I hope you can put a little pressure on the Ukrainian authorities.

Macron said yes. I have called zelianski yesterday. I hope he can make less pressure on social media to calm their front-line people. I also hope you can help me. Your exercise may stimulate zelianski.

Putin said the exercise would end tonight.

Macron began to reveal his essence at this time, saying that he hoped to organize a meeting between you and President Biden in Geneva in the next few days. I talked about this with Biden on Friday evening (author’s note: February 18, 2022).

Biden asked me to tell you that he is ready, and Biden is also thinking about how to ease the situation. Considering that both of you have the idea of solving the Ukrainian problem, I’ll take the lead. You can tell me a convenient date.

(author’s note: in the American literary novel the godfather, Tessio asked Mike to take the lead and let him negotiate with Brazil. The old Godfather said that whoever takes the lead and lets you negotiate with Brazil is a traitor. Art, as expected, always comes from life.)

Putin reacted for a moment, began to laugh, and said thank you very much. I feel honored to speak to our European colleagues and American colleagues. I trust you, so I always like to talk to you. But you must prepare for this meeting in advance. Then we can talk, because if we have no agenda like this and chat casually, Americans may not like it.

Macron obviously didn’t understand Putin’s implication and was still asking when it would be convenient.

Putin said that I should consider this proposal. If we have to fix a date, I suggest that we let our staff discuss it.

Macron still didn’t understand, and began to announce unilaterally. I confirm that you also want to reach an agreement with Biden.

Putin doesn’t want to talk with him anymore. Say no, I’m going to the gym. Then said goodbye and hung up.

Putin has always trusted Germany and France. He believes that Germany and France are all Europeans, and it is reasonable not to let Americans interfere with Ukraine. In 2014, Putin and Hollande Merkel held a meeting, which decided on the preliminary division of Ukraine, and things went well.

So Putin’s confidence is justified. So Putin was not prepared to fight at the beginning, saying that he would continue to talk under the framework, and the exercise would end tonight.

According to the information we have, the full responsibility for the Ukrainian conflict lies in the fact that the Ukrainian army walked alone on the front line. The Russian army could not bear to fight. Finally, Putin hurriedly filled the gap and finally fought.

Why can we make such a judgment?

Because France has long been infiltrated into a sieve. The contents of macron’s phone calls can now be accessed online. What else is unknown to all countries in the world?

Once the confidentiality work goes wrong and starts to become a unilateral sieve, the work will be passive. For example, macron will fall into a great passivity, and large-scale high-level information leakage can occur, which shows that French security is already a sieve from top to bottom.

If information cannot be protected, national security cannot be protected. France is looking forward to becoming an American colony, so Russia begins to distrust France.

France has become a sieve. How can NATO be better?

So the French ambassador became a coexistence group from the beginning.

The French ambassador pointed out that Russia is located in Europe and is a neighbor of European countries, which will not change. European countries should learn to coexist with Russia.

This is called data leakage or coexistence theory. It is always an essential two appearances, that is, infiltration and out of control. If France continues to do so, I don’t think it will be able to be a European speaker.

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