Meet the systematic challenges of NATO!

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Original: Gu Ziming authorized to reprint this article to wechat official account: zhengshitang plus2019

At the time of the most critical July game between NATO and Russia, two small countries rushed to the front, Lithuania blocked the Russian enclave of galingrad, and Bulgaria expelled 70 Russian diplomats.

In order to please readers, we often need to describe the ruling elites of the two countries as a group of reckless men or white leftists who only care about the dispute of will and spirit.

But to be fair, at the critical moment of this round of game and negotiation, supporting Ukraine is the best solution for Lithuania and Bulgaria, and Western politicians are not as weak as they think.

Since the round of eastward expansion in 2004, Lithuania and Bulgaria have been at the forefront of NATO against Russia, bearing the direct threat of the torrent of steel.

If Ukraine successfully dragged Russia into the quagmire and became the most forward trench of NATO in this round, Lithuania and Bulgaria will successfully unravel. Naturally, the two countries will wantonly release benefits to Ukrainian leeks and let them resist.

A similar thing happened at the G7 summit. Biden announced the G7 infrastructure plan PGII, promising to raise $600billion within five years to provide developing countries with funds for infrastructure development.

The United States has only announced to offer 150million US dollars to the crucial IPEF. This time, 600billion US dollars is pure nonsense. If the Biden government can get six hundred million US dollars, I will count him as winning.

However, it is not useless for the United States and the European Union to shout out. Just like Lithuania and Bulgaria, the G6 is ready to let the only non western country, Japan, rush to pay the bill.

The registered capital of 300billion in the United States and 200billion in the European Union does not need to be paid in, just fooling investors. As a management, the Japanese not only need to export technology and take out real money, but also have to be extended lock-in period again and again in the future.

Without the forward check given by Europe and the United States, how can Ukrainians pay great sacrifices and fight to the end with the world’s second largest military force next door, and how can Japanese people empty their domestic wealth and compete with the world’s second largest economy for infrastructure investment assistance.

American capitalists are best at drawing big cakes and letting leeks willingly pay for the strategic will of the capitalists. As long as the goal is achieved, they will definitely escape at the first time and lock the leeks on high hills.

Similarly, at the NATO summit that ended today.

The United States invited Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand for the first time to give these leaders enough face, and then defined a major country as a “systemic challenge” at the meeting.

This is not how much the United States wants to compete directly with us, but to release four dogs. In the process of holding a victory conference, it shouted “brothers, give it to me” and let the cannon fodder of the four countries charge in front.

Of course, developed countries such as Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand are not stupid. The first two are under saturation attack, and the latter two also rely on selling energy to Asia for a good life. The best way is to create a more recent war quagmire like Lithuania and Bulgaria, and pick yourself out of the quagmire.

In the logic of capital, generally speaking, this is that the makers in the primary market ship to the institutions, and the institutions sell at a discount to the retail investors in the secondary market. Then the makers and institutions held a conference in Madrid. The makers are responsible for creating a good situation, and the institutions are responsible for fooling the leeks.


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