Mei Changsu’s wisdom, Biden SR’s declaration of war!

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Source: official account: Yan tajun

In the Meiling battle, 70000 red flame soldiers died miserably at Xie Yu’s hands. Lin Shu, who fell off a cliff and was destroyed by snow beetles, thought about revenge all the time.

However, revenge is not so simple. At this time, not only the red flame army disappeared, but also the Prince Prince Qi died. King Jing was exiled, without his backing and army. What revenge would he take? Obviously, the probability of success in revenge at this time is 0.

For this reason, Lin Shu stayed dormant in the Jianghu for ten years and assumed the pseudonym Mei Changshu. In this decade, his second son Xiao Jingxuan replaced king Qi and was made Prince. The emperor supported King Yu in order to balance the prince. The two fought with each other for many years, and the court formed this pattern:

The prince controls the Ministry of household, the Ministry of military affairs and the Ministry of rites; King Yu controls the Ministry of punishment, the Ministry of industry and the Ministry of officials.

After years of fighting in the imperial court, both sides found that they could not eat each other. They developed new ideas one after another, and regarded the Jianghu forces as a blue ocean market. Through Xie Yu’s relationship, the crown prince captured Zhuo Dingfeng of Tianquan villa, while the Jianghu forces on King Yu’s side were temporarily blank.

Jianghu forces are very important. They can do things that are not suitable on the surface. The crown prince still wants to take advantage of the victory to expand, and King Yu wants to fill the gap. Mei Changsu keenly seized this opportunity to enter the capital and attract the two sides.

Although he was thinking about revenge, the political reality forced Mei Changsu to calm down. He wanted to help king Jing, but king Jing was not favored and was there all the year round. Besides holding a part of the army, he had nothing.

If you are hard at this time, you will definitely lose. You must first move the two mountains that you went to at the beginning, so you have to lower your head and deal with the crown prince Yu Wang to win their trust.

The prince and his mother, Yue Guifei, tried to use simalei to rape Princess munihuang. Mei Changsu and the times believed that King Yu attacked in time. King Yu saw through the plot on the spot. The commander of Mongolian University captured simalei in front of the emperor and captured the people and the stolen goods.

Yue Guifei was cut off from pinjue, and the crown prince was also severely hit. After fighting with the crown prince for so many years, Mei Changsu won such a big victory for the first time, and thus gained the trust of King Yu.

Later, Mei Changsu urged Yu Wang to throw away Qingguo Gong, cut off Yu Wang’s influence in the military, and used the Lanyuan case to win the respect of the Minister of the Ministry of housing. The post of minister of the Ministry of housing was vacant, and Shen Zhui was promoted.

Later, the prince and King Yu took advantage of each other’s struggle to cut off all the forces of the two sides in the six departments, so that King Jing got an advantage for nothing. King Yu was not convinced. He came to suoha and joined forces with Xia Jiang, the boss of the hanging mirror division. King Yu lost hope completely.

In terms of strength, King Jing had no chance of winning. If he fought hard, it would be like hitting a stone with an egg. Mei Changsu kept consuming each other by breaking into the two giants and making friends with them.

Sometimes they unite, sometimes they alienate, sometimes they strike, sometimes they appease. The level of playing politics is not high. This is also the highest principle of playing politics. In the words of teachers, politics is to make more friends and less enemies.

The most taboo thing in playing politics is that the attack area is too large, and one shot will upset a boat of people. That will only arouse the enemy’s common hatred. It is not only difficult to defeat the enemy, but even if you defeat the enemy, you will be seriously injured.

This is also why, in ancient times, rebels usually killed only the leading ones, and the rest would not be punished too much. This principle is universal in the world and not limited to China.

Logically speaking, as a political veteran, Biden should be familiar with this principle. For non establishment “rebels” such as trump, only trump himself can be caught, and the remaining red necks should not be punished to show mercy.

In his early days in office, Biden did hold the idea of “uniting the United States again” and did not pay any attention to trump. However, recently, Biden went against the beaten track by directly condemning trump and his supporters for “destroying the American Foundation” in his speech in Philadelphia on September 1.

This accusation is very serious. In the past, the establishment elements trampled on trump, that is, they talked about racism, which was not inclusive enough. But now Biden has directly risen to the height of national capital. Since it is national capital, of course, there are you without me, and there are me without you. One mountain can not tolerate two tigers.

But in this way, the trump camp will be closely united around trump, and the resistance will be more intense. How united is the trump camp now?

In August, the Wyoming house of Representatives election held a Republican Party primary against Leeds ? Cheney vs Harriet ? Hageman, because Wyoming is a deep red state, so red that the Republican Party can win by tying a dog, so whoever represents the Republican Party will be basically elected to the house of Representatives.

Leeds ? Cheney is the No. 3 figure in the Republican Party and the daughter of Vice President Cheney in the Bush era. Her family has huge power. She voted for Trump’s impeachment proposal last year, causing a lot of red necked scolding, “traitor”!

Biden’s strategy is to unite with the establishment like Cheney and attack the trumpists.

The election in August is a big test. If she passes the test, it shows that Biden’s joint strategy is correct. Otherwise, it will fail. What is the result?

Cheney lost 35 points. You should know that Wyoming is the territory of the Cheney family. Losing so badly in her own territory shows how united red neck is. Her opponent Hagman was unknown before and had no political experience. She just made her debut this year. She is completely a rookie in the political arena.

However, at Trump’s command, the red necked voted for Hageman, and Cheney’s fiasco also represented the fiasco of Biden’s solicitation strategy. Now, who in the Republican Party dares not to keep pace with President Chuan and get out every minute because of “taking the left foot first”.

Biden can’t make many friends in the Republican Party. Since he can’t be a friend, he can only be an enemy.

Secondly, polarization within the Democratic Party is very serious.

If you want to win over people from the other camp, you have to ask whether your camp agrees. If King Jing makes trouble every day and asks Mei Changsu not to contact the prince and King Yu, and ideology is extremely important, Mei Changsu will not be able to implement his plan.

This is the situation in the Democratic Party. We all know that Wang was ransacked a while ago. In fact, this ransacking is not that simple.

Because attorney general garland, the superior of the FBI, is an establishment faction, or a person on Obama’s side, not Biden’s direct line.

Garland has a personal feud with the Republican Party. In 2016, garland was nominated as the Supreme Court justice by Barack Obama, but was stopped by the Republican Party. When Trump came to power, he watched the boiled duck fly. He was not angry.

The extreme left in the Democratic Party, led by AOC, threatened to liquidate trump every day, but with Biden’s current poor political achievements, it depends on their faces to successfully complete his term of office.

That is why Biden claimed that he “did not know in advance” one after another after trump was ransacked by the FBI.

Biden is probably aware of this, but it is really not his intention to plunder. He is only forced to take this step by the party. After the plundering, trump is bound to point the spearhead at Biden, and Biden will have to break if he does not break.

He can only knock over half the Americans with one stroke.

After hearing this, trump was absolutely mad with anger and scolded Biden “either crazy or late dementia”.

Defining half of the people as “national challenges” and “Nazis” will have very serious consequences, which is equivalent to declaring war on the other half of the United States. There is no longer any ambiguity between the two sides, and it is no longer impossible to engage in close combat.

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