Mencius’ plea order for righteous performance was scolded. Evidence of Mencius’ righteous addition of drama

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Some time ago, Meng Ziyi was popular because of the petition order. In a rage, Meng Ziyi deleted the three words of the petition order in the introduction column of his microblog introduction works, indicating his attitude to draw a line with the petition order. Mencius was scolded for her charity performance petition, because netizens have been blasting her for adding drama. Did Meng Ziyi really add to the performance of the petition? What is the evidence? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Mencius was scolded for his charity performance petition

The first netizens who came out to scold Meng Ziyi were fans of the original novel of Chen Qingling. Because these people found that the role played by Meng Ziyi was warm, shooting many scenes that did not appear in the original work. For example, in the scenes of rabbit, loquat and water walking deep, there was no warmth in the original work. As a result, when it was made into a TV series, there was warmth in these scenes.

Another example is the petition, which obviously adds an emotional drama to tenderness. For example, Jiang Cheng secretly loves tenderness, and even the hero Wei Wuxian has an emotional line with tenderness. It’s just that Wei Wuxian’s warm love line was cut off when the TV series was broadcast, because the fans of the original book scolded too hard. Even in order to make warmth related to Xue Yang, Xue Yang’s age was changed. In addition, there are many, the most irritating thing for the original fans is that a lot of hand scenes of LAN Qiji have been arranged for warmth.

Evidence of Mencius’ adding drama

Meng Ziyi is well known by everyone because of the petition, but also because of the petition, he has been scolded by many people for several years. Mencius said that if he was given a chance to choose again, he would never accept the petition to order the play. Mengziyi said that when he first accepted the play, he felt that there must be a problem, because beauty is not allowed to have a female owner. Meng Ziyi said that after the broadcast of the petition, he encountered a lot of Internet explosions, but he never added a play. He shot it according to the script, and he acted as he wrote the script.

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