Mencius’ reputation counterattack relies on reality show

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Meng Ziyi first started his career in the first grade of the reality show. At that time, Meng Ziyi, who was still a newcomer, did not like her performance in the program. On the contrary, many netizens hated her character very much. Mencius’ reputation has been counter attacked, and Mencius’ reputation has been defeated by Xiao Hecheng. She was once scolded for reality TV, but now she has turned around with reality TV. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Mencius’ reputation counterattack

Mengziyi’s variety show, which achieved the counter attack of public praise, should be the 50km peach blossom dock. Before joining the program, Mencius had always given people a particularly bad impression because of his previous behaviors. So at the beginning of the program, other guests obviously avoided Mencius and also ran on Mencius. However, with more and more contacts, many guests in the program actually changed their outlook on Mencius, and instead became friends with Mencius.

Even after the program is recorded, everyone will still make an appointment to have dinner and play together in private. Although mengziyi had many thoughts and even made many works in the peach blossom dock, she never hid them. People around her could see her thoughts. And Mencius’ character is really good. No matter how people joke about her or run on her, she will open her heart to make friends with others. Therefore, you don’t have any worries about associating with Meng Ziyi. You don’t have to worry that you will make her angry or offend her.

Mengziyi turns over by reality show

So in the second season of the fifty kilometer peach blossom dock, mengziyi came again. Meng Ziyi said that his favorite variety show was the happiest one he had ever recorded. Besides the old dock people, among the new dock people invited this time were Meng Ziyi’s good friend songyanfei. Naturally, the program group also likes Meng Ziyi, because her performance in the program is really topical.

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