Meng Jiangnu and fan Xiliang: the ancient love story

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Throughout the ages, love has been a popular topic among the people, and literary works praising love have emerged in endlessly. But most of them are love tragedies, and few of them end in comedies. So today’s China story net Xiaobian will bring you a love story about Meng Jiangnu and fan Xiliang. Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

In ancient times, Qinshihuang arrested people everywhere to build the Great Wall. There was a young master named fanxiliang, a scholar, who was so scared that he ran out of his house. He was so thirsty that he just wanted to have a rest and find some water to drink. Suddenly, he heard a burst of people shouting horses and running around. It turns out that people are being arrested here! He had no time to run, so he jumped over a wall nearby. It turns out that this wall is the Meng family’s back garden.

With this Kung Fu, Meng Jiangnu happened to follow the maid out to visit the garden. Meng Jiangnu suddenly saw a man hiding under the loofah rack. As soon as she and the maid shouted, fanxiliang hurried out, bowed and cried, “Miss, miss, don’t shout, don’t shout, I’m a fugitive. Please save my life!”


Meng Jiangnv looked, “Fanxiliang looks like a white faced scholar. He is very handsome, so he and his maid went back to report to the member. The old member questioned fanxiliang’s hometown in the back garden about his family name and why he jumped over the wall to be hospitalized. Fanxiliang answered the question in detail. The member saw that he was honest and knew the book and ceremony, so he agreed to hide him at home for the time being. Fanxiliang had been hiding in the Meng family for a few days. The old couple saw that he was a good-looking man and generous, so they discussed how to recruit him As a son-in-law. After discussing with her daughter, she agreed. Let’s mention it to fanxiliang. Young master fan is also happy. The marriage is settled.

In that month, the army was in a panic, and the people wanted their husbands every day and every day. No one would always leave the marriage settled. After discussion, the old couple chose an auspicious day and invited relatives and friends. Two tables of banquet were arranged, and after a day of cheerfulness, the two married. As the saying goes, “people have their misfortunes and blessings overnight, and the weather has its ups and downs”. Less than three days after the couple got married, a group of Yamen servicemen suddenly broke in. Without any room to say anything, they dragged Mr. Fan away!

Meng Jiangnu cries and hopes all day long! But after a year of eagerly looking forward, not only did people not expect it, but also the letter did not come. Yu Jiang’s daughter was really worried. She hurried to make cold clothes for her husband for several nights and wanted to go to the Great Wall to find her husband. Her parents could not stop her, so they agreed. Meng Jiangnu packed her clothes, said goodbye to the two elders, and set out on her journey. Meng Jiangnu kept running due north, crossing mountains and waters.

Meng Jiangnu packed up her clothes, said goodbye to the two elders and embarked on the journey of finding her lost. Hungry, eating cold pastry; Thirsty, drink cold water; Tired, sit by the roadside and have a rest. One day, she asked a white haired old man who was collecting firewood: “how far is it from here to the Great Wall?” The old uncle said, “Youzhou is far away, and the Great Wall is still to the north of Youzhou.” Meng Jiangnu thought, “even if the Great Wall is far away, I will go to the horizon to find my husband!”

Meng Jiangnu walked away when the wind blew and when it rained. One day, she went to a deserted village where there were no villages in front of her and no shops in the back. It was dark and people were tired, so she ran to the ruined temple. The ruined temple is very large, with only half a person deep weeds and grinning gods. She’s a lonely young woman. She’s a real bird. But she didn’t care any more. She went to sleep in a corner.

At night, she dreamed that she was studying with her husband at her desk. Suddenly, she heard a bang on the door and burst in a group of arresting yamen guards. She woke up with a start. It turned out that the wind was blowing the doors and windows of the temple. She sighed and saw that it was going to be bright. She picked up her package and set off again.

One day, she walked exhausted and felt cold all over. She was about to rest her feet when she suddenly fainted. When she woke up, she realized that she was lying on the hot Kang in her hometown. The landlady gave her “soup” and made brown sugar and ginger water. She was very grateful. She sweated a little and felt a little lighter, so she struggled to get up and continue on her way.

The landlady held her in tears and said, “your sister-in-law, I know you are eager to find your husband, but you are as hot as coals. Can I have the heart to let you go! Your sister-in-law, if you look at your feet, they have become blood pimples, which is your foot!” Meng Jiangnu looked at her feet, but she didn’t have blood pimples. She stayed at her eldest mother’s house for another two days and set off again before she recovered. As she wept, the old lady read: “what a wonderful daughter-in-law! God, please do me a favor and let the couples all over the world get together!” Meng Jiangnu finally arrived at the place where the Great Wall was built.

She asked the migrant worker who built the Great Wall: do you know where fanxiliang is? Ask a question, and they say they don’t know. When she asked another question, she shook her head. She didn’t know how many people she had hit; I just heard about the migrant workers who built the Great Wall in the neighboring village. The migrant workers in the neighboring village warmly led her to find the migrant workers who built the Great Wall with fanxiliang.

Meng Jiangnu asked, “elder brothers, did you build the Great Wall with fanxiliang?”

Everyone said, “yes!”

“Where’s fan Xiliang?” everyone, look at me and I’ll look at you. No one spoke with tears in their eyes. At the sight of this, Yu Jiang’s daughter gave a buzzing sound and her hair suddenly burst. She stared and asked, “where is my husband fanxiliang?” Seeing that they couldn’t hide it, everyone hesitated and said, “fanxiliang died of exhaustion and starvation last month!”

“Where’s the body?”

“Everyone said,” there are too many dead people to be buried. The supervisor asked them to fill in the Great Wall! “


Before everyone said anything, Meng Jiangnu clapped her hand on the great wall and burst into tears. She cried, cried. Thousands of migrant workers cried, all bowed their heads and wept, only the sun and the moon were shining, the sky and the earth were dark, only the autumn wind was wailing, and the sea was waving. I was crying, when suddenly there was a loud noise, and the great wall collapsed like the earth shattering, exposing piles of human bones.

So many self bones, which one is your husband? She suddenly remembered the story she had heard from her mother when she was a child: the bones of relatives can seep into their blood. She bit her middle finger and recognized the body. She carefully identified the tattered buttons and the bones of her husband. Yu Jiang’s daughter was watching over Zhang Guan’s bones, crying to death.

As he was crying, Qinshihuang, with a large group of people, patrolled the side wall and passed by.

When the first emperor of Qin heard that Meng Jiangnu had cried down the city wall, he immediately flew into a rage. He led the three armies to the foot of Jiao mountain to deal with Meng Jiangnu himself. However, as soon as he saw Meng Jiangnu was young, beautiful and beautiful, he would seize Meng Jiangnu. Where is Meng Jiangnu willing to rely on! The first emperor of Qin sent several old women to persuade him. He also sent Zhao Gao, the Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, to persuade him. Gai Jiang would not die.

Finally, Qinshihuang came forward in person. When Meng Jiangnu saw the first emperor of Qin, she wanted to die in the face of this evil tyrant. But she turned to think, how could she die in vain if her husband’s grudges were not repaid and Li Min’s grudges were not extended! She resisted her anger and listened to the nonsense of Qinshihuang. Seeing that she was silent, the first emperor of Qin thought she was willing, so he said with even greater elation: “open your mouth! As long as you obey me, I will give you whatever you want, Jinshan and Yinshan will do!”


Meng Jiangnu said, “I don’t want Jinshan and Yinshan. I want to comply. As long as you promise three things!”

Qinshihuang said, “if you say three things, you can say thirty things. You say the first one!”

Meng Jiangnu said, “for the first thing, I have to erect a stele for my husband, repair his grave, and put it in a sandalwood coffin.”

As soon as Qinshihuang heard, “it’s easy to say. It’s your turn. Say the second thing quickly!”

“The second thing I want you to do is to dress my husband in mourning, wear flags and carry cans, follow the hearse, and lead all civil and military officials to mourn.” When Qinshihuang heard this, how could he do it! I am an emperor, how can I send a funeral to a small people! “This one won’t work. Say the third one!”

Yu Jiang said, “the second one doesn’t work. There’s no third one!”

The first emperor of Qin refused to accept this gesture. He could not touch the fat meat in his mouth; Promise, will not let the world laugh. Another thought: whether it laughs or not, whoever dares to laugh at me will be killed. Thinking of this, he said, “OK! I promise you the second one. Say the third one quickly!”

Meng Jiangnu said, “third, I want to visit the sea for three days.”

Qinshihuang said, “this is easy! OK, these three things are up to you!”

Qinshihuang immediately sent people to erect a monument, repair the grave, purchase coffins, and prepare white flags for filial piety and soul summoning. On the day of the funeral, fan Xiliang’s hearse was in front of him, followed by Qinshihuang. Dressed in hemp and filial piety, he really became a filial son. When the funeral was over, Meng Jiangnu said to Qinshihuang, “let’s go to the sea and get married.” Qinshihuang was so happy. Zhengmei was so beautiful that she didn’t know what to do. Suddenly, Meng Jiangnu jumped into the sea with a “plop”!

At first sight, Qinshihuang was worried: “hurry, hurry, go to the sea for salvage.”

As soon as the salvager went into the sea, the sea started a huge wave. The Salvage workers saw the situation and hurried on board. How did the big wave come so coincidentally? It turned out that both the Dragon Lord and the Dragon Girl sympathized with Meng Jiangnu. As soon as they saw her jumping into the sea, they hurried to take her to the Dragon Palace. Subsequently, he ordered shrimp soldiers and crab generals to set off a storm. Fortunately, Qinshihuang escaped quickly, or he would have been swept into the sea. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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