Meng Wanzhou sent a circle of friends to praise Yao Anna for breaking the rumour of their discord

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Although Meng Wanzhou and Yao Anna are the daughters of Ren Zhengfei, the boss of Huawei, their images in the minds of netizens are very different. And many netizens also think that Meng Wanzhou and Yao Anna should be at odds because they are half sisters. Meng Wanzhou sent a circle of friends to praise Yao Anna, and also dispelled the online rumors about their disagreement. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Meng Wanzhou praises Yao Anna in her circle of friends

Yao Anna entered the entertainment circle because she liked dancing and singing. Everyone saw that she was in some variety shows. Unexpectedly, Yao Anna even secretly covered up the play. In addition, the film starring Anna Yao raised a cliff by the sea and won the Golden Palm Award for short film in Cannes Film Festival, which also surprised everyone.

Unexpectedly, Meng Wanzhou also wrote in the circle of friends, expressing his blessing to Yao Anna, and dispelling the rumors that Meng Wanzhou did not like Yao Anna. Meng Wanzhou said that he didn’t praise Yao Anna very much from childhood, but he was often amazed by Yao Anna. Meng Wanzhou’s article is really very literary, and can also show her support for Yao Anna. For this half sister, Meng Wanzhou did not reject her as everyone imagined. Instead, she felt like a mother.

Meng wanzhoupo and Yao Anna are rumoured to be at odds

Meng Wanzhou’s article is really brilliant and has a special style of the overall situation. It can also see the deep feelings between the two sisters. Meng Wanzhou is definitely an excellent sister. You will be a very good example like Yao Anna. Yao Anna made her debut under the name of Huawei princess, so many people think she has little strength. However, the rise of a cliff at the seaside proves that Yao Anna has the talent to be an actor. If Yao Anna continues to work hard, she may be able to become a powerful actor.

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