Menghua records song quotations. It’s fun to blacken men

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Although song yinzhang is one of the three female owners of Menghua record, song yinzhang is actually easy to attract black people for the two roles of Zhao Pan’er and sun Sanniang. Song yinzhang was not only scolded by many netizens, but also affected by her actor Lin Yun. However, the editor believes that song’s introduction is also the most changed and growing task of menghualu. Meng Hua records song quotations and blackens them. It’s fun to tease men. When you’re free, you can relieve boredom and amuse yourself. Don’t think about what will last forever.

Menghua records the blackness of song quotations

In fact, the role of song yinzhang is a portrayal of many young girls today. In the early stage of song introduction, I was a very simple girl, probably protected by people around me. This kind of character makes song yinzhang easy to be cheated, and also makes her a little selfish and doesn’t know how to think from the perspective of others. After being cheated and hurt by men, song yinzhang finally grew up, no longer believed men’s nonsense, and his treatment of love changed from one extreme to another.

In the chat with sun Sanniang, song yinzhang claimed that he had become disillusioned and cynical. It can be seen how deeply song yinzhang was hurt. Many people have been scolding song yinzhang wildly when watching Menghua record, because they think song yinzhang is too romantic. But Xiaobian feels that when everyone scolds the role, don’t rise to himself, and don’t scold with Lin Yun.

Song yinzhang: it’s fun to fight against men

As an actress, Lin Yun portrayed the characters introduced by song in the Menghua record, which is her actor’s responsibility. Lin Yun’s song introduction was scolded by so many people, which also shows that Lin Yun’s acting skills in the Menghua record are good, which can bring the audience into the role and the plot. Xiaobian believes that after menghualu, Lin Yun’s film and television resources will become better than before, and he also expects Lin Yun to bring more good roles to everyone.

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