Mexico stabbed the United States at the crucial moment!

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America has lost its master! What happened?

Originally, according to the original plan, the United States will hold the ninth summit of the Americas in Los Angeles from June 6 to 10 local time. Since it is the summit of the Americas, normally north and South American countries should go, but on June 5 local time, the United States announced that it would not invite government officials from Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to attend the summit. Why not invite these three countries? Because the United States believes that these three countries are anti American countries. Of course, the fact is not that these three countries are anti American, but that the United States suppressed them and tried to control them but met resistance.

However, since many American countries are now back in power on the left, they generally have good relations with the above three countries. Therefore, several countries, including Mexico, have said that if the United States does not invite the three countries to participate in the summit, they will not attend the summit of the Americas. The arrogant United States could not accept such a threat, so the White House finally decided not to let the three countries participate in the meeting.


Since the United States did not allow the three countries to participate in the summit, Mexican President Lopez fulfilled his promise and made it clear that he would not participate in the summit. Lopez made it clear that the reason why he finally decided not to attend the meeting was to protest the US government’s decision not to invite Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. Before that, Lopez had made the above statement to the United States many times. Obviously, the United States did not respect Lopez, and the Mexican “left-wing” President certainly had reason not to attend the summit.

For the summit of the Americas, if Mexico does not go, its influence will be greatly reduced, because Mexico is not only a neighbor of the United States, but also the most important trade partner of the United States in the Americas. Mexico is also the second largest economy in Latin America. Its attitude can obviously serve as a weathervane for Latin American countries. In fact, in addition to Mexico, the president of Honduras has followed up, and Bolivia may not attend the summit. The leaders of Guatemala also said that they would not attend the summit, which means that seven countries will not attend the summit.

In fact, in addition to the above seven countries that will not attend the summit, leaders of more than 25 countries expressed their condemnation of the United States’ exclusion of other countries before the summit. Of the 35 countries in the Americas, 7 did not attend. The leaders of more than 25 countries condemned the United States’ exclusion of other countries, which means that the entire American countries except the United States and Canada are basically condemning the United States. You can imagine that the United States is going to host the summit of the Americas. As a result, not only one fifth of the countries did not come, but almost all the American countries condemned themselves. How can the summit be held? Lose it or not?

However, the fact is that the United States originally wanted to use this summit to bring closer relations with American countries. The reason is that in the past few years, the United States, on the one hand, regarded the Americas as its own backyard, and other countries should not meddle in it; On the other hand, the United States does not invest much resources in the Americas, which makes Latin American countries poor all the time. Just ask, who is happy that the life in the United States is “heaven and earth” and that of the South American brothers is “hell on earth”? Therefore, South American countries generally have a lot of opinions on the United States.

A few years ago, because the United States did not act in South America, the left wing of major South American countries, including Brazil and Argentina, were elected to power. However, a few days ago, the United States began to pay attention to South America, so it supported the pro american right wing in South American countries, including Brazil and Argentina, to take office. For a time, these countries showed Anti China tendencies in order to please the United States, but they found that, along with the United States’ anti America, not only did they not get any benefits, but the benefits here in China were gone, so the right-wing rulers including Brazil and Argentina gave up Anti China. However, the problem is that the United States is still indifferent to South America and allows it to survive. Therefore, after a few years, the right wing of these countries did not create any benefits for their people. This time, the right wing of some countries was elected.

Many countries in South America have begun to take power on the left, so the United States is nervous again. The Biden government wants to use this summit to repair its relations with them, but this has directly petrified Biden. Obviously, the goal of the United States is impossible to achieve!

Not only that, Mexican President Lopez did not attend this time. In fact, he did not invite Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. There are more important reasons that make him reluctant to visit his neighbors. According to media reports, Lopez hopes to abolish the “organization of American States”, a regional cooperation organization composed of the United States and Latin American countries, and replace it with a more inclusive international organization that can represent all countries in the region. And he originally intended to put it forward at the summit of the Americas. He believes that the current organization of American States only represents the interests of a few countries.

Do you understand the meaning?

The left-wing president of Mexico is very idealistic. In fact, he wants to abolish the “organization of American States” led by the United States, and then lead a group of younger brothers to establish a new international organization. For example, he organizes all Latin American countries into a “Latin American Union”. In this way, Mexico has directly changed from being oppressed by the United States to one of the regional big brothers, and then it can communicate, coordinate and bargain with all global powers, including the United States, China, Russia and the European Union. To put it bluntly, Mexico and other countries now want to rebel against the United States, and then start anew to develop their economies.

As you can see, South American countries are very thoughtful and have begun to want to kick the United States and start a new business. What about America? Still living in their own world, they want to deceive these neighboring countries and guide them against China at a very low cost. In fact, these countries not only do not want to oppose China, they also want to continuously strengthen cooperation with China, because they see the opportunities brought by China’s development.

In fact, China and Latin American countries just held the third ministerial meeting of the China celac forum in december2021, and decided to hold the China celac forum summit in 2024. That is to say, the two sides are ready to significantly raise the level of cooperation on the platform in 2024, which is obviously beneficial to both China and Latin American countries. It also shows that the cooperation between China and Latin America has achieved great development in the past seven to eight years. The United States is also nervous about this. It is worried that China’s influence in Latin America is growing, and it is unknowingly copied in the backyard.

In fact, President Lopez of Mexico refused to attend the summit of the Americas this time and wanted to directly scrap the organization of American States and start a new business. These are all very uncomfortable things for the United States, which is equivalent to stabbing the United States at a critical moment.

However, an allied country like Mexico will stab itself, which fully shows that Latin American countries are very dissatisfied with the United States’ investment in resources to contain and suppress China and to fight a proxy war with Russia. You can imagine that when Ukraine and Russia fight, the United States is offering billions or even 40billion dollars in aid. When was the United States so generous to Latin American countries? Just think, if all this money is spent in Latin America to help them build infrastructure, how many people’s lives will be changed? The United States spends more money on confrontation with China, which makes Latin American countries very dissatisfied.

In sharp contrast to the United States, China provides loans and infrastructure services to relevant countries. China never requires any political conditions and does not interfere in the internal affairs of relevant countries. Of course, this will attract Latin American countries to be pro China, because no one is a fool. The comparison between China and the United States in Latin America is obvious.

So now the United States is trying every means to suppress China, while China is trying every means to cooperate with Latin American countries to help them develop. China’s only requirement is that everyone cooperate on an equal and mutually beneficial basis.

If there is no comparison, there will be no harm. On the one hand, the United States wants to control Latin America against China, and on the other hand, China has no conditions to help Latin American countries. Just think about it. As long as Latin American countries are not stupid, will they understand that it is in their interests to enter into relations with China? It can be predicted that the game between China and the United States will become more and more intense, and both China and the United States are competing for relevant countries. Now look, the backyard of the United States is on fire! Raise a glass to celebrate. It’s a pleasant day!

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