Mic men’s group fans tear open Tan Jianci group planning undercover Tan Jianci fans are exposed

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After Tan Jianci became popular with the crime of hunting, he attracted a lot of fans. Many fans arched Tan Jianci’s ancient videos, and also learned the story of Tan Jianci’s mic period. They even fell in love with the mic men’s group, but something happened that made Tan Jianci’s fans very angry. The fans of the mic men’s group ripped Tan Jianci, and even planned undercover among the fans of Tan Jianci in the large group of the mic men’s group. This matter was also exposed by the people in the group. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Mic men’s fans tear open Tan Jianci

Although many fans of the mic men’s team are fans of the group, they are inevitably biased. However, he was so eccentric that he called Tan Jianci black in front of everyone. He took the lead in planning how to undercover Tan Jianci fans, and taught on-site how to batch PI black, and even used a trumpet, so as to be crowned as a fan. The netizen who broke the news said that he was originally a fan, but now he has disfigured the mic men’s group. A group of barley (the name of the mic men’s group’s fans) with a speed of more than 2000, no one came out to refute, even if he came out to say that it was inappropriate to do so.

After Tan Jianci got angry, he also encountered several rounds of abusive attacks. I thought these were all done by Tan Jianci’s family, but I didn’t realize that there was also a lot of barley among them. In the eyes of some barley, Tan Jianci, who has a great career development, is no longer one of them, and even made comments that he likes Tan Jianci not to be angry, so that mic can continue to bind together.

Mic men’s fans plan undercover Tan Jianci fans

Some barley even began to envy Tan Jianci, thus hating Tan Jianci as the black powder of Tan Jianci. These screenshots of barley planning ebony Jianci have also been revealed, and fans of ebony Jianci are naturally very angry about this. How many fans of tanjianci love mic, but now, we really can’t do it. In the future, we’d better focus on only liking tanjianci.

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