Middle-aged women tend to have three “physical reactions” when they have a good impression of you

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The most obvious characteristics of middle-aged women’s feelings are direct, bold and clear.

They are different from little girls, they won’t go around you, nor waste each other’s time.

Even if she doesn’t like it, she will tell you in time, so she won’t delay each other, and she won’t be entangled in the relationship.

Men understand these things. When pursuing a middle-aged woman, they must be aware of it. They must not be frivolous, but must be sincere.

Speaking of itself, middle-aged women have experienced the hardships of life and have read countless people for a long time. If they think you are an indifferent and frivolous man, they will definitely reject you thousands of miles away.

Only when you meet the expectations of a middle-aged woman will she readily accept your pursuit and further develop a relationship with you.

Especially when a middle-aged woman likes you, she will take the initiative to send you a lot of signals. As long as you seize the opportunity in time, I believe that you will soon reap the beautiful love.

Therefore, men need to understand that middle-aged women like your direct signal: “physiological response”.

1. When I see you, I flirt with you
When a middle-aged woman likes you, she doesn’t have the restraint and nervousness of a young girl, but is very direct.

If she likes you very much, she will flirt with you when she looks at you, hoping to develop a relationship with you as soon as possible.

Even if she is discovered by you, she will not dodge, but will look at you directly, or smile slightly, implying that she has a good impression of you.

Therefore, if a man wants to pursue a middle-aged woman, he might as well judge from this aspect. If every time she looks at you, she looks very affectionate and does not shy away from your gaze, it means that she really likes you.

At this time, you can boldly pursue and confess, as long as you are sincere, she will definitely accept you.

In fact, for middle-aged women, they tend to be more explicit in their eyes when they like a man.

As long as she sees you, she will be very happy, her eyes will light up, and she can’t help but feel a lot of admiration in her heart.

She dares to meet your gaze, and doesn’t even reject your hot gaze. This is a signal to you, and I hope you will take the initiative to pursue her.

Middle-aged women are usually bold when they want to develop a relationship with you. It’s not that they are not reserved, but that they recognize you and don’t want to miss you.

So, she has no choice but to use her eyes to express her love, hoping that you will detect her thoughts as soon as possible, so as to quickly get closer to you.

2. With you, I like “hands-on”
When a middle-aged woman likes a man, she can’t control herself. As long as she is with you, she likes to “do it”.

For example, she will pat you on the shoulder inadvertently, and when you turn your head, you will see her smiling happily, which can instantly soften your heart.

Moreover, she will ask you a lot of questions, open the chat box, and basically chat with you will not be cold.

In fact, this is the signal the middle-aged woman gave you, I hope you can understand her mind and come after her as soon as possible.

Another example is that she is standing with you, always touching your hand with her hand, or deliberately patting your clothes to get your attention.

Such a woman has long recognized you in her heart. As long as you take the initiative, she will definitely not reject you.

In addition, middle-aged women like to play with their hair in front of you, or just grab your hand and tie her a headscarf.

This is also her hint that she wants to be with you as soon as possible. Some of her inadvertent actions have long hidden her expectations for you.

If a middle-aged woman doesn’t like you, she will definitely not touch you, let alone have physical contact with you.

Therefore, when a man sees that a middle-aged woman often makes some intimate actions, he should pay attention to it. She must like you very much.

As long as you pursue it boldly, care for her in action, and take the initiative to confess to her, she will definitely be willing to go to love with you.

3. The body is facing you, quietly approaching your side
A middle-aged woman’s relationship has always been very direct. If she likes you very much, she can’t help but approach you.

Whenever she’s with you, she’s used to turning her body toward you, and before you know it, she’s getting very close to you.

Sometimes, if you turn around accidentally, you are likely to bump into her, or if you look at her very close to you and deliberately tease her, she will cater to your actions and become intimate with you.

In fact, middle-aged women take the initiative to let go of their restraint and dare to cling to you tightly, which is a signal of love for you, and men should not ignore it.

If you don’t respond to her actions in a timely manner, or are indifferent to her behavior, she may feel that you are a dull person, or even think that you are not the man she is looking for, and is likely to give up on you.

Therefore, when a man sees a middle-aged woman quietly approaching you, it is best to make a move to cater to her, which will make her feel very sweet and recognize you more.

For example, when you were having dinner together, she was sitting across from you, but after a while, she was by your side unknowingly.

For another example, when going out together, she always walks beside you, deliberately closes to your body, and often has physical contact, which is a direct signal that she loves you.

Even when the relationship between two people is very close, she will jokingly hold hands and hugs with you, or put her head on your shoulders, this ambiguous behavior is to move your true feelings.

A middle-aged woman is so active towards you and gives you these direct signals that she intends to develop an intimate relationship with you. When a man encounters it, he must seize the opportunity and don’t miss the fate.

Ye Feifei yff emotional message:

To sum up, middle-aged women who intend to develop an intimate relationship with you often have these three “physiological responses”:

When I see you, I flirt with you; when I am with you, I like to “do it”; my body is facing you, quietly approaching you.

When a man encounters such a middle-aged woman, he should take the initiative to pursue it, make a bold confession, and believe that she will be with you soon.

The signal that a middle-aged woman loves you is often direct and clear. As long as she recognizes you in her heart, she will basically regard you as the other half. As long as you take the initiative, she will firmly accept you.

When encountering a good relationship, men should not be indifferent. Love is not waiting for it, but it must be actively strived for. As long as you are truly committed to her, she will definitely join hands with you and accompany you to the future.

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