Moldova, why is it fighting with Russia? Three reasons!

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Author: Zonghengshi Source: Flower City (ID: hqsycn)

Recently, Moldova and Russia have also become quarrelsome.

The background of the incident is very simple. Moldova became independent from the Soviet Union in August 1991, but the area along the Transnistrian River (“Dezuo” for short) there is a Russian population gathering place. Moldova said that it was its own territory, while Russia said that it would protect the Russian people there and send troops.

In this context, the sovereignty of the “German Left” region has become the focus of the game between Russia and Morocco. After the Russian-Uzbekistan War, the contradictions between Russia and Morocco around the “German Left” region have become increasingly fierce.

The two sides signed a bill in 2012, in which the Russian side promised to actively seek solutions to the “German Left” problem on the basis of respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Moldova. On February 21, Putin signed a decree to treat the part of the bill involving the territory and sovereignty of Moldova as invalid.

On February 24, the Russian Foreign Ministry warned that any threat to Russian personnel in the “German Left” region would be considered an attack on the Russian Federation.

From the Russian side’s reaction, it is estimated that Moldova is ready to act against Russia.

Why is Moldova and Russia suddenly fighting again?

The author believes that there are generally three reasons:

1. Moldova sees opportunities

There are two basic situations. First, Russia is deeply involved in the Russian-Ukrainian war and has been stuck in the Ukrainian battlefield. It is hard to say whether it has the ability to fight on two fronts.

Second, Moldova is an enclave compared with Russia, and it is difficult for Russia to transport troops on a large scale. If Russia wants to attack Moldova on a large scale, it must either take Romania or take Ukraine, or at least take Odessa. However, even Odessa, the simplest of the above schemes, is a distant bridge for Russia when it is difficult to win Dunbas completely.

? Video screenshot of Moldova location

When Russia is trapped in the Ukrainian battlefield and it is difficult to extricate itself, and when the Russian army is difficult to cross obstacles to enter the country on a large scale, Moldova may think that this is an opportunity to solve the “German Left” problem.

2. Moldova feels threatened

Russia’s fight against Ukraine has a great impact on Europe, especially on some countries close to Russia and Ukraine, such as Poland, the Baltic countries, Finland, Sweden and Romania. Moldova is close to Ukraine, and it will naturally worry about a problem. Russia can fight against Ukraine today and annex Ukraine’s territory, and it will be easy to turn to itself tomorrow.

In this case, Moldova is naturally not good for Russia.

3. Western multi-line consumption of Russia

No matter how dissatisfied Moldova is with Russia, its size is too small, with an area of only 34000 square kilometers and a population of 3.55 million, which is not enough to challenge Russia.

Where did it come from to challenge Russia?

The author has a doubt that there is still the shadow of the West and the United States behind Moldova. Its purpose is what the author said earlier, to consume Russia on multiple lines through the action of one after another.

If the United States is willing, it can play more games for Russia. There are many places to choose, such as Syria, Central Asia, Northern Europe, such as Finland, Sweden, the Baltic countries, Eastern Europe, such as Moldova, Western Asia, such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, and so on. Many of these areas belong to Russia’s “must be saved”, which is Russia’s must.

Earlier, Finland and Sweden started the process of joining NATO. In fact, the United States wanted to lure Russia to attack and carry out multi-line consumption against Russia, but Russia was not deceived.

However, multi-line consumption is multi-line bleeding for Russia, and the United States also needs multi-line blood transfusion, and consumption will also increase. On the one hand, the United States does not want to bleed too much, and on the other hand, it wants to let Russia bleed from multiple lines, so it constantly induces other countries to join in the consumption of Russia. The typical example is to use Finland and Sweden to join NATO to lure Russia to attack. The situation in Moldova is likely to be similar this time.

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