Monk Sha, what animal is refined? Why did you arrange him to lead the white horse?

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Monk Sha, what animal is refined? Why did you arrange him to lead the white horse? Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

As we all know, in the journey to the west, the members of the scripture collection team were either prominent people or extraordinary gods.

The core member, Lao Tang, is a monk whose root is Miao Hong and who has been influenced by Buddhist thoughts for many years. He is also the second disciple of the Tathagata; The monkey king with the highest combat value is a first-class monkey from a fairy stone in Huaguo Mountain; The second elder martial brother, Zhu Bajie, was Marshal Tianpeng in his previous life, who was majestic and powerful; Even the white horse who does the footwork is also the little prince of the Dragon Palace.

It can be seen that among the disciples of Tang monk, Sun Wukong is a monkey demon, pig Bajie is a pig demon, and white dragon horse is a dragon. Is monk Sha a human or a ghost? What kind of animal is he?

Although snail has talked about this question many times, today I still want to analyze another possibility from a poem of Zen Master Wu Chao.

In the original work, Lao Shaben is a powerful general beside the Jade Emperor. He is the official residence of the “rolling curtain general”. He is in charge of all matters of the Jade Emperor’s travel. He is equivalent to the role of Meng Zhi, the commander of the forbidden army in Langya bang. He always follows the Jade Emperor to protect his safety. He is the only official in heaven who can bring weapons to the court. These honors show that the jade emperor has great trust in him.

In the 86 version of the journey to the west, Sun Wukong broke through many obstacles and entered the Jade Emperor’s Lingxiao temple. The Jade Emperor was scared to get under the table. It was our old sand who blocked the monkey brother in time. Since Lao Sha is the most trusted person of the Jade Emperor and is loyal to him, why did the Jade Emperor get angry just because he broke a glass, beat him down in the Liusha River, and sentenced him to torture by flying a sword through his chest?

In the 19th chapter of the original book, old Tang took Wukong and old pig to a very beautiful place. Here, they met a very mysterious man. He not only lived in the bird’s nest on the tree, but also had the ability of prophecy. He took all the situations after old Tang as a doggerel. In this poem, there is a poem called “water monster’s previous encounter”. I think you must be familiar with it, This poem reveals a truth: Lao Sha’s predecessor was actually a monster, a monster living in the water.

In the 22nd chapter of the original book, the author describes the appearance of Sha Seng: he has a head of flaming red hair, a pair of intense big eyes, and his face is not blue or green. His voice is also loud as a bell. The most important thing is that he also wears a necklace made of skulls on his head, which is very domineering.

Not only that, when Comrade Tang later described monk Sha’s appearance to others, he also used a word to describe him – teeth row nails. That is to say, Lao Sha’s teeth are arranged in a row like nails. How sharp it is!

Based on his identity as a water monster and a series of physical features, it can be inferred that his real body is an alligator dragon, which is actually a kind of dragon. In the westward journey, the status of the dragon is extremely low, so monk Sha will be called the water monster by the WuChao Zen master.

In the film and television plays, Sha Seng is a burden bearer, but in the original work, the burden bearer is Bajie. Finally, the Tathagata’s comments to the fool are also meritorious, and he was awarded as the messenger of the clean altar. And monk Sha is actually leading a horse. Then, why didn’t Tang Monk arrange for the youngest disciple to carry the burden, but arranged for him to lead the horse? This has something to do with his family background. Only the dragon people are most familiar with the dragon people. It is most appropriate to use him to manage the white dragon horse. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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