Monk Sha worked hard. Why did he only get the title of Luohan? What has monk Sha done?

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Today, the Xiaobian of China story network brings you monk Sha’s dedication. Why did he only get the title of Luohan? I hope it can help you.

As one of the four famous works in ancient China, journey to the west is the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancients and a rare cultural treasure they left us. Journey to the West tells the story of the four Tang monks, teachers and disciples who successfully returned from the west after experiencing the difficulties of September 81, showing the ancient theme of punishing evil and promoting good. At the end of the story, the efforts of the four masters and disciples of Tang Monk all paid off, and they all achieved positive results and obtained the title. For example, Tang Monk became the “Zhan Tan merit Buddha”, Monkey King became the “fight over Buddha”, pig Bajie became the “messenger of the clean altar”, and monk Sha became the “golden arhat”.


In these titles, Monkey King and Tang monk have become Buddhas, which is well deserved. Although Zhu Bajie is just a messenger of the net, However, the Tathagata Buddha explained to him: “you are a pig with a big waist. In addition to lust, you are gluttonous at ordinary times. This altar cleaner is the work of cleaning the altar every day. You can’t enjoy all the delicious melons and fruits offered every day, which is not exactly what you want. If you become a Buddha, you don’t eat human fireworks, and you can only smell them at that time. Can you stand it!”


It can be seen that the title of pig Bajie is still very consistent with his image. The strangest thing is the title of monk Sha. He worked hard and worked hard all the way. Why was there only one title of arhat in the end?

For this problem, the Tathagata explains in this way: “you were originally a rolling curtain general. First, because the glass was broken at the flat peach meeting, you fell on the Liusha River, injuring life, eating people and committing sins. Fortunately, you converted to our religion, sincerely respected the blessings, protected the holy monks, made meritorious contributions to mountaineering and horse leading, increased the rank and fruit, and became a golden arhat.”

It can be seen from this that monk Sha was originally a military general in heaven and was granted the title of rolling curtain general. Because he accidentally broke the glass lamp at the peach Festival, he was demoted to the earth and entrenched in the Liushahe and became a monster. After monk Sha came down to earth and became a monster, he ate human beings all day long. Nine skeletons were hung around his neck and strung together as necklaces. In the mouth of the Buddha, monk Sha did two wrong things. One was that he broke the glass lamp in the heaven, so he was exiled to the next generation. Another mistake is cannibalism, which Buddhism can’t stand.


Of course, in fact, most monsters have certain shortcomings. They may also kill or eat people, but they also have times when their merits and virtues are perfect. However, the reason why monk Sha made the Tathagata Buddha so annoying that he was not granted Buddha in the end is mainly because of Monk Tang.

In fact, it was not the Tang monk who sent the golden cicada son to reincarnate and rebuild for the first time. However, the first nine times were delayed because of monk Sha, because he ate these reincarnations of golden cicada son, which disrupted the plan of the Tathagata Buddha and delayed the whole path of learning sutras for hundreds of years.


“Tang Sanzang Sutra taking poetry” says that the skeleton on monk Sha’s neck is the predecessor of Monk Tang, and monk Sha’s necklace is the skull of these Sutra taking people. The nine skeletons are exactly the nine reincarnations of golden cicada son. Perhaps it is because, in the life of Monk Tang, Buddha Tathagata arranged some bodyguards for him, and also let monk Sha enter the Sutra taking team, thus ensuring the smooth progress of the story.

Just think, having eaten monk Tang’s nine previous lives in a row, leading to the road of learning scriptures being hundreds of years late. May Buddha Tathagata have a good impression on monk Sha? Is it possible for him to become a Buddha? Obviously, the answer is No. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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