Monkey King was pressed under the five finger mountain. Why did the land give him copper juice and iron balls? What is the purpose of the Tathagata?

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Today, China story network editor brings you the story of journey to the West. I hope it can help you.

We know that sun monkey is the first disciple of Tang Sanzang. He not only helped eliminate many monsters who covet master’s beauty and meat taste, but also did not have a double heart. However, when you think carefully about the bright resume before monkey promised to get Scripture, you will find that he was also a powerful disciple of Bodhi. He not only lived a long life, but also startled the two principals in the sky.

At this time, brother monkey, although his skill is not small, his arrogance is not reduced. This is also a mistake in moral and human education that Bodhi neglected when he was busy teaching knowledge. He not only didn’t let him know that there are people outside of him, but also didn’t prevent the trap set by others for him. The Tathagata takes advantage of the arrogance of the monkey to subdue people with one move.

He told the monkey king that there was no need to compete for spells, just turn over his palm and replace the Jade Emperor. As a result, the monkey failed. He slapped the monkey upside down for 500 years. Maybe the monkey was still wondering, didn’t he agree to bet? Why didn’t he keep his word and press him up? No wonder he shouted “my grandson was cheated” when he saw someone passing by.

In fact, this is the performance of the Tathagata Xicai. If he didn’t protect the monkey king in the five elements mountain, he might have been destroyed by other masters in the heaven.

However, although the monkey king is protected, the Sutra team has not yet fully assembled. If we don’t take some measures to supplement the ability of Monkey King, after 500 years, he may not even stand up, let alone fight monsters.

Therefore, the Tathagata summoned a land, hungry to eat some iron balls for the monkey king, thirsty to feed some copper juice, to ensure that his strength will not decline for 500 years.


Some people may ask, if you keep the monkey here, are you not afraid of some small-minded immortals coming to retaliate? After all, the monkey’s movement was not small, but also offended many people. Tathagata is really not afraid, because he has already sent five Jiedi down to protect Wukong. Those immortals who want to fight may be beaten by these people without even seeing their enemies.


This tells us that some people are actually helping you when they seem to harm you; Some people are ostensibly helping you, but they are actually harming your life. Therefore, before things are clear, don’t be impulsive, but analyze things objectively and calmly. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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