Moon Jae-in, it’s dangerous!

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Original: Gu Ziming authorized to reprint this article to wechat official account: political affairs hall plus2019

After the US FBI raided former president Trump’s house, the South Korean procuratorial organs finally started to attack Moon Jae-in.

On the 19th, the former president of the Seoul monitoring office abused his power to search the presidential archives, officially launching a new round of “Blue House magic spell”.

Just before this round of raids, Yin Xiyue had removed Moon Jae-in’s “spear” and “shield” and turned them into lambs to be slaughtered.

First, Han dongxun, the legal affairs minister, Yin Xiyue’s confidant, adjusted the personnel of the South Korean prosecution, dismissed all the prosecutors of Moon Jae-in camp and replaced them with senior generals of the conservative camp.

Then, the supervision organization raided the “three military intelligence giants” of Moon Jae-in’s camp, and captured the head of the progressive national security office, the president of the National Intelligence Institute and the Minister of national defense into the urn.


As the military intelligence bosses are under control, Yin Xiyue will attack the policies of Moon Jae-in in office and take the opportunity to purge the ministers of Moon Jae-in government and their remaining senior employees in the government.

Finally, as the generals were taken down, Yin Xiyue, after the absolute control of power, attacked Moon Jae-in with one blow and killed him with one move. He tried to “kill people with one heart” and cast the negative influence of the South Korean government on Moon Jae-in and his progressives.

This strategy of boiling frogs in warm water has been talked about a lot in previous articles, that is, it will gradually disintegrate Moon Jae-in’s team and remove the influence of progressives on the political situation in South Korea.

With the comprehensive cleaning of Moon Jae-in’s team in the future, the pro DPRK and pro China policies of the Republic of Korea in the past five years will also become the “remaining poison of Moon Jae-in” and will be completely eliminated. Just like Moon Jae-in’s frog boiled in warm water, South Korea’s diplomacy will be gradually adjusted to be pro american and pro Japanese, achieving a 180 degree reversal.

Represented by the “three no’s and one limit” policy, Yin Xiyue will not fulfill a series of promises and policies of Moon Jae-in’s government, but will also be regarded as a “disgrace” that must be cancelled. She will actively return to the embrace of her American father through military cooperation.

Under the constant adjustment of the foreign policy of the Yin Xiyue government, the relations with the ROK may fall to the lowest point since the establishment of diplomatic relations in the next five years. Friends who do trade with the ROK should pay careful attention to this.

Of course, the purge of Moon Jae-in is not a unilateral act of Yin Xiyue, but also a part of the purge of Trump’s global friends by the US democratic forces.

Netanyahu of Israel, Khan of Pakistan, babish of the Czech Republic, Shinzo Abe of Japan, Morrison of Australia, bosonaro of Brazil, and leaders of “democratically elected governments” among Trump’s friends are also similar to Moon Jae-in.

Even Putin, known as Trump’s closest friend, has recently been caught in a situation of boiling frogs in warm water.

On the one hand, OPEC + was disintegrated, Saudi Arabia and Iran were constantly infiltrated, and on the other hand, Ukraine was constantly shelling the zaporo thermal nuclear power station. Then, Zelensky “crossed the red line” and launched an air attack on Crimea, which Medvedev called the “fuse of the three wars”, constantly provoking Russia’s nuclear deterrence.

Even last night, Du Jin’s private car, known as “Putin’s brain”, was bombed, killing his daughter. Du Jin himself narrowly escaped the disaster.


This mode of cutting sausages to the progressives in South Korea has also caused Russia to be continuously bled, and made the bear experience the experience of the imperial cemetery in Afghanistan once again.

Similarly, when the purge of the Conservatives and progressives in South Korea is completed in the future, South Korea’s Asian strategy will also be comprehensively adjusted as after the pro Russian faction in Ukraine is won. With the resolution of the Iranian nuclear issue, the North Korean nuclear issue will become a new powder keg.

From the perspective of the DPRK, the only choice for the ROK to change from the moderate attitude in the Moon Jae-in era to the tough attitude towards the DPRK is to retaliate more forcefully, and there is no room for softening its stance.

In the past five years, the DPRK has been used to the “successful strategy” of getting tough with the ROK in exchange for the compromise of the ROK. This will create a series of sparks after the Conservatives come to power and continue to worsen the situation on the peninsula.

About the day when Moon Jae-in was liquidated, it was the time when the North Korean nuclear crisis broke out.

The failure of Wen Xiang is regrettable and lamentable, but it is also worth learning from.

In my opinion, Moon Jae-in is an extremely excellent politician, but he is not a hero in troubled times who can cook wine and say “who is the hero in the world?”.

Moon Jae-in gave up the traditional strategy of “fighting against foreign countries and settling down at home first”, intending to complete the reconciliation between the two Koreas in one battle. He did not take advantage of Trump’s window period to thoroughly clean up the control of the United States over South Korea through the prosecutor system and give priority to solving internal problems. As a result, after his resignation, he fell into a fierce internal struggle just like the Shu state after Zhuge Liang’s death.

Externally, for the sake of the historic reconciliation between the DPRK and the ROK, Moon Jae-in, who is too idealistic, gave up the struggle and focused on unity. Although his bottomless compromise created historic opportunities, it also created a group of giant babies. He was used to slapping the table and leaving when he disagreed, and he was used to exerting pressure on the ROK when he was not satisfied.

Especially before the South Korean election, the north still chose to force the Moon Jae-in government to make more concessions through constant provocation, curses and “sanctions” against the South Korea, which caused great dissatisfaction among the South Korean people. It even took the initiative to give up participating in the Winter Olympic Games, which was the key canvassing point to help the progressives in South Korea win, so that Moon Jae-in’s forces finally failed at a very weak disadvantage and started this round of bloodshed.

At that time, Shuijing said that Mr. Zhuge was “in the right time, but not in the right time”. Perhaps the text is just the opposite, “in the right time, but not in the right time”. Although he has opened the historic peace window on the Peninsula through dedicated efforts, he has been mercilessly wasted and closed.

In the face of the subsequent planting and framing, we do not need to grieve for him. When Wen Xiang ran for office, he made up his mind to die for the country, the nation and the brothers.

Just North Korea, South Korea, you really don’t deserve to be in the above.


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