Mother vies with jealousy to create the first deposed Prince of the Han Dynasty

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Liu Chuan is a smart person. As a woman, she knows that Li Ji recommends herself


She was quite dissatisfied with her behavior, but she thought it was all to please


, the emperor has the privilege of sangongliuyuan, even if Li Ji did it


I’m afraid I have to show my demeanor in this way – it seems that Liu Chuang really overestimates Li Ji’s political mind.

At the same time, Liu Chuan also hopes to betroth her baby daughter Chen Jiao to crown prince Liu Rong, born to Li Ji. In this way, I can get closer to the emperor’s brother. In the future, I will become the nephew of the emperor’s mother-in-law, and even the little emperor’s mother-in-law, and I will become more and more prosperous and have thousands of descendants.

So, during the period when Li Ji was fighting and the imperial court also thought that she was going to succeed the queen, Guantao Princess Liu Chuan chose a auspicious day and went out to propose marriage to Li Ji in person.

Needless to say, Princess Guantao thought that her marriage proposal was completely certain: how could there be a fool in the world who was unwilling to form a close alliance with the emperor’s sister and the Empress Dowager’s daughter?

What Princess Guantao never thought of was that Li Ji was such a fool, not afraid of 10000, just in case.

As soon as Li Ji heard of Princess Guantao’s “kindness”, she immediately responded with sarcasm and sneered at this future eldest sister-in-law. Why, now do you know that you are going to flatter me? Hum, it’s really a geomantic turn. Don’t you think about it, my son will be emperor in the future. If you will introduce so many beauties to the emperor, you should know that my son is also qualified for countless beauties in the future. Which one can be compared with your daughter’s appearance? Want to rely on that hairy girl gonghou Wandai?! There’s no way!

Of course, Li Ji may not be so mean, but I am the author. But judging from what happened later, Li Ji may have said more bitterly than I thought.

Li Ji may not be ignorant of the importance of political marriage, but she may have overestimated the position of her mother and son in the eyes of the emperor and regarded her son’s “crown prince” position too firmly. Or, she had begun to calculate the bright prospect of marrying her Li family girl as a crown princess. How could she be willing to “cheaply” harm the curator princess who kept her empty room?

In short, Li Ji’s unexpected character made her a mortal enemy at this moment, which determined the final outcome of herself and Liu Rong.

The curator princess touched Li Ji’s nose with ashes. Naturally, she was very unhappy, especially to her horror: it turned out that Li Ji had such a deep hatred for herself. Now that she is in hot demand, she dares to embarrass herself face to face. If her son becomes the emperor and she becomes the Empress Dowager in the future, isn’t her old aunt dying?

Liu Chuang was sweating more and more, but she couldn’t even say this to her mother empress dowager Dou – because empress dowager Dou wanted to make her youngest son Liu Wu the younger brother of the emperor. What would she say if she knew that her baby daughter wanted to have a relationship with her nephew and crown prince.

Guantao is


Turning around, I finally came to the Yilan hall where Mrs. Wang Fei lived.

Wang Yu has always been kind and popular in the harem, and is even more attracted to the emperor’s sister princess Chang. Therefore, the angry Princess Guantao immediately vented her resentment and complaints to Mrs. Wang without hesitation.

Listening to Princess Guantao’s complaints, Wang Ying echoed with an understanding face. Sighed more: “Mrs. Li really failed to live up to your kindness. Gillian is such a lovely person. If I want to have such a good daughter-in-law, I really want to wake up with laughter. But no wonder, she is now the mother of the crown prince and is about to become the queen again. Some thoughts are really beyond the imagination of a concubine like me. Long princess, long princess, don’t be too angry. It doesn’t matter if you say these words to me. Don’t say it again when you get out of my place , that’s not good enough to cause trouble! “

This thoughtful “Persuasion” provoked Princess Guantao to turn more and more disorderly.

After several rounds, Princess Guantao was ruthless: for her own life, Li Ji must not be the queen, let alone her son become the emperor!

So, once Liu Rong is taken away, who will succeed the crown prince? Princess Guantao’s eyes lit up: of course, it must be my own son-in-law to succeed the crown prince! And this future son-in-law, far away and near in front of us, is the son of Mrs. Wang, the “confidant” in front of us!

At this time, there were five unmarried little princes beside Wang, four of whom were the sons of her younger sister who died early, and the youngest was her own son. In terms of age, Wang Xi’s eldest son, Guangchuan King Liu Yuecai, should be Chen Jiao’s most suitable husband, but if such a marriage, Wang Xi and the eldest princess will naturally not have too high motivation to advance and retreat together. If Chen Jiao is married to her little cousin Liu Che, the king of Jiaodong, it is not only Mrs. Wang who has to cooperate with her to fix Li Ji, but also the little son-in-law is naturally much easier to manipulate than the eldest son-in-law.

After some calculation, Princess Guantao took the initiative to propose marriage for her daughter for the second time in a day, saying that she was willing to marry her daughter to Wang Fei as a daughter-in-law.

What a clever person Wang Fei is. Listening to the sound, she immediately understood how Princess Guantao’s abacus beads were pulled, and Princess Guantao’s abacus was the hope she had secretly held for many years. Of course, she would not miss this good opportunity. Immediately flattered, he agreed to the marriage for his six-year-old son Liu Che.

While expressing his son’s gratitude to his future mother-in-law, Wang Fei cheerfully added fuel and deliberately sighed, “Alas, it’s a pity that my boy is just a prince. It’s really a grievance against Ajiao girl. Although adults don’t dislike you, Princess Chang, our mother and son are ashamed!”

Her words were just right in the intestines of Princess Guantao. Anyway, now Wang Yun’s mother and son are also her own people. Princess Guantao simply opened the skylight and said her idea clearly: my son-in-law, how to become the future emperor, must win the throne!

Wang Fei was so happy that he almost kowtowed to his aunt immediately. But at least she has been a “virtuous person” for many years, I haven’t forgotten to be modest: “as the saying goes, making an heir is not legitimate, and Mrs. Li is about to be the queen. At that time, Liu Rong is not only the eldest son, but also the legitimate son. Zhu Er and I are born short-lived people. What else can I say? Princess, you must keep quiet. This matter is all right. In case it doesn’t work, in the future, our mother and son will be Mrs. Qi Liu Ruyi’s second? Bitter…”

Wang Zhe’s sad performance touched the ambition of Princess Guantao: “hum, a little Li Ji, also wants to fight with my eldest princess? Does she want to be queen and queen mother? Bah! As long as I have Liu whoring, she can’t even touch the door!” As the saying goes, it is better to strike while it is hot than late. Princess Guantao did what she said and went straight to the palace where Liu Qi lived.

Looking at the figure of Princess Guantao who disappeared, Wang Fei was so beautiful in his heart! What the Xiangshi said is about to be realized step by step!

Sure enough, Princess Guantao immediately ran to her brother and put Li Ji’s rotten medicine end: “emperor, I heard that you want to canonize Li Ji as the queen of my dynasty? This can’t be done!”

Liu Qi doted on Li Ji and made her the Queen’s wish for a long time. For a moment, he really didn’t know what the third sister meant when she said this. For a moment, he was stunned: “what’s the solution?”.

Princess Guantao said: “Li Ji is a woman with two sides. She is full of malice and jealousy. She hates the beauties you favor now. She not only has no love for the emperor, but also curses constantly. When she meets them occasionally, she spits at all beauties. You think, she is just a concubine now, and she dares to be so arrogant and malicious with the crown prince. Once she is in the middle palace and becomes the Empress Dowager in the future, I’m afraid of the future ‘human’ tragedy Reappearance in the Liu family, the emperor, I’m afraid your beloved sons and daughters can’t escape! If you are really a holy emperor, don’t be deceived by this fox! “

Liu Qi was sweating all over by his sister’s words. He can’t believe that the woman he loves so much is so hearty, but he and Li Ji have been married for many years, and they also have some understanding of her temperament, and know that she is a bad tempered master. I’m afraid what his sister said is not groundless.

On this day, Emperor Jing specially came to Li Ji’s palace, Tentatively opened his mouth to her: “Lian has made Liu Rong the crown prince, and AI Ji will soon become the queen. Now my body is getting worse and worse. In case of any good or bad, the whole people of Han Dynasty and Lian will be entrusted to you. The concubines in the harem are young, and the kings of Lian (that is, the princes who have been crowned kings) They are young, and everything in the imperial court harem is messy, and there are dangers everywhere. At that time, you must help me protect them. “

Jingdi was about thirty-eight years old this year. If it were now, it would be the best age for a man to be mature and prosperous. However, Liu Qi’s body had already made the yingyingyan in the harem weak, but his body was not good. This speech, although it is a tentative language, is also the emperor’s heartfelt words. It is not sad to say.

If Li Ji is smart enough, she should quickly accept it. She’d better comfort her husband and say that he must be lucky. But Lao naive didn’t give her a little brain. No matter how good it was, it all changed in her ears: why, this damn radish, didn’t you forget his goblins and those little bastards to death?!

So Li Ji immediately changed her face and became angry. Not only refused to take care of Zhu Ji and her children, but also refused to say a good word to the emperor, and contradicted him face to face.

Seeing her face, Jingdi was almost angry. He felt that he had really recognized the wrong person and spoiled her over the years. He immediately got up and left.

Li Ji saw that her husband unexpectedly didn’t come to be humble, and she was even more angry. She cried and made a lot of noise at the back of the king, and couldn’t wait to throw out a string of rude words. It’s easy to abuse concubine Hougong Ji. What’s more, she took it with her that the king was an “old dog”! That’s why I hang out with those shameless women in the harem. It’s really a “Dog Man and woman”!

Just as Li Ji was jumping around and making a big fuss, she forgot that although Jingdi felt that he was in poor health and came to account for the aftermath, he was not 40 years old after all, and he was not old enough to hear back, so he could remember those cruel words she said clearly without dropping a word.

Eh, the concubines in the harem and the Emperor Yan are “dog men and women”. Is Li Ji the original wife again? What is she supposed to be?

Well, misfortune comes out of the mouth, and this is the end of the matter.

However, although Li Ji greatly offended the emperor because of this matter, Liu Qi also forbear from happening for a while. The reason, of course, is that her son is the crown prince. As the eldest son of emperor Jing, Liu Rong was a piece of his father’s heart since childhood – not to mention the emperor, an ordinary family, how much joy and ecstasy the birth of his first son should bring.

Liu Qi didn’t immediately make the action of abandoning the crown prince and Li Ji, which made Wang Xuan depressed. After thinking about it, she decided to add fuel to the fire. She believes that with her understanding of Liu Qi, he will be able to abandon his father and son and make decisions that meet his wishes.

Wang Fei has one advantage, that is, he has always been kind to others, and enjoys a good reputation of benevolence and virtue both inside and outside the court. As she is always paying attention to everything, she also has a lot of friendship with domestic and foreign ministers. Now, it’s time for her to show her strength.

On this day, Wang Fei skillfully arranged his confidant to meet with a senior official (Minister of etiquette Department), Convey Mrs. Wang’s wishes to him: “Mr. Da Xingguan, the crown prince has been established for several months now, but the crown prince’s mother is still among the Ji concubines. How can it go on like this? Naturally, the emperor is willing to set the crown prince’s mother as the queen, but no one has installed this step for him. Mrs. Wang has always had a good relationship with you, so I hope you don’t be careless at this time, which will not only affect the emperor’s impression of you, but also affect the harmony of the country and the royal family.”

Wang Fu has always been kind to others in the harem, and therefore the great officials have great respect for Mrs. Wang’s character. Now after listening to this righteous speech of worrying about the country and the people, it’s even more arrogant. So nature obeyed, and in 150 BC, a memorial was sent to the king.

The memorial reads: “… A son is valued by his mother, and a mother is valued by her son. Now the prince and mother have no number, so they should be made queen

To the great executive’s surprise, the emperor of Jing immediately became angry at this memorial and roared, “this is my housework. Is it your turn to take care of it Immediately, I couldn’t help but put the big officials into the prison, with one stroke and two paragraphs.

Therefore, the great official was sent to the city of death in vain by the king, whom he idolized.

After Liu Qi cut down a big official, his anger didn’t die out. He thought again: No, the Minister of etiquette has always been afraid to talk nonsense. How can there be more trouble? It must have been provoked! So, who will benefit from this memorial? Li Ji, of course! Needless to say, it must be this woman who made personal friends with the minister and sought benefits for herself! Well, she is really lawless. She has to stretch her hand from the harem to my court with the help of her son! It happens that her son Liu Rong is an ignorant boy again. Isn’t he going to ruin the world of my old Liu family in the future?

——This is not Liu Qi’s intelligence problem, but this kind of reasoning is logical. Who would have thought that a “virtuous” imperial concubine who seemingly can’t get any benefits will marry others and urge officials to make other women queen? Liu Qi and Daxing officials had to fall into Wang Fei’s calculation.

In order to cut off Li Ji’s interference in political affairs and the possibility of reappearing Lu pheasant’s second place in the Han Dynasty, Liu Qi was ruthless and immediately issued an edict: abolish crown prince Liu Rong as king of Linjiang. At this time, it was only a few days away from the death of a big official.

Li Ji was surprised, angry and regretful. She never thought that the man who had loved his mother and son for many years could be so cruel when she changed her heart. So he was bedridden with anger. At this time, she was not what she used to be. She couldn’t even find a guard in front of the hospital bed. Her son was also expelled from the palace and couldn’t meet. The emperor’s husband couldn’t even see a shadow. But someone else came to tell her who the emperor had gone to the palace today and who he would accompany to the Garden tomorrow. Li Ji soon lost her support and became terminally ill.

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