Mr. piggy: the wedding scene is very lively. His ex-wife Han Anran sent more than 9999 roses

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Mr. piggy said earlier that in order to protect his pocket from being bombarded by netizens, he chose to withdraw from the network. I didn’t expect that when he and Dou Er got married, they were still very high-profile and all kinds of hype. The so-called withdrawal was simply fake. Mr. Piggy’s wedding was so lively that even Mr. Piggy’s ex-wife Han Anran sent 9999 roses. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Mr. piggy: the wedding scene is very lively

Although Mr. Piggy’s children have already been born, the two have not held a wedding until now, and they are married. Mr. Piggy’s pocket is a net celebrity, so many net celebrities have been invited to participate in the wedding of the two people. For example, Mr. Piggy’s best man is the recently popular net celebrity group ESO. The bridesmaid groups in touer are all female celebrities in the entertainment circle. Therefore, the wedding scene is very lively, and it is not too much to describe it with great momentum.

Mr. Piggy’s pocket also disclosed the list of gifts for these online celebrities. After reading it, netizens all said that these online celebrities were too rich, because there were really many gifts. For example, Yin Shihang, an online celebrity, gave Mr. pig a red envelope of 52000 yuan as a gift. Even the unknown little net red Cui Jin gave Mr. piggy a red envelope of 9999 yuan.

Han Anran sent more than 9999 roses

Mr. Piggy’s pocket was torn badly with Han Anran before. As Mr. Piggy’s early friend, Han Anran did not attend the wedding of Mr. Piggy’s pocket, but he still gave gifts. Han Anran even sent 9999 blue roses directly. As soon as Han Anran’s gift appeared, the whole wedding scene was boiling. Although Han Anran gave a gift this time, their personal style will not prevent Han Anran and Mr. piggy from tearing each other’s pockets. After all, mutual tearing is the common traffic password of the three people.

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