Multi polarization is emerging, and the cold war is inevitable. Is China ready?

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Multipolarization has brought the world into the spring and Autumn period


The new cold war has come to China


What will happen to the world economy?


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ call for the United States is a milestone


China and the United States are firmly saying goodbye to each other


Will the United States step down from the altar?


America needs a revolution


Can China lead the establishment of the new order?


China also needs a revolution

The plague and the Great Depression of the 21st century have ignited the fuse of war. Globalization is dead, and the international order is only a broken shell.

Once Pandora’s box is opened, it is difficult to close it until enough flesh and blood are swallowed.

The veil of warmth in the world has been severely torn open, and the position and face of each country are no longer blurred.

The values of the United States and the West have gone bankrupt. At the same time, their national credit has gone bankrupt. The “boss” has been insane, and the whole “Shanzhai” is no longer safe.

The former glory of the “lighthouse country” is gradually fading, and the definer of the world order is facing unprecedented challenges. Several giants are showing their military muscles, and even talk about thermonuclear war without hesitation.

The peace dividend has become a luxury that can’t be obtained. A multipolar world is emerging. The cold war and hot war have come on stage one after another. Mankind is struggling to find a direction in confusion. It seems that the new order in the future is also starting from here.

1? Multipolarization has brought the world into the spring and Autumn period

Amid the gunfire of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the international influence of the United States fell to a historical low. A unipolar hegemonic world is disintegrating at a speed visible to the naked eye. This is the international political reality today.

When the unipolar world order brings only confrontation, conflict and instability, its will is doomed to be unacceptable to the international community; When it becomes the biggest obstacle to globalization, its death is bound to come.

The United States only represents capital, not the future. Multipolarization is the product of anti globalization in the United States and Western countries, marking the disintegration of the existing international order and rules led by the United States; Compared with this, China seems very confident, and the values of a community with a shared future for mankind are constantly expanding its territory.

When unipolar order is tied to harvesting the world, it means that all harvested countries have the motivation to resist this order. This resistance to fight for the right to exist has unquestionable justice. If it can become an eternal model to feed hundreds of millions of people around the world by sucking blood, it can only show that human beings have not come out of ignorance.

The window of the international power vacuum is opening wider and wider, and the police in the world of the United States have lost face. China and Russia have put the United States in a dilemma in Europe and Asia. Putin is betting that the United States cannot return to Europe. In fact, China does contain the United States in Asia.

The United States has concentrated on dealing with China and Russia, leaving a power vacuum in a larger scope. Some regional powers have begun their own strength expansion, and the prototype of the intraregional cycle of cracking the western trade protection continues to appear. Breaking away from the shackles of the United States and the West in politics, economy and military affairs is becoming an international trend.

Multipolarization is showing the following characteristics: first, the United States cannot contain China and Russia at the same time; Second, without the participation of China, Russia and India, any economic sanctions are jokes; Third, countries that do not choose sides are becoming the mainstream of the international community. The spectator is becoming a force that cannot be ignored.

Putin recently announced in a high-profile speech at the St. Petersburg international economic forum that the era of a unipolar world order has come to an end, Asia and China have “clearly shown signs of creating a new world development center”, and Russia intends to cooperate with China and benefit from it.

To be realistic, it is China’s rise that has ignited the hope of burying a unipolar world. China is opening a multipolar world in a peaceful way, and it is also constantly moving towards the center of the international stage.

For the first time in modern human history, the trend of multipolarity and multiculturalism has emerged in global politics. A good world order does not need slave owners. Every nation should live a good life through self-reliance and self-improvement without constraints.

It is worth noting that there is an international force trying to promote a bipolar world between China and the United States, hoping to benefit from the confrontation between these two giants. There is also a feeling of blind optimism and eagerness to try in China.

For China, polarization does great damage and multipolarization benefits greatly. China has always hoped to carry out incremental reform under the framework of the United Nations, trying to make international relations relatively moderate, adhering to the values of equality and the concept of righteousness and interests to solve contradictions, and trying not to drag itself and the world into confrontation.

China’s long-term interest is to try to avoid the polarization of international power, that is, the polarization between China and the United States. Try to avoid evolving into the “cold war style” Sino US relations in the past, and avoid entering the trap of Western binary opposition.

The biggest problem for China is still economic dependency, cultural colonization and national security. China’s efforts, first of all, are to solve its own problems.

No external force can contain China except China itself. Only the structural progress of comprehensive strength can finally solve the problem. To solve its own problems is to solve world problems.

Multipolarization is a sharp conflict between “superior” and “inferior” in the world, breaking the old order of unipolar hegemony. How to find the right way to get along with China and the United States is a topic that human society has never encountered. Perhaps a multipolar world is the beginning of the problem.

2? The new cold war has come to China

Whether there is a new cold war has always been a problem.

When the domestic media reported Antony Blinken’s speech on U.S. policy towards China, the prominent focus was actually “the United States is determined to avoid a new cold war with China”, It shows that our public opinion tool has become an extended chain on the American propaganda machine.

Fortunately, Hua Chunying promptly clarified and responded on twitter, pointing out that Antony Blinken’s words “sound more like a declaration of comprehensive strategic competition or war against China.”

Fortunately, the 40000 word long article of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on June 19 pointedly pointed out that the United States is lying not to seek a new cold war. The truth is that their bottomless containment and suppression of China is the new cold war.

Those elites in China who are full of Western thinking will never understand the true connotation of the cold war. The cold war is not a form of confrontation between two camps, two orders, and two ideologies. Behind all the use of power for exploitation and oppression, containment and disintegration is the cold war.

No matter which developing country wants to integrate into the economic system dominated by the United States, it must give up its own development path and values, recognize and accept the “tributary system” of the United States as a suzerain, and in fact become slaves driven and oppressed by the United States. This is the root of the cold war and the root of world chaos.

Over the past decade, China has changed its previous practice of “keeping low profile and biding time” in conveying economic interests to the United States and supporting international policies, no matter what kind of humiliation and pressure it faced; The United States also gave up its expectation of China’s “Westernization” and tried to cause civil strife in China through the new containment strategy and “comprehensive deterrence” to achieve their goal of dismembering China.

In fact, the cold war between China and the United States has already started in all directions. In addition to the hot war, the United States has long been fighting hard, and it is ruthless. Trade cold war, science and technology cold war, supply chain cold war cycle alternate. They not only “call their brothers face to face and pick up guys behind their backs”, but also use their discourse hegemony to kill China in public opinion.

The United States needs a cold war, and they need an enemy. This will help them attract votes, unite allies and complete the task of financial capital and arms capital. Without such enemies, they will surely make them. Whether dealing with China or Russia, the ultimate goal of the United States is to subvert the regime, disintegrate the country and split the nation.

In this cold war, China has little effective support in the world except Russia. It is the US crackdown that has brought China and Russia together, which have no incentive to hurt each other and are highly complementary economically. Preventing the integration of Eurasia is the top strategy of the United States. China and Russia have just touched their pain when they come together.

The consensus that has been formed in China is never to overestimate the bottom line of the United States and the West. Their bottom line is that there is no bottom line. This is the cognitive progress gained from decades of painful experience.

Hatred of China is also the consensus of the United States. A US poll in April showed that 82% of Americans surveyed had a negative view of China. The cold war has gone from high-level to private, and in fact has become a contest of the will of the two countries.

An atypical phenomenon of the cold war between China and the United States is that China and the United States are both the biggest rivals and the biggest economic stakeholders. I am among the enemies, and I am among the enemies. The United States is creating the biggest paradox in the world. On the one hand, it is extremely hostile to China, and on the other hand, it is inseparable from China, the world manufacturing center.

The United States did not hesitate to hurt the enemy by 8000 and lose 10000 by itself. It did everything it could to contain and suppress China. The fundamental reason is not that they are too powerful, but that domestic contradictions leave them little time.

They bet on solving their opponents before the outbreak of internal contradictions, and both sides are competing for who can last longer. In this respect, China has obvious advantages and stronger toughness, which is also the reason why the United States is in a bad temper and moves more and more downright.

The United States is no longer the solver of world problems, but the problem itself. Now it is not a matter of the cold war. Both China, the United States and Russia are showing their military muscles. Talking about nuclear war between the United States and Russia is as easy as talking about sandwiches. The biggest question now is what form the hot war will take.

3? What will happen to the world economy?

Medvedev said, “it is only a few steps away from a serious global crisis, the collapse of energy and food, the failure of the collective security system, and the possible large-scale nuclear explosion.”

This statement has a strong threat to Europe and the United States, but its judgment on the economy is not far away. The United States’ financial weaponization and extreme sanctions against Russia have made everything feel insecure.

The dollar, euro and pound are no longer safe because they will be frozen at any time. American technology is no longer safe and reliable, because it will be cut off at any time by a comprehensive blockade. The harvesting method of the overflow of dollar liquidity makes every country urgently looking for a safe haven.

The most serious energy and food crisis since World War II has rapidly fermented in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and the prospect of the Great Depression of the world economy is more severe than that before World War II. The UN Food Program announced that as many as 1.7 billion people in the world will be affected by this crisis.

The biggest threat to the world economy is the financial, energy and food security problems under war and international blockade.

Perhaps people will soon see that the world’s most powerful hard currency is not gold, nor the dollar or the euro, but food and energy. In particular, it should be noted that almost all agricultural products related to people’s lives and mineral products related to industrial base are not in the hands of the United States, the European Union and Japan.

Putin should be able to laugh to the end. Holding the European “windpipe” in one hand and the European rice bowl in the other, he has enough confidence to let the European old men who are used to enjoying adapt to their temper. More and more people are marching on the streets in Europe. I believe there will be more in the future.

Survival is often not simply measured by money. Energy and food, these basic things, determine people’s survival and life at a critical moment. People can do without high technology, but they can’t do without eating.

The global economic boom is declining rapidly, and the interruption of the supply chain will inevitably lead to the rise in the price of consumer goods. The inflation of basic materials has begun and will become increasingly fierce.

China, which has a strong manufacturing industry, and Russia, which is rich in resources, are highly complementary. In the face of the unstable virtual economy in the United States and the west, the combination of the two will certainly gain greater voice and higher international status.

Putin spoke highly of China at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum and said that Russia intends to cooperate with China and benefit from it. These words have the meaning of attracting the United States and the west to turn their attention to China, and more importantly, they are the true feelings of hugging and warming with China under sanctions and containment.

There is no upper limit for China Russia economic cooperation. Under the guidance of this policy, the regional economic circulation system of China Russia, Northeast Asia and Central Asia has taken shape. Today, when the world order is broken, China, Russia and the surrounding centripetal countries have the confidence to tide over the crisis.

The RMB, which has a stable currency and has never been used as a means of sanctions, is becoming a good substitute for the US dollar, and the internationalization of the RMB is gaining momentum. Within 5 to 10 years, the prospect of RMB replacing the euro is promising.

The rise of RMB is essentially an improvement of its position in the US dollar system. It is urgent for China to get rid of its heavy dependence on the U.S. financial system and establish a comprehensive, perfect and independent economic and financial system. Imperialism is a currency war. A currency war between China and the United States is bound to happen. We must not take chances.

Another weakness of China is the lack of core technology in the high-end field, the high external dependence on energy and raw materials, and the risk of cutting off the supply chain at any time. Once this happens, there will be problems in the supply of manufacturing industry in the whole world.

4? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ call for the United States is a milestone

On June 19, the Ministry of foreign affairs released the “fallacies and facts in the United States’ cognition of China”, with 21 more than 40000 words, revealing the true face of the United States to the world, showing the real shamelessness of China and the United States to the world.

This is a real “call for beauty” and a solemn declaration facing the world. If we say that the cry of “It doesn’t work for Chinese people” in Anchorage China US talks represents the end of China’s “keeping low profile”. Then the “Article 21” of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs represents that China has ushered in a new era of “me first” in China US relations.

The greatest significance of the “Article 21” is that China has opened a diplomatic strategy suitable for its status as a great power. The United States used to be the main definer of Sino US relations. From now on, the United States must learn to adapt to defining Sino US relations together with China. The quality of Sino US relations cannot only depend on the United States, but also on China.

The era of “you have a mace, I have a canopy” is over, and the era of “big guy” is “big guy”. Today’s China is no longer an awkward “big power” role, and finally has a diplomatic voice commensurate with its own identity.

China is no longer “wooden fish of old monks, born to be beaten”. China bid farewell to the era of only defending but not attacking, which is the normal posture of equal exchanges between real sovereign countries.

Any peace and equality is not the result of compromise and tolerance, and there is no need to bear it anymore. “Article 21” shows the false, deceptive and arrogant United States to the world, and at the same time, it shows people China’s self-esteem.

“Article 21” tells us that China not only has the will to resist the United States, but also has the strength to let the United States face and respect China from an equal position. Many of us may not realize this. This time, “21” let us see.

This is the real “good voice of China” and the best external publicity. The advertisements made for decades do not have the effect of these “21” together.

Trump once said a big truth, “the United States will choose to cooperate with China when it is in the interests of the United States”, while China, which “hides its strength and bides its time”, often has no choice. This kind of robber like cooperation finally came to an end.

The United States never pays attention to morality or etiquette in its diplomacy. They only care about interests and only about taking. In order to achieve their goals, they have never done anything without resorting to extreme means. Only by responding equally and firmly can Americans sit down and speak well. The Korean War negotiation is like this, and so is today’s Sino US game.

A good thing is that no matter anchorage’s “good voice of China” or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’s “Article 21” was released, the huge “above table persuasion” group at the beginning of the Sino US trade war did not appear. Of course, they are not changing their course, but waiting for instructions and looking for opportunities to play.

The “Article 21” marks a complete qualitative change in China US relations, and indicates that China will resolutely resist the containment, containment, suppression and disintegration of the United States, and firmly safeguard China’s interests and rights.

Disrupting the opponent’s rhythm is the beginning of victory. At almost the same time as the “Article 21”, the people’s Bank of China issued the “notice on supporting cross-border RMB settlement of new forms of foreign trade”. This is a major measure for the internationalization of the RMB and a powerful counterattack to the abuse of US dollars by the United States and the looting of the world with liquidity.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the United States was hostile to the blockade and encirclement of China, which was resolutely fought by China leading the third world countries. As a result, U.S. prices soared, the people were boiling, and the economy was on the verge of collapse, so it had to shake hands with China to make peace.

The same scene has appeared again today. After China has thoroughly understood the logic of American and Western robbers, I believe we will see a satisfactory result.

The confrontation between China and the United States will definitely bring many countries to choose sides and stand in line. The advantages of the United States lie in Europe and the capital world; China also has great space in developing countries, which is more attractive to them.

In any case, the foreign ministry’s “call for the United States” shows that there is no vague strategic space between China and the United States, and a real game, contest and collision have begun.

5? China and the United States are firmly saying goodbye to each other

Decoupling between China and the United States has always been an important weapon for the United States to threaten to destroy China’s economy. The United States and its Chinese agents have been warning China that without the United States, China’s economy would suddenly disappear like a dinosaur in nature. Today, the United States is fully decoupled from China, and China and the United States no longer have any peace dividends.

Whether it is trade war or science and technology war, including the battle of industrial chain and supply chain that has come to us, it is a typical economic decoupling between China and the United States. It is the economic blackmail that the United States has imposed on China in order to ensure its leading edge.

Since the beginning of the trade war, China has clearly stated its attitude to the United States: decoupling is a disaster for the people of both countries. If the United States persists, China can only accompany it to the end.

“When friends come, there is good wine, when jackals come, there is a shotgun”. This song, which has been hidden for decades, is once again floating over China, gathering the will of the nation. Times have changed, but the American monarch’s thinking of “zero sum game” has not changed.

Decoupling between China and the United States means that China no longer recognizes the hierarchical international order dominated by the United States, no longer takes the United States as a development template, and no longer plays in the rules of the United States full of discrimination and traps. Go back to the tradition of independence and create a new world order in the process of self-development.

China US decoupling is not limited to the economic field, but also includes the political and ideological system. For China, it is to return to its original intention and mission and maintain its purity and justice. The economic field to rely on, the cultural field to colonize, national security up “insider” is becoming the main theme.

Seeing the “21 articles” of the Ministry of foreign affairs, I suddenly thought of the 21 articles of Yuan Shikai 107 years ago, and felt a lot. Times have really changed, but “fighting for national power outside and punishing national thieves inside” is still the eternal theme of our nation.

Decoupling between China and the United States will make the world economy deformed. But the United States wishfully believes that they will be the beneficiaries. They are betting that China will either give in or collapse before itself.

The United States and the West have not recognized China’s market economy status and have imposed various sanctions on China. The United States has always adopted the practice of killing everything that is beneficial to China and threatening cooperation that is beneficial to them. Some people say that the United States is a rogue superpower, and the United States has been using action to prove the rationality of this assertion.

“Blockade, blockade for ten or eight years, China will have everything.”. China’s most perfect industrial system came into being in the blockade of the western world. It is worth looking forward to what kind of endogenous motivation and passion the blockade will stimulate in China and how many flowers of science and technology will emerge.

The combination of global technological innovation and China’s equipment manufacturing industry is the only way for scientific and technological development. While the door of Western science and technology is closed, the door of localization of China’s scientific and technological progress is also being opened. China based on its own strength is more meaningful to the world.

It is unimaginable for a big country like China to be controlled by others. Decoupling between China and the United States is the best lesson that the United States and the capital world have taught China. It tells us that independence is the foundation of national destiny and the cornerstone of national rejuvenation.

The day of decoupling between China and the United States is the official beginning of the collapse of the United States empire. This is not alarmism, it is the inevitable result of the internal deduction of historical logic.

6? Will the United States step down from the altar?

The memorial archway of the United States, which has been erected for more than 200 years, is crumbling. From the moment trump supporters looted Capitol Hill, the United States has actually stepped down from the altar.

It must be admitted that until today, the United States is still at the forefront of the world and the country with the strongest comprehensive strength in the world. To say that China has surpassed the United States is either drunk or stupid.

But the decline of the United States is also a clear fact. Lying on the “cold war peace dividend” and China’s “opening dividend” for decades, they have become the children of the eight flags with American characteristics.

Vested interest groups are the groups that least want to change the status quo and least want to make progress. In this regard, China and the United States are the same. Under their control, scientific and technological progress and social development will gradually stagnate.

The United States is an international capital alliance disguised as a country, and the Federal Reserve is the invisible Central Bank of this alliance. They bind the whole capital world through financial capital integration.

Therefore, the problem of the United States is not the problem of the United States itself, but the problem of the entire capital world. Over the past 40 years, the huge amount of wealth created by “super globalization” has flowed into the hands of a few people. The richer they are, the poorer the world will be, and the more contradictions and conflicts there will be.

The middle class in the United States has fallen from 70% after World War II to less than 50% today. The United States has moved from a middle-class society to a rich society. The decline of the middle class directly led to the decline of democracy.

“American faith has been controversial from the beginning”. While advocating democracy and equality, they advocated patriarchy and white control, and practiced color and racial discrimination. Their values exported to the world are not only self contradictory, but also never achieved by themselves.

The more extreme the political tendency, the higher the voters’ enthusiasm for voting, until it pushes politics towards evil. This is an important feature of American and Western democracy. The United States is likely to be killed by itself, and more and more people agree with this view.

Trump has broken two American myths, namely, the myth of democracy and the myth of human rights. This makes the United States lose its spiritual base and soul support. The brilliance of the “lighthouse country” began to fade.

The United States has created the most brilliant capital civilization. Today, this civilization is top heavy and its decline is obvious. Bush said gloomily that it was time to reflect on the tragic failure of the United States. Macron also lamented that “the decline of western culture has brought about the decline of western hegemony”. Kissinger even hoped that the United States would reach an agreement with China on a new global order when it still had advantages.

This decline made the United States and the west completely lose the moral authority and civilized image they once had. In the words of Foreign Minister Wangyi, the United States “has lost its sense, morality and credibility. Where is a big country like it should be”.

The United States has suffered from structural imperial disease. Economic exploitation, financial strangulation and even military invasion of developing countries have become an important driving force within the United States. When the benefits of harvest are less than the consumption speed, internal contradictions will erupt, which will force them to be only bitches and not erect memorial archways.

No civilization or culture is ever advanced, and so is American civilization. However, the decline of imperial hegemony and the collapse of the capital world are quite a long process, which requires alternative solutions and crushing forces of new civilizations.

Today, the United States is suffering from the most serious backfire of capital and public opinion in history. They have completely torn off their disguise. In the words of Americans themselves, the United States has achieved fascism to a large extent, and American politics has entered hysteria.

When the various economic and financial sanctions of the United States cannot obtain wealth, they will choose war and return to imperialism. They have no choice. This is the curse of the United States.

Dollar hegemony is the highest national interest of the United States. The dollar crisis is the biggest crisis of the United States and the best weathervane to observe the United States. The US dollar hegemony, once so powerful that it was hopeless, has now been debated whether it will collapse. It can be seen that the world has really changed.

Failure will make capital more crazy and often bring unexpected blood. The United States, which has stepped down from the altar, is pressing the “start button” of war. In the next 5 to 10 years, it will be the most dangerous day for the United States and the world.

7? America needs a revolution

The continuous exposure and intensification of domestic contradictions in the United States shows that the United States is facing a great governance crisis and even the risk of division and disintegration.

America is not a nation. It is a community of interests bonded by money and welfare. Without more and more money and higher and higher welfare, this community of interests will fall apart.

The best prospect for the United States is to realize self-innovation and revolution, become a normal country that can earn its own living, abandon the bad habit of bullying, and revitalize its innovation ability.

The United States is a modern country with the most nomadic characteristics by plundering abroad and then sharing the benefits of happiness in the whole society. All the benefits of the highlight moment in the United States come from the outside, and China contributes the most.

The rapid growth of wealth can cover up all problems, and stagnation can also expose all contradictions. This is true of the United States, China, and all countries.

After the rise of China and Russia, the United States’ use of absolute hegemony to obtain wealth has been curbed, and the social contradictions in the United States, which is used to a welfare life, have become increasingly prominent. The fundamental reason why the United States has to fight, contain and contain China and Russia is the internal drive of this contradiction.

There is indeed a deep “shadow government” behind the United States. Trump confirmed this, and also confirmed that the US policy and the US president are both tools and puppets of this shadow government. This shadow government controls the “teleprompter” in front of the president, controls the public opinion by manipulating the media, and then manipulates the whole capital world.

With less and less external dividends, both trump and Biden have to satisfy the bottomless desire of capital behind them and appease the American people who hold the “poison of votes”.

This makes the American political elite realize that the focus of policy should be on alleviating domestic contradictions, but it will never be achieved under the promotion of the two forces behind it. Finally, they will still follow the old path of transferring the crisis to solve internal contradictions.

The global financial crisis in 2008 should be an excellent opportunity for the United States to move towards reform. However, capital groups are still the traditional routine of releasing liquidity and harvesting the world, especially China. Instead of creating new institutional advantages, they have laid the groundwork for a comprehensive recession.

In today’s United States, even with the best magnifying glass, you can’t find the Democratic check and balance system and error correction mechanism advocated by China’s “well-known”. All you can see is the murderous military system.

Therefore, the United States needs a revolution, and the United States needs to find policies and paths to alleviate domestic contradictions without external dividends, so as to avoid social division and national disintegration.

However, since the US government is not the real “helmsman” of this country, there can be no real reform group. The political decline of the United States cannot be alleviated internally, which requires the help of external forces.

Trump’s isolationism is actually an attempt, an anti establishment trend of thought, and an impact on the capital order, although his commitment is still essentially the logic of imperialism. His fate shows that today’s United States has completely lost its ability to innovate and revolution.

In 2019, the support rate of socialism in the United States has risen to 45%, and 70% of people require universal health insurance. However, under the control and differentiation of capital, this social emotion is difficult to become a social driving force.

The United States cannot achieve a bottom-up revolution. The only way out is to transfer the crisis to the outside world. The two parties in the United States have achieved convergence on this consensus and are on the road of imperialism together.

It is this insoluble dilemma that has become a panic in the entire capital world, causing the American elite to suffer from the delusion of persecution. This sense of crisis and the anxiety of being transcended often make their strategic layout irrational.

If you understand the United States, you will know that the U.S. strategy towards China will intensify in the next decade. Whether we can defeat our opponents does not depend on the United States, but on our own spiritual national strength and fighting will.

8? Can China lead the establishment of a new international order?

The world order led by the United States has completely lost its ability to innovate and repair itself. The world needs the blessing of the new order. Some people in developing countries are looking at China, which is a tempting proposal.

First of all, in today’s world, China’s power cannot be ignored. However, China has not the ability to lead the world trend and has not the powerful power to build a new international order.

Although China does not make mistakes, it will eventually become such a force. But today, it is neither realistic nor in China’s interests to take the lead in the new world order.

Leading the international order requires super national strength in economy, finance, culture and military, adequate public services for the international community, ideological resources beyond capital civilization, and values and moral guidance accepted by the world. To be realistic, China today still lacks sufficient strength.

China is still in the stage of physical fitness. China is gradually breaking the technological monopoly of the west, adjusting the economic structure through de dependence, uniting the people through common prosperity, accumulating spiritual national strength through socialism, and identifying traitors, compradors, and pro american forces through social discussions.

Only when you are really strong will you bring a sense of security to yourself and your friends and be worthy of trust. Weak people will use money to buy illusory leadership and friendship. China practices its internal skills hard in order not to embark on such a path.

However, this does not prevent China from providing the world with development experience and global governance programs. Standing in the center of the world stage, China has become one of the world’s leaders, and is also fulfilling its responsibilities and obligations for the destruction of the old order and the shaping of the new order.

Even in the future, China will not take over the world order in the hands of the United States, because the essence of this order is the narrow Western interests of “the United States eats meat, Europe eats bones, and allies drink soup”. Such rules and order have seriously restricted the progress of developing countries.

Trump said that China is a “revisionist” of the capital order. In fact, he is looking for the wrong object. The United States and the West have never really accepted China, and China’s rise is more outside this order.

At the same time, China is also constantly creating issues and providing public goods for the new international order, and promoting the reorganization of the world order according to its own rules and logic. For example, the community with a shared future for mankind, “the the Belt and Road”, “the Asian investment bank”, and the internationalization of the RMB, these elements with the color of a new order are being accepted and recognized by more and more countries.

The public goods China provides to the international community have a common feature, that is, the development concept and interest logic that are completely different from hegemony. China advocates democracy between countries in global governance, which is the only way for human development.

The global spirit of the United States believes that they have the right to arrange the lifestyles of other countries and people, which is completely different from China’s cosmopolitan spirit of “harmony but difference”. The world will gradually form a consensus that when the United States abandons its international responsibilities today, China’s solution to its own problems is to solve the world’s problems, and China’s struggle is the struggle of all mankind.

China has the innate gene and realistic foundation to create and lead a new international order. China’s long history and cultural heritage can provide ideological and cultural carriers for the new order. The global manufacturing economic entity is the economic foundation of the modern international order. China has obvious advantages in this regard.

It can be estimated optimistically that if we follow the current path, China’s economic advantages, wealth content, cultural preparation and national spirit will be greatly improved, its values will be recognized in a wider range, and there will be more and more friends. China must ultimately be the definer and shaper of the new international order.

Without China’s leadership and promotion, there can be no reasonable new international order. The multipolarity and the new cold war we face today are the prelude to the emergence of this new order. After the prelude is over, the curtain of the new order will slowly open.

9? China also needs a revolution

This revolution is already in progress. There are four glittering characters on the banner of the revolution, that is, common prosperity.

Common prosperity is the moral foundation of the people’s Republic. It is the ideological center and development center of new China. This is not just an economic issue, but a solemn political commitment and an invisible contract between the regime and the people.

Common prosperity is the ideological product of socialism. There is no common prosperity in capital civilization, and the flowers of common prosperity cannot be opened on private land.

Common prosperity not only has economic significance, but also includes fairness and equality in ideology and ethics. This is the real modernization in line with the direction of human development. This is an educational movement and an ideological liberation movement, which essentially reflects the ideological struggle.

Common prosperity is the overall prosperity of material and spiritual life. Only by achieving common prosperity can we solve the social fragmentation of “more and more Westernized elites and more and more folk returning to tradition”, have cohesion, and have common goals and common interests.

It is in the mirror of common prosperity that people see that the gap between the rich and the poor is precisely the fundamental purpose of capital led social production, see the ugliness of the elite with western thinking, and see clearly how they transform the western economic model into China’s moral model.

It is in the process of ideological emancipation that people have seen the huge Pro American forces in China, how this group endowed with a sense of moral superiority makes the Chinese nation live in the minds of others, and how our economy, culture, and education are permeated by the West.

Whether it is “Liu / Jiao / Zhu”, “poison / Jiao / Cai”, or the Nobel Prize debate, they are all resisting the comprehensive invasion of capital and represent the profound awakening of the people. These old sesame seeds and rotten millet have been churned out after many years, and they have not just been discovered. The fundamental reason is that common prosperity has injected abundant political and moral power into society.

The greatest danger of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the internal Pro American forces. It is through these people that the United States has controlled China to a considerable extent in terms of economy, culture and public opinion, and has mastered China’s value judgment and cultural standards.

The ideological and moral power of common prosperity has made the capitulationists and road leaders no longer have the right to be free from public doubt and supervision, and has returned economic and cultural sovereignty to the people. It has also completely lost the moral influence of the capital world in China.

Reviving the spirit of a nation is more important than reviving the material. Common prosperity has become the guiding ideology of the society, which is a revolution. Its role and significance have just begun to appear, but in terms of its spiritual power, it has surpassed the whole capital world.

Only by achieving common prosperity can we eliminate the gap between the rich and the poor, create a huge middle class, turn society from a “pyramid” into football, and make people happier, safer, and more creative.

Only by achieving common prosperity can China’s administrative ethics be greatly improved on the road of modern civilization, and every official understand the truth that the opinions of the people are the most direct public opinion, and the smiles on the faces of the people are the best political achievements.

Common prosperity can not only create economic national strength, but also create spiritual national strength. Only China with common prosperity can move towards civilization and self-confidence and win the respect of the world.

Revolution is a good thing. China is achieving justice and restoring order through common prosperity. This revolution will certainly leave a deep mark on the history of China’s entry into socialism and is of milestone significance.

The United States needs a revolution, but the narrow and superficial capital makes the revolution impossible. It is through common prosperity that China has made people see the difference between socialism and capitalism and the underlying logic of the two values.

Through this education and ideological liberation movement, people have deeply realized that China’s core socialist values are actually four words, that is, common prosperity.

At a time when the “freedom, democracy and human rights” of the United States are deeply questioned, the core value of common prosperity in China is proudly going to light in the cheers of the people.

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