Musk is exposed to have an affair with the wife of the founder of Google. Musk refutes the rumor

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Musk, as one of the representatives of the world’s richest man, his love life has also attracted much attention. Musk had a second child with a 41 year old stepgirl some time ago, but now he has been gossip. Musk was exposed to have an affair with the wife of Google’s founder, which musk also refuted. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Musk suspects having an affair with the wife of Google founder

Recently, some media reported that musk had a brief extramarital affair with the wife of Google founder Sergey, who was very angry after learning about it. After that, Sergei not only broke off the relationship of friends with musk, but also filed for divorce with his wife. Moreover, the media also reported that Sergei had begun to let his financial advisers sell all his personal investments in Musk’s companies.

Sergei’s actions obviously don’t want to have anything to do with musk. In fact, it can be understood that Sergey was hooded by musk, and he didn’t need to invest in Musk’s company. After the news broke out recently, many people began to scold musk, accusing musk of having problems with his three outlooks.

Musk refuted the rumor

The news broke out quickly on the Internet, and many people discussed it. However, musk himself soon came out to refute the rumor. Becoming a media is nonsense. Musk said that he and Sergei have always been very good friends, and they also attended the party together yesterday. Musk Cong himself and Sergei’s wife have only met twice in three years, and there are other people around him. No ambiguous relationship exists. At present, Sergei hasn’t come out to speak, and everyone doesn’t seem to believe Musk’s words. Unless Sergei comes out to refute the rumor, everyone really believes that musk doesn’t have a junior involved in Sergei’s marriage.

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