My name is Liu Jinfeng. Is Liu Baiyu a good person? What is the ending of Liu Baiyu

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My name is liujinfeng. This is the favorite theater that Youku has just launched recently. This play is very different from the ordinary ancient puppet show now. It is a comedy when you see the actor configuration. Liu Baiyu is the second female in the play. My name is Liu Jinfeng. Is Liu Baiyu a good person? What is the final outcome of Liu Baiyu? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

My name is Liu Jinfeng. Is Liu Baiyu a good person

Liu Baiyu, whose name is Liu Jinfeng, is Liu Xie’s adopted daughter. In fact, she is Liu Xie’s distant niece, so she is also a sister related to Liu Xie’s daughter Liu Jinfeng. Liu Xie had long planned to marry Liu Jinfeng to the current emperor duanyunzhang. Duanyunzhang mistakenly thought that the person he was going to marry was Liu Baiyu, so he agreed to the marriage. It was not until the wedding night when the bride’s veil was lifted that she knew that she married Liu Jinfeng instead of Liu Baiyu.

Liu Baiyu looks very happy for Liu Jinfeng on the surface. She has a good home, but she envies Liu Jinfeng for being a queen. Liu Baiyu began to envy because of envy, so he blackened behind and tried to regain the Queen’s position with his own efforts. However, she will have a story with her second highness Duan Yunzhong in the play. Duan Yunzhong saw Liu Baiyu for the first time, and the expression on his face had betrayed his heart. Duan Yunzhong fell in love with Liu Baiyu at first sight.

What is the ending of Liu Baiyu

However, Duan Yunzhong is not ambitious, nor does he want to win the throne. He enjoys his life as a waste wood. And Duan Yunzhong likes his half brother duanyunzhang and his sister-in-law liujinfeng very much, because he has been guarding them. Although Liu Baiyu is very scheming, she is not a very bad person. Her final outcome is still good, and she is with Duan Yun again. Although Liu Baiyu can’t be a queen, it’s good to be a princess, not to mention that she really likes Duan Yunzhong.

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