My name is Liu Jinfeng. Who plays Yu changya? Do you like Liu Jinfeng

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My name is liujinfeng, which has been broadcast online on Youku. After watching this play, many netizens praise that the male number two fish changya is more handsome than the male protagonist duanyunzhang. I hope liujinfeng can be with fish changya. But Liu Jinfeng and duanyunzhang are official matches, so yuchangya is doomed to be alone. My name is Liu Jinfeng. Who played the fish long cliff? Does Yu changya really like Liu Jinfeng? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

My name is Liu Jinfeng. Who played the fish on changya

My name is liujinfeng. After the broadcast, everyone will naturally judge the appearance of the actors in the play. Although there are many actors in the play, many people think that Yu changya is the most handsome. Yu changya and Liu Jinfeng grew up together since childhood. Although Yu changya always likes to tease Liu Jinfeng and the two are always fighting, Yu changya likes Liu Jinfeng in his heart. But when the people in the village want to arrange for the two to get married, Yu changya is also very happy.

After Liu Jinfeng married to the palace, Yu changya also tried to enter the palace, and even tried to take advantage of it after Liu Jinfeng was thrown into the cold palace. Unfortunately, Liu Jinfeng has always taken him as a friend. Liu Jinfeng has only xuanlang in her heart, so yuchangya is doomed to be lovesickness. The actor who plays Yu changya is Bai Shu. Bai Shu made his debut in 2015 by participating in the talent cultivation program burning bar, and then entered the entertainment industry to act. Previously, Bai Shu has acted in tingxue Lou, Liuli, Tianlong Babu, Yunding Tiangong, Lord Xueying, my girlfriend’s boyfriend and other dramas.

Does yuchangya like Liu Jinfeng

After so many dramas, Bai Shu’s acting skills are quite good. Although Bai Shu looks very handsome in my name is Liu Jinfeng, his modern clothes are more handsome, and Bai Shu’s own appearance is a little cute. I also hope you can pay more attention to Bai Shu and like to support his works. And if you like to watch costume comedies, don’t miss the play I’m liujinfeng.

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