My second uncle is not Yan Song!

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Original: Gu Ziming authorized to reprint this article to wechat official account: zhengshitang plus2019


Some people have played a bad hand, while others have played a good hand.

“Three days back to the village, my second uncle cured my spiritual internal friction”, a up used a few video materials, so that a disabled rural elderly “second uncle” moved China overnight.

“My father and I are Yan Song and Yan Shifan!” Jiangxi Prince Zhou pushed himself and his family to the forefront with a series of friends who showed off his family’s official power.


On the 27th, Jiangxi state control has issued an announcement that it is reasonable to say that the matter should come to an end, but after reading it, I think it is a skillful cover up of some problems, so I decided to give play to my traditional skills and carefully pick up the resumes of Duke Zhou’s family.


According to the annual report of the listed company Gan Yue expressway, find the uncle and third uncle of the childe family next week.

Uncle zhouzhenhua, former director of the office of Jiangxi Provincial Highway Administration Bureau, later served as a member of the Party committee of the provincial highway group,

Supervisor of Jiangxi Guangdong Expressway.

Zhou Chunhua, the third uncle, was the head of the personnel section of Ganzhou Office of the former provincial highway administration bureau, the general manager of human resources of Jiangxi Guangdong Expressway, and later served as the Secretary of the Party committee of the provincial transportation design institute.

The blue part is the survey results released by Jiangxi state control. The red part involving government regulation and Jiangxi Guangdong Expressway has been omitted.

Even the hero of this incident, Zhou Jie, a former employee of Jiangxi Guangdong Expressway and later an employee of Jiangxi state control, deliberately avoided the Jiangxi Guangdong Expressway in this round of publicity.

As for why the expressway is so mysterious and secretive, you can take a look at Mr. Lu behind the thunderstorm of Henan rural bank. His first bucket of gold came from Lan Wei expressway.

In addition, Zhou Gongzi’s father is the section chief of Jiangxi provincial highway transportation administration and the investigator of Jiangxi comprehensive transportation development center.

Therefore, simply looking at the part of the blue character display, plus Zhou Jie’s mother is the deputy manager of the branch of Changyun company, and the second uncle works in Changyun company, we will only think that the Zhou family is deeply rooted in Jiangxi’s transportation system.

But if you unfold your resume, you will find that the three brothers of the Zhou family who participated in the 70th anniversary of the transportation system are all civil servants who are responsible for supervision within the system. They have changed careers to go to the sea. Around the Jiangxi Guangdong Expressway, they are doing businesses that make money lying down and doing things done by the Xue family of “Jia Shi Wang Xue”.

Jiangxi state control selectively announced that Zhou Gongzi and his parents have six houses with a total purchase price of 6.55 million, which is a little insulting to the IQ of melon eaters.

In this regard, I have to say that President que, whom Mr. Zhou mentioned in his circle of friends, greatly appreciates him.


Que, the former chief financial officer of Jiangxi Jiangxi Guangdong Expressway, is a colleague of Zhou Gongzi’s third uncle and a subordinate of his uncle. Now he is the general manager of Jiangxi guokong.

That is, the company released this notice with obvious traces of concealment today.

As the saying goes, everyone loses and everyone prospers.

Just when Zhou Gongzi was poached from Jiangxi high-speed investment to Jiangxi state control, the shares of high-speed investment were also allocated to state control by the province free of charge, making president que a real boss.

As for what Mr. Zhou mentioned in his circle of friends, the three waves of people received on the same day were also from the Jiangxi Expressway circle.

Wild grass and flowers beside Zhuque bridge, and the sunset at the entrance of Wuyi alley.

Mr. Zhou has two good friends in his circle of friends, one surnamed Wang and the other Xie.

Mr. Wang’s father is the current chairman of Jiangxi Guangdong Expressway, and Mr. Xie’s father is the former director of the Provincial Expressway Administration.

As for Bank of Jiangxi, the leaders seem to be independent, but they are just subsidiaries and money bags controlled by Expressway Group.


The princes who live in “Wang Xie’s circle of Princes” are generally well-dressed and have countless girls around them. Young Duke Zhou, who has just entered the society, was blinded by other princes, so he built a Grand View Garden for himself with his circle of friends, brushing his sense of existence and flirting with his girls.

But this little yamen, who wanted to be a sea king and raise a fish pond, didn’t expect that “the circle of friends was happy for a while, and the family crematorium” became the object of national attention. He also announced that this family, which has accumulated for decades, has withdrawn from the stage of Jiangxi high-speed system since then.

Of course, such a big pot can’t be deducted to childe Zhou. Just like the fall of the four families of Xue, king of Jia Shi, Xue pan is not to blame.

In the past year, many things have also changed.

Ye Hualin, the neighbor of Zhao Gongzi’s villa and vice mayor of Pingxiang City, was subjected to double regulation.

The old classmate’s father, the Secretary of a local Party committee and the director of zuoqian Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce, visited the unit.

The president of the Bank of Jiangxi, who came to visit the company, was dismissed, the chairman of the bank was sacked, and the executive director was “completely annihilated”.

Master Zhao’s dream of Red Mansions didn’t wake up when he found that the buildings were about to collapse. He didn’t want to be Yan Shifan. Yan Dang was about to be taken down


If there is a problem, it is always good to find it in advance, so that we can face up to the problem and solve it.

Now, the three-year reform of state-owned enterprises is coming to an end, and a number of monopoly state-owned enterprises will emerge. With the curtain call of private real estate developers, a number of state-owned investment and state-controlled enterprises will also be established.

We do not want these monopoly enterprises to be controlled by the “Zhou family of Jiangxi” in various places, nor do we want the position of socialist successor to fall into the hands of the “Yan Shifan of Jiangxi” handed down by the times.


In the old days, the swallow in front of Wang Xie’s Hall flew into the homes of ordinary people.

Countless martyrs of new China shed their blood, overthrew the decadent Jiang Dynasty, drove away Huang Silang, who was entrenched in e-Cheng, and let the land of China burst into vitality, so that young people and small town problem makers in small towns are willing to fight for their dreams and the future.

If these Zhou Gongzi, who rely on their elders, firmly grasp the channel of social circulation, our children, no matter how excellent and hard they are, will become the “second uncle”, who will be firmly locked at the bottom of society after being lame with “four needles”.

Now, since childe Zhou has lifted this veil, for the sake of children, we should firmly support the central government, thoroughly investigate this case and never tolerate it!

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