Myth: what is the historical significance of Dayu’s flood control?

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Dayu’s flood control is a fairy tale in ancient China and a famous ancient flood legend. Interested readers can follow the China story network editor to read it down.

The myth of Dayu’s flood control

Dayu’s flood control is an ancient myth and legend of the Han nationality and a famous ancient flood legend. He is a descendant of the Yellow Emperor. During the period of the three emperors and the five emperors, the Yellow river overflowed, and Yu and his son were ordered by the two emperors Yao and Shun to appoint Chongbo and Xia Bo to be responsible for water control.

Yu hid from the dragon and turned into a young man with three bright eyes on his forehead. He hated the cruelty and immorality of the emperor of heaven, flooding the people indiscriminately and killing his father. He was determined to harness the flood, complete his father’s work and save the people. Knowing that his son Yu was coming to control the water again, shuishen Gonggong deliberately opposed him and set off a greater flood wave, flooding from the west to kongsang, which is now Qufu, Shandong Province. The whole Central Plains has become a land of water.

Seeing Gonggong’s ferocity, Yu was very angry and felt that this scourge must be eradicated before the flood was cured. So he summoned the gods of the world to discuss the great event of crusading against Gonggong in Maoshan on the southeast coast.

The gods of the four directions were invited. Bo Yi, the God of birds, ebony you, the God of forests, the child law of the God in charge of the law of heaven, and Gengchen, the God of time, arrived at Mao on time. Even Kui dragon and Yinglong in the sky also attended the meeting without telling the emperor of heaven. Only Fangfeng came late.


Yu saw that before things started, someone did not obey the order. In order to enforce discipline, he ordered someone to kill Fangfeng. One or two thousand years later, in the spring and Autumn period, King Wu and King Yue fought, and King Yue was besieged in Kuaiji mountain. The battle was fierce, and Kuaiji mountain was destroyed. Kuaiji mountain is the ancient Maoshan mountain. Because Yu gathered the gods here to discuss things, it was renamed Kuaiji mountain.

People found a bone in the destroyed mountain. The bone was surprisingly large, filled with a whole cart, and several strong horses could not pull it. Someone asked Confucius for advice. Confucius verified that this was the remnant bone of Fangfeng family killed by Dayu during the flood control. It can be seen that Yu’s divine power and power were great.

Yu led the gods and Gonggong in a fierce battle. Working together is a bad thing that destroys the people. No one is willing to help and is soon defeated. I had to dive to escape and never dared to make trouble again.

Yu made a lot of preparations for the flood. In order to understand the whole terrain: Yan Shi, he sent the great God Da Zhang and Shu hai to measure the land. Dachang went from east pole to West pole, and the result was 233.05 million steps; From the south pole to the north pole, the result of the vertical sea is 2335075 steps. In the survey, they found that on the vast land, in addition to countless crisscross rivers, there are many abysses above 300 Ren (eight feet is one ren).

Yu believed that in order to control the flood well, in addition to his father’s blocking method, we should also use the dredging method, the rivers should flow, and the abyss should be filled. He personally led the staff, trekking through mountains and rivers, facing the wind and rain, observing the terrain, looking for the source of the river and the place where the flood can be discharged. Yu has traveled all over nine continents and ten thousand countries, experienced countless difficulties and dangers, visited many places that no one has been to, and also saw many strange stories, and mastered a large number of first-hand information.

So Yu had a bottom in mind about flood control. On the one hand, he ordered people to dredge the originally blocked river channel. On the other hand, he ordered Ying long to walk in front and row the ground with his tail. At the place where Ying Long drew the line, he dug a new river channel to guide the floods in all directions back to the Eastern sea. The excavated soil was carried by turtles to fill the 100 foot abyss.

At that time, the Yellow River area was the place with the most serious floods, and it was also the most difficult place to manage the second crop. Yu led the flood control army to personally investigate the topography of the Yellow River and formulate a treatment plan.

One day, when Yu stood on the Bank of a high mountain and looked at the rushing and roaring turbid current, he suddenly heard a roar in the water, and a strange man with a human face and a fish body jumped out of the water. The strange man came to Yu with a piece of bluestone in his hands. He claimed to be the God of the Yellow River, Hebo, and came to help Yu control the water.


Yu took over the stone slab and saw that it was engraved with some winding natural ripples, marking the flow direction and water potential of large and small rivers in the Central Plains. Ah. This is a picture of harnessing the river. Yu was so happy that he hurried to Xie Hebo, who had turned over and jumped into the water and disappeared. With the help of the river harnessing map, the work of harnessing the Yellow River was very smooth and accelerated. Soon, we arrived at Longmen Mountain.

The Dragon stretches for hundreds of miles across the Yellow River& quot; Swim, blocking the way of the rushing Zan River, where the river water flows back, making the river continuously higher and flooding. Only by chiseling through the dragon’s gate can the Yellow River flow smoothly.

Yu was not afraid of difficulties and obstacles, and led everyone to work together to dig Longmen. In summer, the sun is scorching, the heat wave is hitting, and the lips are scorched and the mouth is dry; In winter, the cold wind howls and drops of water turn into ice Hands and feet are frostbitten. After five years of hard work, finally, 7 Longmen Mountains were broken, and the Yellow River roared through the dragon, cascading thousands of miles, and went straight to the sea

The newly chiseled Longmen has become a magical place since then. Every day, the carp in the Yellow River swim here to get together. They are afraid to jump to the upper reaches of the dragon gate. After jumping twice, the fish will become dragons and go up into the sky; Those who can’t jump often hit their heads and gills. But they are not discouraged. The next spring, righteousness will return to this world to jump " Dragon &quote;, After the Dragon chiseled through, Yu’s heart was much smoother.

Once Yu continued to observe the terrain in the middle I happened to find a hole covered by strange flowers and plants. I don’t know where I am &\39; Something. Where to go. Yu pushed aside the grass and walked into the cave. The cave was dark and cold. He walked for a long time. The oxygen light flashed in the front turn. The more he walked forward, the greater the light. Nearly a year ago, it turned out to be a black snake, holding the night in its mouth! Zhu Zai showed him the way. He followed the black snake to a wide and bright hall. A man with a human face and a snake body sat on it. Many people in black were on both sides, and the black snake also became a man in black and stood aside. The man who came out of the man’s face and snake’s body of Yu people was Fuxi, the son of the river god Xu, who hurriedly and respectfully greeted him seven times ago.

Fuxi took out his invention &quote; Bagua diagram &quote;, Give it to Yu, tell him the nature of various natural objects such as heaven, earth, wind, thunder, water, fire, earth, Ze, and the relationship between them, and tell him how to subdue and make use of these natural objects. Fuxi predicted that empress Yu would shoulder the heavy responsibility of managing the country So it was passed on to him, so that he could benefit the people.

After Yu got the eight diagrams He carefully drilled the mother of pearl. Sure enough, when Yu succeeded Shun as the son of heaven in the flood control work of the tongue, he benefited a lot from it, and got a lot of help. Yu came to the Huaihe River to control the flood. Before he was stationed safely, he saw the strong wind rising, the stones rolling, and the muddy waves surging. Everyone was blown dizzy, unable to open their eyes and straighten up.

Yu was very strange. Soon, a monkey like monster jumped out of the water in the sound of wind and rain. This monster is called Wu Zhiqi. It has a white head, a blue body, a high forehead and a low nose. Its two eyes spin around and emit golden light. Its neck is hundreds of feet long and its body is as big as nine elephants. I only heard him hissing: " Yu, you make us hide in yuanchu. I’ll fight with you& quot; With that, he rushed at Yu like lightning.

The god child law beside Yu hurried forward, and the halberd stopped the monster in one fell swoop to fight. The monster acted quickly, walked quickly, moved and jumped, and was very flexible. Although Tong LV danced the halberd around, he could not defeat the monster. Yu called the great God ebony you to replace Tong Lv. Ebony was powerful and powerful. With every knife cut, he was as strong as Tai. He saw that he was about to cut down the monster, and was deftly escaped by it. I was so tired that I was panting and sweating. The God Gengchen, who was in charge of the time inquiry, was anxious and shouted: " Ebony, take a rest and I’ll deal with it& quot; After saying that, dance the double swords and pray to stab the Wu branch. Wu Zhiqi jumped to hide. Just after escaping this sword, another sword stabbed him again. Wu Zhiqi also raised his knife to meet him without showing weakness. Both of them are quick and quick. I saw the sword coming and going, and you fell more and more, hitting the land from the water and the sky from the earth. Although Wu Zhiqi acted quickly, he was not as fast as when he asked. Gradually, he was out of strength. He just wanted to drill into the water, but was caught by Gengchen and thrown to the shore. Tong LV and ebony you hurried forward and pressed tightly, locked it with a big iron chain, put a golden bell on its nose, and suppressed it at the feet of the turtle in Huaiyin.

Subdue Wu Zhiqi, Yu led everyone to dredge the river and guide the stagnation, and smoothly led the Huaihe River to the sea. Yu was thirty years old when he arrived at TU after harnessing the flood. He thought: " I’m not young anymore. If I should get married, let something shine& quot; As soon as he thought of this, he saw a white fox with nine tails appear in front of Yu. Yu remembered Tu’s song of a chieftain asking:

Whoever sees the white fox with nine tails will be king; Must have married the woman of Tu Shan; Who will have a prosperous family. Yu was very happy to visit Tu Youyou, a beautiful and wise woman named nvjiao, so he asked someone to marry him in TAISANG.

On the third day after his marriage, Yu left home to continue flood control. His wife, nvjiao, was willing to share her husband’s self: Lao Xin, also followed Yu. Wherever Yu Zhishui went, she followed him to Yunli. When Yu Zhishui reached the southeast of Yanshi, Henan Province, he encountered Xuanyuan’s obstruction. Xuanyuan is high and dangerous, with strange stones and gloomy trees, blocking the road of water. In order to get through Xuanyuan, Yu turned into a black bear and used his divine power to dig the mountain. When Yu turned into a black bear, he was unfortunately seen by his wife, nvjiao, who brought him rice. The girl was shocked, threw down the rice basket, turned around and ran away. As she ran away, she wept. She didn’t want her husband to be a bear.

Seeing that his wife ran away, Yu hurriedly chased her and explained the misunderstanding to her in a hurry. Forget to restore your human form.

Seeing the black bear coming, the girl was even more afraid. Although she is pregnant Poor mobility Still desperately escape, escape to the feet of Zi song, she really can’t run Just stand there and turn into a stone.


Yu saw that his wife turned into a stone, jumped up and hugged the stone and cried: " Girl, come back quickly. I’m not a bear. I’m your Dayu& quot;

But. The stone stands still and cannot be turned back into a charming woman. Yu hugged the stone more painfully and cried: " Girl, if you can’t change back, give me back my son: "

The stone cracked with a bang and gave birth to a white baby. Yu rushed forward to catch his son and hugged him tightly in his arms. He said to the stone with infinite gratitude: " Thank you, nvjiao. You have a son. Just name the child ' Start &\39;, As your memory& quot;

Yu led the children I traveled all over China and finally managed the flood after countless hardships.

The people can live and work in peace and contentment and live a better life after the flood. The people thanked him and the princes respected him. At that time, Emperor Shun saw Yu’s meritorious deeds and virtue, so he transferred the throne to him.

After Yu became the son of heaven, he worked hard and thrifty, and did many useful things for the people. Later, Yu died. He left his body on the earth, but his soul flew to heaven and still became an immortal.

The historical significance of Dayu’s flood control

Yu was the supreme leader of flood control, but he worked hard for all the people in the world, with tools in hand, and fought with the flood.

Dayu played an important role in the development of Chinese civilization. In the process of flood control, Dayu overcame many difficulties and finally achieved the success of flood control by relying on the concept of hard work, taking advantage of the situation, scientific flood control and people-oriented. Thus, Dayu’s spirit of flood control with the connotation of public selflessness, national supremacy, people-oriented and scientific innovation was formed. Dayu’s spirit of flood control is the source and symbol of the Chinese national spirit. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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