Nanzhuhe was blasted as a campus bullying company. It’s a pure rumor

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Nan Zhuhe was born as a model, but he also developed very well in the film and television industry. He was loved by the Korean public with his works such as cheese trap, weight lifting demon jinfuzhu and anshicheng. However, recently, nanzhuhe was exposed to a campus bullying scandal, which caused heated discussion among netizens. Nanzhuhe’s company also said that the campus bullying was a pure rumor. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Nanzhuhe is blasted for campus bullying

The cause of the incident was that a netizen who claimed to be Nan Zhuhe’s classmate recently sent an article to disclose that he had been bullied by Nan Zhuhe and others on campus from junior high school to senior high school. Netizens said that Nan Zhuhe had been with some bad students since childhood. He often bullied his classmates in school, and even some of the bullied classmates still have to receive psychotherapy. Every time I see Nan Zhuhe in the film and television, it is an injury to those students who have been bullied by the campus.

Netizens broke the news that leaving caused heated discussion on the Internet. After all, Nan Zhuhe is now a popular artist in South Korea, and campus bullying is also a topic of great concern in South Korea. Soon the reporter contacted nanzhuhe’s company and asked whether it was true or false. Nanzhuhe company responded immediately and said that it was in the process of confirming with nanzhuhe’s own people. Nanzhuhe company did not deny bullying on campus for the first time, which led many melon eaters to believe that it was true.

Nanzhuhe company refuted the rumor

However, nanzhuhe company has made a new voice on this matter, saying that after communicating with nanzhuhe people, it is confirmed that the so-called campus bullying is completely untrue. Nanzhuhe’s company also expressed its disappointment with the media, saying that many media reported the matter without confirmation with the company and nanzhuhe, which had a very bad impact on nanzhuhe. Nanzhuhe company also said that it would sue the media that first reported the matter and the netizens who wrote rumors on the Internet.

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