NATO “entangles” China. China should be prepared to beat the dog!

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Author: Ming Shuyuan official account: Ming shuzatan wechat id:laomingdashu

On June 29, 2022, NATO held a summit in Madrid, the capital of Spain, and adopted the “strategic concept” document for the next decade.

NATO, a military alliance that could not compete with China, even “entangled” China in the “strategic concept” document, believing that China has brought systematic challenges to NATO.

The part of NATO’s “strategic concept” document involving China is mainly in the “strategic environment”, in which “China” is used twice and “the people’s Republic of China” (PRC) is used nine times. NATO’s description of China mainly adopts the consistent narrative of the United States, which is full of various ideological prejudices and geopolitical cliches, including repeatedly accusing China of challenging the so-called “rule-based international order”.


The NATO “strategic document” is revised every ten years, which is equivalent to the NATO program for a period of time. It will play a strong guiding role in the NATO military alliance strategy and specific action plan for the next ten years.

Many Chinese may wonder that an organization with the name “North Atlantic” in its name will travel thousands of miles to the Asia Pacific region to “entangle” with China. It is really puzzling.

In fact, NATO’s “entanglement” with China, fundamentally speaking, is still the United States behind the mischief.

After the United States identified China as its biggest strategic competitor and potential enemy, the United States is trying every means to piece together the international united front against China. The G7 and NATO are the two organizations that the United States first thought could be instrumented.

The strategic thinking of the United States was born out of the British Empire established by the Anglo Saxons, who are good at offshore balance and cliques.

In the final analysis, it is the practice of hooligans fighting in groups.

Facing the vigorous development of China, the United States is full of anxiety. It looks for help everywhere to support and embolden itself. This is the fundamental reason why the G7 and NATO keep “pestering” China. This is also the fundamental reason why the United States has racked its brains to create new terms for China, from aukus to quad.

As Chinese, we should get used to it gradually.

In the future, the United States will probably form a “small NATO” in Asia to continue to provoke, encircle and contain China.

NATO’s “entanglement” with China is just like the fable “wolf and lamb” we learned in our primary school textbooks. When a wolf wants to eat a lamb, he says that the lamb has soiled the water he wants to drink. The lamb said, I am obviously downstream of you. How can I dirty your water? The wolf doesn’t care. It wants to eat the lamb, but it just makes an excuse. Even it doesn’t have to make an excuse at all. It wants to eat the lamb, and the lamb has no way.

This is the naked jungle law in the animal world.

The same is true in international relations.

The reason why the United States wants to provoke NATO to confront China is that China has brought systematic challenges to NATO. At this time, no matter what China says, I don’t challenge you. It’s useless. For the United States, the most important thing is to make NATO a tool to contain China. What China has done or not done is not important at all.

Do wolves need reasons to eat lambs? Do you need it?

Does the United States need a reason to use NATO to contain China? Do you need it?

Therefore, in the face of NATO’s “entanglement” with China, the domestic “Introspective monster” should wake up and never feel that “why others want to target China is not because China is not doing well”. Anyone who has such wonderful remarks should stay away from them. What reliable things can you expect from a person who can’t even see the basic issues of international relations and who doesn’t even know the basic national interests?

Returning to NATO’s so-called “strategic concept” document, we can realistically say that there are not many parts involving China, and its main content is still aimed at Russia.

For NATO, this military alliance, which was born during the cold war, has long been unnecessary since the end of the cold war.

Especially during the trump period, the United States and its European allies had a lot of discord. French President macron once declared that NATO had been “brain dead”.

For such a military alliance, “enemy” is the only reason for its existence.

After the cold war, the Soviet Union disintegrated, and Russia was tossed around by the United States.

Looking around the world, NATO’s biggest fear is, “why can’t I find the enemy?”

For experts, invincibility is so lonely, but for NATO, no enemy is fatal, because that means it has no need to exist.

If the people are scattered and the troops are not easy to lead, the NATO organization should collapse.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine, in essence, was the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and the United States after the cold war, but it also produced a consequence, that is, it gave NATO a shot in the arm to continue its life.

NATO, which had no enemy, was sleepy and could not find the direction. Suddenly, it found that Russia and Ukraine were fighting. NATO suddenly came to its senses, “look, Russia is a bad man, our enemy. Brothers, we should unite and take advantage of the guys.”

For the United States, it must be very happy to see NATO “come back to life”, because NATO is the best tool for the United States. Moreover, in the face of China, the United States with insufficient confidence really needs such a “gangster” as NATO to support itself.

NATO continues to expand and causes trouble everywhere, which is very in line with the national interests of the United States. Where there is war, the United States can take advantage of it and extend its black hand to where it is. The United States can also sell weapons everywhere, and the military industrial complex can blossom.

As for NATO’s “entanglement” with China, we should refute or refute it in public opinion.

Domestically, we should wake up those “muddleheaded people” and let them not be confused by NATO’s beautiful words. We should see the evil nature of NATO as a military alliance and the sinister intention of the United States to use NATO to contain China.

Externally, we should give NATO a warning. As the Chinese mission to the European Union said, we urge NATO to stop provoking confrontation with ideological lines, abandon the Cold War mentality and zero sum game, and stop spreading false information and provocative remarks against China. Since NATO has positioned China as a “systemic challenge”, we have to pay close attention to it and make an overall response. We will resolutely and forcefully fight back against acts that infringe on our interests.

For Asia Pacific countries, we should look at the situation by situation.

There is no doubt that Australia and New Zealand, the two Anglo Saxon white Christian countries, are on the side of the United States on major strategic issues.

Recently, when the Australian Labor Party came to power, we can strive to improve our relations with Australia. However, we must remember that after the end of World War II, Australia has never missed any unjust war launched by the United States, from the Korean War to the Vietnam War to the Iraq war.

From the perspective of China, there is no need to take the initiative to fight against Australia, so that the U.S. strategy of “Tianji horse racing” will work and China will consume unnecessary strategic resources.

To put it bluntly, the game between China and the United States is the core, and Australia is not qualified to be China’s opponent at all.

What China needs to consider is how to fundamentally crack down on Australia’s iron ore exports through domestic economic restructuring and developing other sources of iron ore imports internationally, which is equivalent to cutting off the hands and feet of the United States, a vicious dog in the Asia Pacific region.

As for New Zealand, the country is generally moderate and has limited strength. In the past few years when the United States tried to provoke the competition between China and the United States, New Zealand generally showed restraint. However, if the United States finally forced New Zealand to stand in the team, New Zealand must be on the side of the United States.

In the Asia Pacific region, Japan and South Korea are the most important. Needless to say, Japan, an island country that has always liked to gamble on its national luck, is adopting a new risky national policy. It does not hesitate to challenge China and Russia at the same time, in exchange for the United States to loosen the dog chain around its neck, hoping to become a so-called normal country.

Japan has always been prone to make mistakes on major strategic issues, from Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s invasion of Korea in history to the Japanese militarism’s all-round war of aggression against China and the Pacific War in World War II.

However, every time this country makes a major strategic mistake, it will suffer for decades.

We should keep in mind Japan’s recent acts that have directly harmed China’s national interests and settle accounts with it in the future.

South Korea used to have a balanced foreign policy, but under the leadership of “spiritual American” Yin Xiyue, it has been too pro american recently. China has no malice towards South Korea, but China needs to make it clear to South Korea that if it damages China’s national interests, China will redouble its repayment. Moreover, the large enterprises and opposition in South Korea do not support Yin Xiyue’s implementation of the pro us and Anti China policy.

In fact, the most important thing for China in the Asia Pacific region is ASEAN. Stabilizing ASEAN will stabilize China’s rear.

At present, ASEAN countries are very vigilant against the United States provoking competition between China and the United States and the possibility that the United States may turn NATO into an Asia Pacific Alliance. China should continue to strengthen communication with ASEAN countries, release goodwill, and remind all countries to jointly guard against the evil intentions of the United States to pacify NATO and disrupt the Asia Pacific region.

As for the future, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea, together with the United States, will form a small NATO in Asia. China needs to be very sober. It can almost be said that this is a strategy that the United States will definitely adopt.

The key question is, how should China respond?

In the face of NATO, a vicious dog instigated by the United States, the most important thing for China is to hold on to the dog beating stick, remain vigilant, stay sober, seize the time to accumulate national strength, and prepare in advance for the possible “showdown”:

First, the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has indeed created a new period of strategic opportunities for China. Many people think that the period of strategic opportunities is a period when you can relax and develop at ease. In fact, this is not the case. After the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the strategic resources of the United States were greatly dispersed, and there was a certain mismatch between the security strategy of the United States with containing China as the core and the security strategy of the European Union with dealing with the Russian threat as the core. The United States is distracted and the United States and Europe are not at the same pace. This is the meaning of this strategic opportunity period.

From the perspective of China, Russia must not be allowed to collapse. The United States uses Ukraine to consume Russia, while China strategically uses Russia to consume the United States. This sentence only does not say.

Second, the period of strategic opportunities will not be too long. China should have a sense of urgency.

If it is fast, it will be half a year; if it is slow, it will be oneortwo years. There will be a stalemate in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and the United States will have a chance to get out of it. For China, the period of strategic opportunity brought about by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is fleeting.

Externally, at present, China’s economic ties with the United States, Europe and Japan and South Korea have remained basically normal despite some impact. China should make full use of this period of strategic opportunities and seize the opportunity to develop itself. If decoupling and a new cold war really occur in the future, China will face an even worse external economic environment.

Domestically, China should pay close attention to making up for weaknesses, including weaknesses in the industrial chain and supply chain, as well as in food security and energy security.

While actively preventing decoupling, China should also make preparations for possible decoupling and increase economic and trade relations with ASEAN, Central Asia, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and other regions. Economically, China should actively expand markets outside the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea. Whether it can fully do so or not, it should at least have a certain spare tire. For example, if the second Korean war breaks out, you can think about how the international community will stand in line and how China will ensure sustainable economic and social development. In terms of geopolitics, China should fully mobilize the aspirations of people around the world to seek peace, cooperation and development, hold high the banner of opposing war and imperialism, and truly let Chinese friends spread all over the world and respond to hegemony with kingcraft.

Third, it is urgent to prepare for military struggle. The United States is a vicious dog, and both the G7 and NATO are its accomplices. Being targeted by them, China is unable to argue. It can not solve the problem simply by saying. Only by taking the dog beating stick with you at any time and practicing the dog beating stick can we defeat the enemy and ensure our own safety. China hopes for peace and sincerely pursues peace. However, whether there is peace or not is not determined by China’s good wishes, but by the United States and its allies. Based on this judgment, China should make greater preparations for military struggle, and even speed up on the basis of the current fast and tight situation. Only when China makes it impossible for the United States and its allies to see the possibility of any successful military action around China will the United States dare not go to war with China. Only when China can threaten the United States at any time will the United States give up the possibility of using Taiwan, or Japan and Australia to fight proxy wars with China.

For the Chinese people, in the face of evil dogs, the most important thing is to maintain independent thinking. In addition to the beautiful words of the United States, the G7 and NATO, we can see their essence of containing China and their malicious intentions towards China and the Chinese people. We should strive to make “muddler”, “Introspective monster” and “nationalist party” have no market in China.

Then, let us do our own things well and support the country to make the kindest expectations and the darkest preparations in the dangerous international situation.

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