NATO expands its military by 300000, Russia strongly warns that the three wars are really coming?

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Source: wechat official account: authorized daily Yijian

On June 27, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg held a press conference on the eve of the NATO summit, announcing that the NATO rapid response force would be expanded from the current 40000 to 300000, or even more.

For a while, there was an uproar in the world. As long as an individual closes his eyes, he knows that this is definitely aimed at Russia, so everyone can’t wait to see the response from Russia.

On the same day, June 27, Medvedev, former Russian President and current Vice Chairman of the Federal Security Council, warned that any attempt to invade Crimea would be considered as a declaration of war against Russia. If NATO countries did so, it might lead to “World War III”.


NATO said it would expand its forces, but you said the Crimea problem.

Seemingly irrelevant answer, but in fact, Medvedev is responding to NATO by taking advantage of the Crimea issue: you have no problem expanding your army, but if you dare to invade Crimea and an inch of our Russian territory, if you want to fight, I will fight! Even if the Third World War broke out!

After all, there is still a layer of window paper between the two sides before they formally tear their faces. Therefore, many words can not be directly responded to, so we should be more tactful.

However, the attitude of the Russian side has conveyed a strong warning meaning, and even did not hesitate to lead to the Third World War. Such strong language is rare.

After the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, NATO promised not to send troops. You beat you and I helped me. The two sides maintained a tacit understanding.

But why is it that now, all of a sudden, the sword is drawn and the crossbow is drawn?

We have to start with an old acquaintance of the Chinese people.

Yes, that’s him, Lithuania.

Last year, he allowed Taiwan to set up a representative office and took the initiative to make friends with Taiwan.

The Taiwan issue is an internal affair of China. I’m afraid I don’t know your grandfather’s last name?

As a result, China immediately made a strong response. First, it lowered its diplomatic relations with Lithuania to the agency level. Then, when Lithuania imported steel, the customs directly refused it on the grounds of data error.

Now, Lithuania has lost both its wife and its soldiers, and its relationship with us has collapsed. It has also lost a large number of export orders.

The relationship with Taiwan is just like that. Although the two countries are friendly, they have not brought much practical benefits to them. After all, the size of Taiwan is too small compared with the Mainland

To put it mildly, Lithuania is a veritable European shit stirring stick.

This shit stirring stick hasn’t stopped lately.

On June 18, the Lithuanian government announced that Russia was prohibited from transporting goods to Kaliningrad by train through its own territory.

Here is an explanation. Kaliningrad is an enclave of Russia along the Baltic Sea. There is no land border between Kaliningrad and Russia.

The transportation of goods from the Russian mainland to Kaliningrad and normal personnel and trade exchanges need to pass through the border of Lithuania.

Before that, the two countries had been in peace, the trains passed normally and trade developed normally.

But recently, Lithuania did not know what kind of wind it had drawn. It turned its face when it said it turned.

Of course, the Russian side was angry. It strongly responded that Lithuania was hostile and would take tough retaliatory measures. A large part of them were economic in nature and “could cut off the oxygen to the Baltic neighbors”.

Why is Russia so angry? Firstly, railway transportation accounts for 50% of the freight volume in Kaliningrad. Secondly, the home port of the Baltic Fleet, one of the four major Russian fleets, is in Kaliningrad, which has a very important strategic position.

Then why does Lithuania want to provoke Russia? Very simple. First of all, Lithuania is a member of NATO. If I am beaten by Russia, other countries will help me, so he has no fear.

Secondly, and most importantly, if Lithuania deliberately provokes Russia, it can play up Russia’s threat to its own territorial security. In this way, the United States and NATO will increase their military deployment against Lithuania.

At present, NATO has about 16000 troops in Lithuania. If more troops can come and American soldiers can be stationed for a long time, then their survival can be tied with the reality of American interests.

This move is a gamble on national luck. It is pulling NATO into the water with itself.

Of course, Russia has to respond strongly to Lithuania. Who would be willing to be provoked by a shit stirring stick.

Well, if Russia’s response is a little tough, the western media can interpret it as a threat and Russia is waving a big stick again!

In addition, after Finland and Sweden announced that they would join NATO, Russian warplanes passed the air defense identification zones of the two countries.

Also earlier, on May 18, two Russian warplanes approached the Finnish border, and NATO instructed two Norwegian F-35 warplanes to take off to intercept.

These things are combined, and the western media will play up and hype them.

Then it will be described as: This is a great threat from Russia to European countries, and people are panic stricken.

Therefore, in this context, on June 27, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg announced the expansion of NATO’s rapid response force to 300000 people.

Of course, Stoltenberg also vowed that the expansion of the rapid response force is part of NATO’s collective defense and War deterrence, and will not actively invade other countries.

But who believes it?

In fact, can NATO fail to see Lithuania’s caution?

Of course, NATO doesn’t need to respond at all. Just let Lithuania make a fuss. It won’t be long before this matter will subside.

But NATO did not do so. Instead, it added fuel to the fire and became more and more noisy.

It is obvious that they have wanted to do this for a long time. Now, NATO has a chance to respond to Lithuania’s provocation.

So NATO clapped its hands and immediately expanded its forces!


Here is the background. The rapid response force was established in 2003 and is composed of soldiers from various NATO countries.

On February 24 this year, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine broke out.

The next day, on February 25, NATO announced the launch of the rapid response force.

At that time, NATO said that it had more than 100 warplanes on alert in more than 30 different locations, and more than 120 ships deployed in the Mediterranean.

Since March, the rapid reaction force has been deployed in Romania.

However, NATO also clarified at that time that its rapid response force was only to protect NATO member states from war and would never enter Ukraine to fight with Russian forces.

However, it is only a few months now. Although NATO has reiterated that it will not send troops to Ukraine to fight, they have already begun to expand their troops blatantly.

The reason is that Russia is the most important and direct threat to NATO, and protecting the east wing of NATO is the primary task. Therefore, we must expand our military.

I have read the army expansion plan and have mentioned several key points.

1. The expansion plan will be completed next year.

2. In peacetime, countries command 300000 troops alone, but in an emergency, the top commander of NATO troops in Europe will ask countries to send them, and countries should set the preparation time for deployment.

This is divided into two parts. The first part of the troops should be put into the battlefield within ten days, and the remaining troops should be ready and deployed at any time within 30 or 50 days.

Moreover, the multinational force battle groups deployed to the eastern flank of NATO will be expanded to brigade level, with a brigade strength of 3000-5000.

Of course, the first two can be ignored. It doesn’t matter.

However, Article 3 is crucial.


The German army will be included in this expansion plan.

In the background, after World War II, Germany was dismembered and occupied by the Allied forces and the Soviet Union in two halves.

To the west is the Federal Republic of Germany, historically known as West Germany, controlled by the United States.

In the East is the Democratic Germany, also known as East Germany, which follows the Soviet Union.

Originally, after the end of World War II, the German army was already fragmented. The United States and the Soviet Union also discussed to disband the German army and set up some basic national defense forces and police to maintain order. This move was to prevent the resurgence of Nazi fascism and rush to the mistakes of World War I.

But it didn’t take long for the cold war to break out.

West Germany and East Germany have become the forefront of the US Soviet struggle for hegemony.

Therefore, Germany retained a large number of troops. By the end of the cold war and the merger of the two countries, the German army had once exceeded 500000.

Later, with the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the defense pressure in Europe decreased sharply, so the size of the German defense force decreased again and again. Until the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian conflict, the German army had more than 180000 active servicemen and more than 80000 civilian personnel.

It is reasonable to say that this military is enough for Germany to meet its normal national defense needs. However, the Germans are not satisfied. After World War II, although Germany was a defeated country, its industrial foundation and foundation are still there. They have developed their economy rapidly and now become a world-famous economic and manufacturing power.

Half of the cars in China are from Germany. The familiar Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche are all from Germany. Even Bentley in Britain and Lamborghini in Italy have been acquired by Volkswagen Group.

Therefore, we can see how strong Germany’s industry and economy are. Germany is the largest economy in the EU.

But Germany is not satisfied. It always wants to rebuild the glory of that year. The first step is to expand the army. But in peacetime, there is great resistance at home and abroad. Do you have to find an excuse?

Now the conflict between Russia and Ukraine gives Germany an excellent reason to expand its armaments.

Seeing that the NATO summit is about to be held, German Chancellor Scholz once again publicly stated that he would invest a lot of money to expand the scale of the German army and build the largest conventional army among European NATO members.

He also said that a special fund of 100billion euros should be established to increase defense spending to more than 2% of GDP to help the German army improve its combat capability.

Germany, a defeated country in those years, now wants to expand its army and build the largest conventional army in Europe. I don’t know what this means.

But I like reading history. I know how the first World War broke out.

Its essence is that the imperialist countries share the spoils unevenly, and there is an infighting of the nature of a thief killing a thief and a dog biting a dog.

Now, Germany is rising again, and it says it wants to expand its army. I can’t help but feel a chill in my back…


Many people say that the current tense world situation is caused by Russia.

In fact, this is absolutely absurd.

NATO is just looking for an excuse to expand its troops and realize its own ideas.

It’s like having a hot and sexy girl in front of you, and you’ve been trying to follow someone else and want to do something wrong.

As a result, the girl was terrified when she found out. She turned around and sprayed NATO with anti wolf spray.

NATO was so angry that he shouted: “I didn’t touch you again. Did I invade you? Is that what you did to me? Well, you caused it all. In that case, I have to kill you today!”

As a result, NATO really went up to the offensive.

Is it reasonable for us to judge and reason? It’s like NATO will keep its own course if the girl doesn’t take out the anti wolf spray.

Reason with hooligans? Sorry, what you have done, in the eyes of hooligans, is their fair and aboveboard reason to commit crimes!

The new NATO summit will be held in Madrid, the capital of Spain, from June 29 to 30 local time. Leaders of 30 member states will attend, that is, more than ten hours later.

At this summit, North dating announced its new strategic concept.

The last strategic concept was in 2010, when NATO was still working to combat terrorism and regarded Russia as its strategic partner.

But now, NATO has said that Russia is far away from its partnership with NATO. NATO will regard Russia as the most direct threat to security values and the rule-based international order.

We have seen how shameless they are, so this news is no surprise.

However, it is worth mentioning that this NATO summit also regarded China as a security challenge for the first time.

NATO pointed out in the joint communique of its member states on June 14 that China’s open ambition and overconfidence pose a systematic challenge to the rule-based international order.

This is what they said. I haven’t changed a word.

After reading it, I was really speechless. Who did China fight and invade? What is ambition?

Over the years, China has kept its peace and developed peacefully. On the contrary, your NATO has been killing and setting fire to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya, right?

What else is the rule-based order? Together, the United States is allowed to set fires and NATO is allowed to kill people, so we are not allowed to light the lights? We haven’t even reunified Taiwan. We haven’t even dealt with our family affairs. How can we bother you with this shit.

Also, I would like NATO to explain to us again what is overconfidence?

We have Dongfeng missiles. Is that overconfidence?

The anti missile system has succeeded. Is this called excessive execution?

We have three aircraft carriers. Is that overconfidence?

Please give us a good translation Translation Translation: what the fuck is overconfidence!


Later, I read it carefully. The NATO communique also pointed out that China’s military is expanding rapidly, the process of military modernization is not transparent, and China continues to carry out military cooperation with Russia

Seeing this, I finally understand that the military expansion is too fast. Yes, yes, yes, this is our responsibility.

It is our best military achievement to make you so sleepless and regard us as a threat. We are very honored.

Finally, I gave the words of Chairman Mao to NATO intact.

“I think that for us, if a person, a party, an army or a school is not opposed by the enemy, it will be bad. It must be in collusion with the enemy. If it is opposed by the enemy, it will be good. It will prove that we have drawn a clear line with the enemy. If the enemy vigorously opposes us and makes a mess of us and is worthless, it will be even better. It will prove that we have not only drawn a clear line with the enemy And it has proved that our work is very successful. “

——Mao Zedong’s “being opposed by the enemy is a good thing, not a bad thing”

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