NATO, we are almost at the door of China!

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Original: Zhanhao source official account: Zhanhao wechat id:zhanhao668

Before you know it, the United States has been dumped by China

Behind you (click the blue word to check) it probably stimulated a small number of people who couldn’t get up psychologically. Then it came to the conclusion that China is far inferior to the United States! It turns out that the purpose of spraying so much is to say that China is far inferior to the United States, which is really a bit embarrassing······

First of all, we should understand that there are still many places in China that are inferior to the United States. Otherwise, why can people still get in our necks in a few fields such as chips? If China is stronger than the United States, it will not be able to hold us back! However, the reverse logic is the same. Why does the United States deal with China and Huawei so hysterically? In the final analysis, it is because he has seen the strong revival of China and that Huawei has surpassed them!

Many people do not know how strong Huawei is. This company is equivalent to Ericsson (operator business) + Cisco (enterprise business) + Apple (consumer business) + Qualcomm (chip business). Which of the four companies is not a mess? The communication industry should know how Cisco existed around 2000? But now, in fact, Huawei has to add half of Google, which is even better than expected. Of course, the United States is afraid of such a company! The United States is certainly afraid that such a company should be bred in China! If the United States does not get stuck in China’s neck, Huawei will grow very fast and American technology will soon be surpassed!

But can the United States stop China by suppressing it like this? Impossible, because Huawei has a market of 1.4 billion Chinese people behind it! China has built 70% of the world’s 5g base stations, more than 1.6 million of which are owned by Huawei. China’s rapid pace will bring about a revolution in the information industry, which is Huawei’s market foundation. Huawei will develop new and more capabilities under the pressure of the United States, and these capabilities will become more powerful when the United States can not hold them down! At that time, the United States will see the power of China and Huawei!

Zhanhao’s articles are written in anticipation. Over the past decade, too many predictions have been made. It doesn’t matter whether you understand or support it, because it has no impact on Zhanhao, but it will have a great impact on you, because it represents your cognitive ability for the future. If you know the layout in advance, you will certainly get a better opportunity, and in turn, you will miss it!

The above is some reminders from Zhanhao. The following is an analysis of the theme of this article.

Zhanhao analyzed many years ago that the United States has always had a goal of bringing NATO to the Asia Pacific to deal with China. In this process, the United States has tried to build a “small NATO” in Northeast Asia – the alliance of the United States, Japan and the ROK. The starting point of this event began with the Korean Tianan incident on march26,2010, which is the beginning of the United States’ return to the Asia Pacific strategy.

Frankly speaking, we have to admire China’s ability. The United States has been making troubles against China since 2010, but it has still failed to achieve anything for 12 years, and even defeated the trade war. Therefore, the United States has picked up the original idea again, that is, to move NATO to Asia, which is the reason why an Indo Pacific strategy was developed at the end of Obama’s term. From Asia Pacific rebalancing to the Indo Pacific strategy, this is the result of trying. Moreover, the purpose of the TPP launched by the United States at that time was to contain China economically.

However, in the trump era, everything changed. Trump believed that a trade war could solve China, so he gave up the TPP, fought a trade war with China, and suspended the Indo Pacific strategy. As a result, after a year or two of fighting the trade war, trump found that he could not win China at all, so at the end of his term of office, he resumed the Indo Pacific strategy and tried to use the epidemic to suppress China.

After trump stepped down and Biden took office, Obama’s late strategy was resumed. The Indo Pacific strategy continued, and the TPP failed. Change to an Indo Pacific economic framework. However, in a flash, more than five years have passed, and China has made great progress in these five years. It is precisely based on this situation that the United States showed a new hysteria after Biden took office, and China showered the card with the United States at the China US high level strategic dialogue on march18,2021 – the United States is not qualified to talk to China from the perspective of strength!

Over the next year, everyone saw the situation. The United States was frantically exerting pressure on China. At the same time, it was vigorously promoting its Indo Pacific strategy, trying to guide the strength of NATO to East Asia, and trying to integrate the strength of East Asian allies with NATO by all means.

It is against this background that the following two things happened:

First, according to the report of Japan’s Asahi Shimbun on June 5 quoted by the global network, the source disclosed that Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has basically decided to go to Spain to attend the NATO summit. If it is realized, it will be the first time for Japanese Prime Minister to attend the summit.

Will the Japanese Prime Minister attend the NATO summit? This is likely to be a matter of great probability. Even if I can’t participate this time for technical reasons, I will participate in it in the near future. Because the United States wants Japan to join, and Japan also has a strong will. And the purpose of all this is to deal with China! If the United States wants to introduce NATO into East Asia, Japan is the most willing to join, and the United States also hopes to transfer all NATO forces to the Western Pacific to deal with China.

Therefore, this is not a trivial matter. It is a major event that will change global geopolitical relations.


Second, according to the Yonhap news agency on June 9, South Korean President Yin Xiyue is considering participating in the NATO summit in Spain from the 29th to the 30th of this month. The report also said that Yin Xiyue will confirm in these two days. According to media reports, NATO has invited leaders of four non member countries in the Asia Pacific region, namely, South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, to attend the meeting.

Why did the US led NATO invite these four countries? The answer is self-evident. It is part of the Indian Pacific strategy of the United States to suppress and contain China. Moreover, with yinxiyue’s character, he will go there actively.

So, we can’t help asking, what will happen if Japan and South Korea have the technical conditions to join NATO in the future, and also want to join NATO? According to Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao), this must be a great event. Moreover, once this pattern is formed, China will have no other choice but to advance the military unification of Taiwan.

The reason for this is very simple. If Japan and South Korea join NATO, then the United States must encourage Taiwan’s “independence”. At that time, China cannot wait for Taiwan to achieve “Taiwan independence”. We must first try to unify Taiwan, and then we can break the wrist with the United States strategically without falling into strategic passivity.

So, objectively speaking, NATO is approaching the door of China, which is a very dangerous signal! Let us not forget that the Russo Ukrainian war started because NATO expanded eastward to Ukraine, and the Georgia war in 2008 also broke out because NATO wanted to expand there. Then, if NATO really wants to expand to East Asia, the possibility of war in the region will greatly increase.

Therefore, if the leaders of Japan and the ROK all attend the NATO summit this time, it will be a very strong political signal that Japan and the ROK will soon be in an anti China State after they completely turn to the United States. Therefore, do not underestimate the report of this signal, which will have a great impact on the future.

In fact, the world is watching China’s response to the aggressive attack of the United States, because this represents the strength of China and the United States. After the Sino US trade war broke out in 2018, the United States not only failed to defeat China after more than a year, but this war proved that the economic strength of China and the United States was equal. On March 18, 2021, China told the United States that it was “not qualified to talk to China from the perspective of strength” on the territory of the United States, which showed that China was not afraid of the United States and dared to confront the United States, which also represented China’s national strength.

Then, if the United States continues to operate and really wants to include Japan and South Korea in NATO membership, and European countries are ready to agree, China will have no choice. That requires China to use its real fist to bring back its own. Russia cannot tolerate Ukraine joining NATO, and China can tolerate Japan and South Korea joining NATO? Will North Korea allow South Korea to join NATO? In fact, China, like Russia, absolutely does not want us ballistic missiles and nuclear bombs deployed at China’s doorstep.

The world is changing so fast that the United States is provoking war after war. Of course, this seems to be consuming competitors, but it is also consuming the United States! In the face of Russia, the United States dare not go up, and Ukraine will destroy the country! So, in the face of China, does the United States dare to go up? To go up is to lose, and to go down with mud and sand; No, the Allies lost confidence and the alliance system disintegrated. Yes or no? This is a huge problem for the United States, but the United States has given itself a big problem!

Compared with the United States, Russia and China are defenders, but the bottom line is very clear. They will take action when necessary! What about the United States? Will you do it? China is ready for everything, including the United States!

Don’t stretch out your hand, you will be caught if you stretch out your hand!!!

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