Net red peach blossom baby is addicted to cosmetic surgery. His mouth is askew and his eyes are askew. It’s frightening to death

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Many female netizens are very keen on cosmetic surgery, but many female netizens’ faces are very unnatural. It can be seen at a glance that they have used a knife. But these women don’t care. For the beauty in her eyes and popularity, they still keep cutting their faces. The net red peach blossom baby was addicted to cosmetic surgery, but ended up with a mouth askew, eyes askew, and a face that was frightening to death. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Net red peach blossom baby is addicted to cosmetic surgery

Peach blossom baby is also a very old online celebrity, but now she has basically disappeared from the online celebrity circle. At the beginning, she made her name in the online celebrity circle with her face, but in the end, she had to quit the online celebrity circle because of her face. Like many online celebrities, baby peach blossom is very keen on cosmetic surgery, but her situation is serious because baby peach blossom is addicted to cosmetic surgery.

Peach blossom baby has spent nearly 2million yuan in eight years to perform various cosmetic operations. At first, through cosmetic surgery, baby peach blossom really became very popular on the Internet and attracted the attention of many netizens. But the peach blossom baby’s face, with more and more cosmetic surgery, also slowly collapsed. At last, her face was really invisible. There were not only many pits on her face, but also her mouth was askew and her eyes were askew. She could no longer see people.

Peach blossom baby’s mouth is askew and his eyes are askew

Peach blossom baby also put these horrible photos of himself on the Internet, and netizens are also angry voices. It seems that everyone doesn’t care about the state of peach blossom baby. They all mock her for what she deserves. Who made her indulge in cosmetic surgery. Peach blossom baby basks in his own horror photos, which is not expected to get the sympathy of the public. Peach blossom baby also explained that he wanted to be a negative example to warn all girls who love beauty that they must stay away from cosmetic surgery, or the end will be as miserable as her.

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