Netizens exposed that Gao Ye’s father owed money and asked if Gao Ye could pay off his father’s debt

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Gao Ye has been known and loved by many audiences recently because of the popularity of the TV series. Many people are popular, and just after the fire, Gao Ye was exposed to negative news. Netizens exposed that Gao Ye’s father did not pay the debt, and also shouted loudly whether Gao Ye could help his father pay the debt. What exactly is it? The editor will introduce it today.

Netizens Expose Gao Ye’s Father’s Debt

Some netizens reported that Gao Ye’s father ran away because of gambling debts, and also aired a lot of chat conversations. The content of the conversation also revealed a lot of Gao Ye’s private affairs. For example, Gao Ye’s father used to show off that his daughter wanted to play in Zhang Yimou’s film, and Gao Ye did play a little nurse in Zhang Yimou’s film “Hawthorn Tree Love”. Netizens also said that in order to send Gao Ye to study in Beiying, his parents even sent 1 million yuan.

Gao Ye’s father was also reported to be selling aquatic products. Netizens roast that Gao Ye played his part in the wild storm. Her husband, Gao Qiqiang, sold fish in the wild storm, and his father also sold aquatic products in life. The netizen said that Gao Ye’s father owed a huge amount of money to gamble, just like his mother borrowed millions of money, but unexpectedly, Gao Ye’s father ran away and hadn’t paid back his mother’s money for so many years. The netizen who broke the news shouted that Gao Ye was so furious that Gao Ye had been on the hot search several times. Now that he has money to buy the hot search, I hope he can pay off the debt for his father.

Netizens asked Gao Ye if he could repay his father’s debt

Many netizens read the news and said that they were a little distressed about Gao Ye. After all, Gao Ye has worked hard in the entertainment industry for so many years to achieve his current achievements. It is likely that he will be dragged down by his father, a gambler. They also said that if they really want to collect debts, they should go directly to the court instead of randomly splashing dirty water on the Internet to Gao Ye. At present, Gao Ye has not given any response to this news.

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