Netizens reported “KTV male models paid escorts”, and the police in many places investigated the issue of paid escorts for male models

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“I’m an ordinary working family, and my family of three lives a happy and happy life. I never dreamed that my wife would meet a male model. I began to realize that it was because the family’s savings were always inexplicably much less, and my wife often made various excuses to socialize. Returning home, leaving children and families unattended…”

“I am also one of the victims. I really hate this place (absolutely). Now my family is broken up and quarreling, and the pain caused by divorce to my children is a place that deserves death…”

“It is open every day until six or seven in the morning. Most of the female customers are looking for male models, which corrupts the social atmosphere, affects social order, and destroys family feelings. I urge all leaders to strictly seal this place…”

On the website of Hunan Red Net’s “Voice of the People” column, there have been as many as 35 online posts about “paid escorts by male models” in the past two years. , but also the anger at the “paid male model’s escort” in entertainment venues, and a strong voice for the public security organs to investigate and punish.

Screenshot of KTV male model video reported by netizens. The pictures in this article are all unless marked: “The Voice of the People” column page

On June 15, The Paper reported that some netizens reported that the “Super Good Voice” KTV male model in the Ocean City of Heshan District, Yiyang, Hunan was paid to escort. The service was ordered to suspend business for three months for rectification, and 100,000 yuan of illegal income was confiscated.

Surging News statistics found that the above-mentioned reports involving “paid escorts by male models” also involved KTVs in cities, counties and districts in Zhuzhou, Yiyang, Yongzhou, Yueyang, Changde, Xiangtan, Hengyang and other places in Hunan. The police in many places have investigated and dealt with some entertainment venues suspected of paying male models to accompany them, and stated their position in their responses: The police will continue to severely crack down on pornography-related crimes in entertainment venues, and welcome to actively report problems and clues.

Report again and again

Paid escorts by male models lead to family separation and corrupt social atmosphere

On June 7, some netizens posted on the red net “Voice of the People”, “Reporting the Eurasian mass-selling KTV male model in Linxiang City Railway Station to provide paid escort services”. The post reported, “(Yueyang City) Linxiang Wulipai Railway Station’s only male model special exhibition on the fourth floor of the Eurasian mass-selling KTV male model paid to accompany the male model. Every day, the lights stay on all night, and it is often open until dawn. Due to the poor sound insulation on the fourth floor, it often disturbs the people. The only people who go to play are women with families and children, which not only ruins the social atmosphere, but also destroys family and marriage, which is harmful to society. It will cause bad harm.” The netizen said that the boss of the male model field is arrogant and domineering, doing whatever he wants, and the circle of friends promotes it every day.

KTV male model advertisement reported by netizens

“I hope that Linxiang will no longer have a male model field, one less family to get divorced, and one less family to hurt.” The netizen said.

In this regard, on June 16, the Linxiang City Public Security Bureau replied, “According to the relevant reports, our bureau quickly organized police forces to arrange and control, and launched a network closing operation on the evening of June 8. At present, the KTV has been shut down. The case is under further investigation.”

This is another recent response from the Hunan public security organs on reporting the existence of “paid male models escorting” in entertainment venues. On June 15, The Paper reported that some netizens reported that the “Super Good Voice” KTV male model in the Ocean City of Heshan District, Yiyang, Hunan was paid to accompany him. On June 13, the Heshan Branch of the Yiyang Public Security Bureau replied that on May 27, the public security brigade of the bureau organized a police force to conduct a surprise inspection of the KTV. After investigation, the place is suspected of providing paid escort services. At present, the public security organ has ordered the place to suspend business for three months for rectification, and has seized 100,000 yuan of illegal income.

Peng Mei News noticed that since May this year, there have been as many as 6 posts reporting that Yiyang KTV male models are paid to escort them. The local police imposed punishments such as suspending business for rectification and confiscation of illegal income for some entertainment venues that were found to have paid escorts.

On June 18, Peng Mei News used “male model” as the search term, and found 35 reports on the website of the popular voice column of the Red Net. Netizens in many places in Hunan reported that KTV had male models paid escort services. The time span of the reports was October 2020. month to June 2022. Among them, there are 20 “has been processed”, 5 “under process”, and 10 “unprocessed” responses from local public security and network information departments.

These reports involve KTVs in cities, counties and districts in Zhuzhou, Yiyang, Yongzhou, Yueyang, Changde, Xiangtan, Hengyang and other places in Hunan. In their reports, netizens from all over the country denounced the related KTVs for being filthy and filthy. “Male models are paid to escort” rampant, destroying the family and ruining the social atmosphere. Some also provide sex transactions such as sleeping with them, and some sell fake alcohol at high prices.

checked and checked

Strict investigations have been made in many places, and some KTVs have been investigated and committed again

According to The Paper, among the above-mentioned 35 online posts that the public security organs responded to as “handled”, many KTVs were found by the police to have paid male models to accompany them, and were ordered to suspend business, shut down, and confiscate illegal gains. There are also some behaviors such as paid escort of male models that have not been “found” after investigation, but the public security organ replied that “it will continue to severely crack down on pornography-related crimes in entertainment venues, and welcomes the general public to actively report problems and clues, and the public security organs will resolutely investigate and deal with them according to law. ”

Screenshots of a large number of male model videos on KTV reported by netizens

Among the KTVs under investigation, some were investigated and punished many times; some were not found to be paid escorts at first, but were verified in the subsequent surprise inspections and unannounced inspections.

For example, on April 28, 2021, a netizen reported “Taoyuan County Night Banquet KTV Male Model Paid Attendance”. The report stated that a male model in Taoyuan had a KTV special and implemented a paid escort service model. It is used as a cover, and the real business is a special show for male models. There are about 60 or 70 male models in the venue. The male model escort fee is not capped at 300, usually around 1,000. After 12 o’clock every day, the business is booming until 5 or 6 o’clock in the morning. , sometimes even at seven or eight o’clock, most of them are female guests who come to look for male models, corrupting the social atmosphere and affecting the social order.” “Because there are too many male models in the venue, some people’s girlfriends or wives go to the night party to play, which leads to many times at the night party. Downstairs, my husband or boyfriend saw or found that they were going to open a house together and they fought, fighting and fighting, which seriously affected social security.”

In response to this report, the Taoyuan County Public Security Bureau replied on May 6, 2021, that after investigation, “On January 6, 2021, the club was investigated by our bureau for paid escorts and ordered to suspend business for 3 months for rectification. Soon, the club was The clubhouse applied to the public security organ for resumption of work. After the acceptance, our bureau agreed to resume work on March 12. On the evening of April 29, our bureau organized a surprise inspection after receiving the report. After the club resumes work, there are still paid escorts. On April 30, our bureau ordered the club to suspend business for 6 months for rectification.”

On October 2, 2021, some netizens reported again “Taocheng Night Banquet KTV in Taoyuan County provides male model escort services”. The report said that Taocheng Night Banquet was renamed “No. 8” after KTV was closed for 6 months in May 2021 due to reports. The mansion”, “The boss is still the original boss, the legal person has made changes, and a certain fee is paid to the legal person every month. It reopened in less than a month.” And in July of that year, there was another serious brawl. Under the mediation of the police station, it was private. Reports have been unsuccessful many times, and there are often fights over robbing customers and sleeping customers, which has seriously affected the social atmosphere.”

Taoyuan County Public Security Bureau replied on October 13, 2021 that after receiving the report, the police immediately organized forces to conduct verification and investigation, and confirmed that in June 2021, when community police conducted a safety inspection of the industry premises in their jurisdiction, they found that the original business had been closed for rectification. The Taocheng Night Banquet and Entertainment Club has been renamed the No. 8 Mansion. “In the early morning of July 2, 2021, Cheng Mou, Zhang Mou, and Yu Mou beat others for no reason in the KTV of the No. 8 mansion and injured others. The police station reported the case of picking quarrels and provoking trouble to the county bureau for investigation. Yu Mou and Cheng Mou respectively On the afternoon of July 2 and July 5, he surrendered himself to the police station and truthfully confessed his illegal and criminal facts. At present, Yu has been under administrative detention according to law, Cheng has been arrested according to law, and Zhang has been chased and fled online. It is still under investigation.”

On November 15, 2021, a netizen reported that “Good Voice KTV has male models to provide paid services” in Dingcheng District, Changde. The local public security went to check the next day, “No male models were found to provide paid escorts.” However, half a month later, the police He replied again that after many organized police forces to conduct surprise inspections and unannounced inspections on “Good Voice KTV”, “It was found that there were illegal acts of accompany wine and accompanying singing in the Good Voice KTV on the third floor of Jiuguang Commercial Building, and the Good Voice KTV was ordered to suspend production and business for three years. months.”

to court

A 50-year-old divorced woman spends 890,000 yuan to support a post-95 male model

In numerous reports, the “paid escort of male models” was accused of destroying the family, corrupting the social atmosphere, and at the same time causing emotional and economic disputes of “three wrong views”.

According to a judgment issued by the Xiangtan County People’s Court in Hunan on June 1 this year, a nearly 50-year-old divorced business woman met a male model Hu born in 1995 at a KTV in Changsha and lived together for half a year. Then Zhou Mou sued Hu Mou for concealing the fact that he was married, and demanded to get back the more than 890,000 yuan he spent on Hu Mou. The civil dispute was condemned as “subverting the three views and the traditional moral cognition of normal people”.

The businesswoman published on the Judgment Documents Network sued the male model for a refund. Source: Judgment Documents Network

The judgment of the Xiangtan County People’s Court shows that Zhou, who was born in 1972, is a businesswoman. In early April 2021, when Zhou was consuming the “No. 3 Entertainment” KTV in downtown Changsha, he knew Hu, a paid escort practitioner of the KTV. After several consumptions, they developed good feelings for each other, and they started living together in late April. And Xiangtan County native Hu was born in 1995, Zhou is more than 20 years older than Hu. It can be said that Zhou and Hu spend a lot of money: for example, on April 18, 2021, when Zhou went to the mall, it cost 6,297 yuan to buy clothes for Hu at Dijaya, 3,600 yuan to buy Versace belts, and 12,450 yuan to buy shoes at LV. To sum up, the one-time consumption amounted to 22,347 yuan. It is normal for Hu to spend 10,000 to 20,000 yuan by booking a room at “No. 3 Entertainment” KTV. On June 15, 2021, “No. 3 Entertainment” KTV was investigated and dealt with by the public security organs for being involved in pornography, and was later closed.

In January 2022, Zhou sued Hu, claiming that she accidentally found out that Hu was married and that she was in a relationship with Hu for the purpose of marriage, but Hu used this to defraud her own property and conceal her marriage. Facts lead to misunderstandings.

Hu argued that Zhou fabricated the plot of his relationship with him for the purpose of marriage. The two parties knew each other from “No. 3 Entertainment” to accompany KTV for a fee. He was the male model of the KTV. Consumption on KTV of “No.3 Entertainment”. Hu said that Zhou maintained a relationship between men and women because he was young, handsome and understanding, not for the purpose of marriage. Zhou also contacted his wife Chen many times, and repeatedly revealed that he knew that Chen was his wife.

The Xiangtan County People’s Court held that the two met at a pornographic site. During the trial, Hu was outspoken about the purpose of interacting with Zhou, saying, “We have always treated Zhou as a client, and asked Zhou to give him money. Do your own performance”, and Zhou is only looking for stimulation, relieve loneliness, and get what they need from each other. Although this kind of deformed relationship originated from places of pleasure and illegal sex trade has been able to exist, it is more of a show of affection than true feelings for each other. Hu used his body and dignity as the price to win Zhou’s favor, and Zhou used money To make up for the huge age difference similar to mother and child, in exchange for Hu’s attention and short-term companionship, they are actually in a state of “nurturing and being supported” in popular terms. Relationships should be evaluated negatively.

On April 24, 2022, the Xiangtan County Court made a first-instance judgment: within 10 days after the judgment came into effect, Hu returned Zhou’s unjust enrichment of 70,000 yuan and rejected Zhou’s other claims.


If male model escorts are involved in sex trafficking, organizers should be convicted of organizing prostitution

Why are paid escorts so rampant? Is it difficult to investigate and deal with a large number of erotic edge ball situations?

In this regard, Wang Fu, a famous criminal defense lawyer, said that the prostitutes in the crime of organizing prostitution and assisting in the crime of assisting in organizing prostitution stipulated in Article 358 of the Criminal Law of our country include not only women but also men. Persons in prostitution under Articles 66 and 67 also include men. Prostitution is a sexual act with an unfixed object in exchange for a price or an agreement to accept a price in exchange for material rewards (money, gifts, etc.). If organized prostitution occurs in the paid escort, the organizer and those assisting the organizer can be investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with the Criminal Law, and the prostitutes are punished in accordance with the Public Security Administration Punishment Law; if the paid escort does not have prostitution, the Investigate and punish in accordance with the “Regulations on the Administration of Entertainment Places”.

He Xiaodian, the former vice president of the Hunan Provincial Criminal Law Research Association and a well-known lawyer, believes that paid escort, understood from a broad and broad perspective, includes all activities such as voluntary provision of paid companionship, care, service, and service to others, including legal professional services, including escorts for illegal and even criminals. Paid escort in a narrow sense is used in a pejorative sense in certain occasions, including escort behaviors accompanied by prostitution, drug addiction, gambling, illegal cohabitation and other illegal and criminal acts provided for a specific or unspecified person for a fee. Among them, sexual services, including sexual relations or sexually-related behaviors that are voluntarily and paid to an unspecified person based on human emotions, are actually prostitution. The organizer and assisting the organizer constitute the crime of organizing prostitution and assisting the organization of prostitution.

In addition, Wang Fu said, “According to Article 24 of the Regulations on the Administration of Entertainment Places, entertainment places are not allowed to recruit minors. Some online posts reported that there were places that recruited high school students and even minors to participate. The above content Although there is no confirmation from the public security organs, if there is a solicitation of middle school students and minors to participate in paid escort services, it may not only violate the “Labor Law” and the “Regulations”, but also violate the morality and ethics of the middle school students and minors. It will cause adverse effects and is not conducive to their healthy growth; if the escort is under the age of 14, the escort may also be suspected of child molestation.”

KTV male model report sticker in “The Voice of the People”

Wang Fu said that when paid escorts exist in entertainment venues, the escorts, whether male or female, often get along with the escorts in an ambiguous situation. From the content of many reported online posts, it can be seen that “paid escorts by male models” are not limited to The purpose of playing eroticism is to serve as a means of attracting traffic and high consumption in entertainment venues. There may also be high-priced selling of fake wine or high consumption by deceiving, enticing, and forcing consumers. If the fake wine is sold at a high price, it may be suspected of the crime of selling fake and shoddy goods. If the fake wine is poisonous and harmful and it is sold knowingly that the fake wine is mixed with toxic and harmful non-food raw materials, it may be suspected of the crime of selling poisonous and harmful food. If consumers are forced to consume by means of violence, coercion, etc., and the circumstances are serious, they may be suspected of the crime of forced transaction.

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