New York guerrillas – elements that drive America!

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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been authorized to reprint

Jim was bored playing with the pen in his hand, sometimes holding the end of the pen holder in his mouth, as if he wanted to smoke.

“Don’t you smoke?” The desert saw the desire behind Jim’s action.

“No, brother desert, when I was in college, I smoked. You know, our university is full of freedom. Smoking marijuana and smoking are very common. However, when I was in high school, my mother told me never to touch drugs. So I chose cigarettes. Later, because I wanted to work on Wall Street, in order not to be excluded or despised because of my skin color, I simply gave up smoking and became a well-dressed Wall Street Street investors. However, the subprime mortgage crisis in 2009 made us non white employees who were already on the edge of Wall Street the first to be laid off. Since then, I have stayed away from Wall Street and established New York guerrillas. But I kept the habit of not smoking. Even in the most difficult days, I still don’t smoke, take drugs or drink alcohol, so I have today. ” As he spoke, Jim proudly turned his seat and spread his hands upward. The wide office and the busy employees in the distance were within the range of his upper arms.

“Then why do you do this? I’ve never seen it before.” The desert asked strangely. He meant Jim sucking his pen to imitate smoking.

“I just thought of a question. Will marijuana become a driving force for our revolution in the United States?” Jim answered.

“Oh, why do you think so?”

“At the end of last year, the first drug abuse center was opened in New York, which shows that the means used by the U.S. government to anesthetize the underprivileged people have reached the level of omnipotence. At that time, you and I also visited those places. The answer is that this place is a garbage sorting place. Most of the people who rely on drug abuse centers to satisfy their drug cravings are in fact waste. Not only do they not have a rebellious spirit, on the contrary It is also more vulnerable to the manipulation of the government and capital. I remember when you said that when they lost themselves, they were walking dead. “

“Yes, that’s what I said. I also told you that you can’t find what you want there. The true revolutionary spirit must be positive, conscious and passionate, not decadent, confused and lifeless.” The desert said.

“However, I have studied the recent shootings in the United States. Many people have the habit of smoking marijuana. Can marijuana promote further unrest in the United States?”

“You mean it’s not the gun or the man, but the marijuana?” There was a strange look in the desert eyes.

“No, no, no, I don’t mean that. Yesterday, in the US Senate, the two parties reached an agreement on the preliminary content of a gun control bill. I looked at it and found that there was nothing practical. There were provisions such as stricter restrictions on the purchase of semi-automatic guns by people under the age of 21, and restrictions on the use of guns by people with extreme online comments. However, there was basically no progress in the real sense of gun control. Therefore, I I think in the next few years, based on the lifting of restrictions on marijuana in American States, such young gunmen will commit more and more crimes. Coupled with the fact that inflation in the United States is pushing up step by step, the pressure on social survival is increasing. People’s demand for marijuana will inevitably be higher and higher. A little makes a lot. Maybe a revolution with marijuana as the driving force will come into being. “

“I have also read some information about this. You said that Americans, especially the New York City Government, are very strict in banning smoking. It is said that only 16% of the people in New York currently smoke. Smoking is not allowed on many occasions in New York. But why should we lift the ban on marijuana? Is cigarettes more harmful to our health than marijuana?”

“This is probably the same reason as the difficulty of gun control. Capital is an important reason for these phenomena. I have a teacher who is a professor of Duke University. His school has conducted a comparative experiment on the harm of marijuana and cigarettes. He found that although cigarettes are more addictive than marijuana, as long as you quit smoking, you can stop the damage to the body. However, the damage of marijuana to the brain is irreversible, according to their report It is reported that a person who has smoked marijuana for a certain period of time will reduce his IQ by eight points. You said that the intelligence quotient of white people and African Americans is not as high as that of East Asians. After such a fuss about marijuana, isn’t that equivalent to being disabled? The simplification of thinking after smoking marijuana may be the internal reason for the simple and extreme performance. Therefore, many gunmen choose to act after smoking marijuana. “

“I see what you mean. Are you going to plant some marijuana? I’m afraid it will become an important material for the future American Revolution.” The desert smiled.

“Where do I need to grow marijuana by myself? Now countries around the world are promoting the legalization of marijuana. It seems that in a few years, marijuana will replace cigarettes as an important prop for people to relieve tension or show their charm. Those lovely medical experts will always find appropriate data to support the harmlessness of marijuana. For example, Thailand in Asia recently announced the legalization of marijuana cultivation and use, although the law stipulates that marijuana is not It has to be used for entertainment, but since it can be planted at home, how can the government restrict what it is used for? Therefore, I just need to understand these principles in advance, and then make some layout in the countries where marijuana is legalized and the states in the United States where marijuana is legalized. This thing is not difficult to get, even as a strategic material in the future. “

“Thailand does this because, on the one hand, they do not pay attention to the harmfulness of marijuana, on the other hand, they are trying to integrate with western countries. You know, Thailand is a tourist country, which relies on a large number of foreign tourists and Western pleasure seekers to consume in Thailand every year to support the national economy. Just imagine, if a Western pleasure seekers who can legally smoke marijuana in their own country can not freely get marijuana in Thailand, then How could he enjoy himself? Therefore, it is very important for Thailand to be in line with international standards. However, if marijuana is an important resource for you to act in the future, I’m afraid you still have to get involved in the marijuana industry in the United States. I wonder about one thing. Since marijuana has a trend to replace cigarettes, what capital will control the American Marijuana industry in the future? Can you become one of the main forces now that you are involved? “

“I’m investigating this matter, because the legalization of marijuana in the United States has not been promoted throughout the country, but what I know is that the Democratic Party’s financiers must be the largest shareholders. The legalization of marijuana is the first in California, and the drug injection center is the first in New York. These are the properties of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is good at using shady tricks, and the same is true for its own people. On the one hand, they have created a way to make money through the legalization of marijuana, and on the other hand, they The face anesthetizes people’s nerves through the proliferation of drugs. In the end, although it may make some Americans garbage, it can also make room for high-quality immigrants from all over the world. At present, I have found several partners in Canada. In the future, I may not be able to become a major supplier of cannabis in the United States, but self-sufficiency must be enough. ” Jim is full of confidence.

“Ha, that’s great. In fact, it’s more convenient to find partners in Latin American countries where drugs are prevalent.” The desert put forward its own suggestions.

“No, no, no, the image of Americans is declining rapidly in Latin America. At this Latin American summit, I saw the real decline of the United States. Bosonaro of Brazil, who is that? Trump’s staunch supporter, until now, he has not blocked his doubts about Biden’s legitimate election. But even so, Biden insisted on meeting him alone in Los Angeles. Before the meeting, bosonaro also warned the United States seriously The Chinese government is not allowed to talk about the Brazilian general election, human rights and democracy in the talks. Otherwise, don’t blame him for not giving face. However, the heads of more than a dozen countries including Cuba did not attend the Latin America summit. Let Biden painstakingly organize this meeting to show the dignity of the United States into a farce. At this time, we still seldom deal with people from Latin American countries. In particular, marijuana, which is on the edge of the law, will become a victim of Latin American countries’ anger at the United States. The gains outweigh the losses. ” Jim shook his head firmly, indicating that he was not interested in Latin American countries. His main interest was in the United States.

“Do you mean you have smelled Latin America’s betrayal of the United States?” Asked the desert.

“Not to mention betrayal, it should be estrangement. I remember that you, China, once said that you wanted to look down on the world. Now, Latin American countries are probably inspired by this sentence and begin to look down on the United States. Although this is only the beginning, it is already quite disturbing. If the United States does not correct it, it is possible that it will be looked down upon or even looked down upon by Latin American countries in the future.”

“Don’t worry about it. Even if the United States is divided in the future, it will be very difficult to happen. After all, when it comes to Elite Governance, the United States is still far better than Latin American countries. Just like the distance between marijuana and cocaine, it looks the same, but in fact it’s not the same thing.” The desert sprinkled a little cold water on Jim.

“In any case, if the United States continues like this, it will only become more and more chaotic and weaker, and may eventually return to the normal status in the history of North America.”

“Normal status? Oh, I see.” The desert couldn’t help laughing. Go on

“In any case, there will only be more and more social incidents caused by drug use in the United States. If you want to save the United States, you should seize the time to grow a variety of marijuana. It is also a natural thing to fight drugs with drugs.”

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