Nezha in the magic boy version is the real Nezha! How bad is the real Nezha?

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Nezha in the magic boy version is the real Nezha! How bad is the real Nezha? Let’s take a look at the following Chinese story network Xiaobian’s detailed introduction!

In the impression of many people, Nezha is a “little hero”. Not only did the cartoon many years ago depict Nezha as a good child, but also the image of Nezha in many TV dramas and animations has always been moving closer to good children, believing that Nezha killed the Dragon King prince to eliminate harm for the people. However, from the name of “demon boy coming to the world”, we can know that the Nezha in this is not a good person. But in fact, such Nezha is the closest to the real Nezha in ancient myths.


The image of Nezha in our impression is more derived from the well-known film and television works such as the list of gods and Nezha making trouble in the sea. The Nezha portrayed by them are freedom fighters who are not afraid of power and are born just.

In particular, the 1979 edition of Nezha making trouble in the sea created a legend of the era. Its image of a lotus child in white has long been rooted in the minds of several generations. However, another version of Nezha in Devil boy subverted this.

There are even comments that Nezha in the “magic child” version is more in line with the original image.

So which Nezha is closer to the original form?

I. origin of Nezha

From the perspective of the name Nezha, there is no clear Chinese character meaning, but from the perspective of image, it is also a typical Chinese doll image. Taken together, Nezha should belong to the localization of imported immortals.

It is generally believed that Nezha is one of the three great gods of the Haihui in our local religion – Taoism. In particular, Nezha’s family history is described in detail in the fairy Genealogy “Romance of the gods”: his father is Li Jing, commander of the chentangguan military region, and he is his third son.

However, looking at the whole novel, we can see that the names of all kinds of immortals are very regular, such as Jiang Ziya, Zhao Gongming, Shen Gongbao and so on. There are few strange names like “Nezha”.

Thus, it was suggested that the prototype of Nezha might be the Iranian Prince nuzar. He was one of the three sons of the famous Iranian king manuchehel, and also the prince of King manuchehel. He fought everywhere for the Empire and made great contributions.

Although he was finally killed, he was regarded as a saint in the country.


From the pronunciation of names to life experiences, they do have similarities, but similarities are not the same.

There is also a saying that it comes from the Great Buddha. As we all know, many Taoist deities are set up with reference to the Buddhist system. In Buddhism, there is a similar great God “Na Zha” (transliteration), who often plays the role of a pioneer.

According to this understanding, its original image should not be too different from that of angry King Kong.

However, in Taoism, this kind of appearance is obviously not enough. Especially in the Tang Dynasty, when Taoism was prevalent, the folk constantly sublimated this brave and fearless pioneer God. “Lotus incarnation, strange birth, one artifact, three heads and six arms, and 100 evils are invincible” were all added at this time.

In journey to the west, Nezha became the adoptive son (with Buddha as the father) and half disciple of the Buddha, but his main base was still the heaven of Taoism.

From a comprehensive perspective, it should be that after the hinduization of nuzal in Iran, he became the pioneer God nazha, and then transferred to China to become the Taoist God Nezha.

In the cultural inheritance of the confluence of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, angry King Kong has gradually transformed into a doll image.

If the female image of Guanyin Bodhisattva has successfully conquered female Buddhists, then Nezha’s doll image is the beginning of Taoist culture.


II. Spirit beads

“Magic boy” has an important setting for Nezha’s identity: the reincarnation of magic pill.

Both magic pills and spirit beads come from the heaven and earth’s most precious treasure, the mixed yuan bead. Yuanshi Tianzun separated the magic pills representing evil and the spirit beads representing good from the mixed yuan bead. Nezha, who was supposed to be reincarnated with a spirit bead, was reincarnated with a magic pill by mistake.

For this setting, the author must say: good change!

In the romance of gods, Nezha was a small Yamen with a bad temper. He had a bad temper and started to fight when he didn’t agree with him. The Yaksha and the crown prince of the Dragon Palace actually died very stifled.

However, the explanation of indiscriminate killing in the original book is that “Lingzhu reincarnates and commits murder and robbery”! Spirit beads are the most precious treasure of Taoism. With spirituality, they reincarnate into Nezha and are naturally murderous. What do you mean by that?

That is, people are “good” in birth, and killing is not against the law.

However, this explanation is awkward to look at, and its logical distortion is roughly equivalent to today’s “killing people with mental disorders is not against the law”.

However, the explanation of the magic child version tends to be reasonable: heroes are not born, and just heroes born after tomorrow may be born in the opposite of justice. This may be the so-called hero doesn’t ask where he comes from.


Therefore, the origin of Nezha in the “magic boy” version is inherited from the “Fengshen” and different from the “Fengshen”.

A question: three heads and six arms or three heads and eight arms?

As for Nezha’s magic power, it is clearly written in the journey to the West that “three heads and six arms startle the world and make Nezha’s ghosts and gods sad”. However, in the romance of God, it has become “eight arms have become a magic skill, and three heads should not be taken for granted”.

“Eight armed Nezha” has a great market: old Mr. Jin Yong wrote “eight armed Nezha” Qin Naizhi, and later discovered that even the nickname of Beijing is “eight armed Nezha city”.

There is a market for both the six arm and the eight arm?

According to the traditional thinking of the Chinese people, the probability should be “three heads and six arms”. According to the research of experts, it is very likely that six were copied into eight in the process of copying, and then it was simply wrong.

In Fengshen, there are eight weapons in the eight arms: Heaven and earth circle, heaven and earth bow, huntian damask, Zhentian arrow, wind and fire wheel, fire pointed gun, Kowloon divine fire hood, gold brick, yin and Yang Sword. Most of these weapons are the property of master Taiyi.

The six arms in the journey to the West are six weapons: Demon cutting sword, demon cutting knife, demon binding rope, demon subduing pestle, Hydrangea ball and nine joint whip.


III. personality

Nezha is a great Buddha God in the Taoist system (of course, his temperament is not Buddhist). Regardless of his image, he is a brave and fearless King Kong pioneer.

In our mythology system, people constantly endow him with various personalities and legends, which makes his noble divinity mixed with complex human nature.

Looking at Nezha’s path to becoming a God, it is not a smooth one, but rather a muddy and rugged one. Even if there are countless magic weapons and noble origins, all of them need to be upright and upright. Becoming a God or a demon is only in one thought.

In Fengshen, it is not uncommon for immortals and demons to change their positions.

In the face of adversity and confusion, only the truly fearless can hold on to their original intentions without wavering.

In Chinese history, the situation of emperor zhezong of the Northern Song Dynasty was somewhat similar to that of Nezha: his grandmother, confidants, and ministers were all soft and appeasement.

However, in such a growing environment, song zhezong was able to uphold integrity, restore the new law, destroy the Tubo, and subdue the party. He may be the true Nezha of our nation. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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