Nezha was sent down to earth by immortal Taiyi. Why didn’t Taiyi take care of so many things?

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Nezha was sent down to earth by immortal Taiyi. Why didn’t Taiyi take care of so many things? China story network Xiaobian brings detailed articles for your reference.

In the romance of gods, what Nezha did on earth can be said to be evil. He was not the kind of person who was forced to resist because he was in a hurry, but his nature was like this. After killing Ao Bing, Nezha had no repentance at all. He had to confront Li Jing and finally committed suicide without admitting his mistake. As the master of Nezha, immortal Taiyi did so many things for his disciples in his previous life and reincarnation. Why didn’t immortal Taiyi care?


Nezha is a well-known name. There are many stories about Nezha. When he was a child, he left the impression that he was simply an omnipotent little hero. Nezha fought bravely against Shiji Niang in the sea. In order to prevent Shiji Niang’s conspiracy from succeeding, he fought bravely and finally killed Shiji and won. He was also admired by many children and regarded as an idol. When we grew up watching Nezha in the romance of the gods, it was completely different. We thought that he was a “bear child” who was unreasonable, bullied people, and caused trouble everywhere. It left a bad impression on many people.

The birth history of Nezha is described in detail in the apotheosis. His body is a spirit bead, which can be regarded as a spiritual magic weapon of immortal Taiyi. Later, zunyuan Shitian let the spirit bead reincarnate to prepare for the great cause of apotheosis in the future. Immortal Taiyi respected the law to reincarnate lingzhuzi into Li Jing’s family, so Nezha, who was pregnant for three years and six months, was born. Little Nezha was born with unique skills. He brought his magic weapon heaven and earth circle and huntian silk. He was very powerful.

Nezha knew what his mission was. This time, he was able to have such a great reincarnation of nature to prosper the Zhou Dynasty and destroy the Shang Dynasty. With the protection of his master, immortal Taiyi, he was even more free to do whatever he wanted. Bathing in the Donghai Bay could cause disasters. He almost knocked down the Dragon Palace with huntian damask. The Dragon King Ao Guang sent Li Gen, a sea patrol Yaksha, to check it out. After saying a few words, Nezha killed him with that circle of heaven and earth, Later, the Third Prince of the Dragon Palace came out to argue with Nezha. He didn’t know how high and powerful he was. He even killed the third prince and took the Dragon tendon. Later, the Dragon King came to him and didn’t apologize and admit his mistake. The angry dragon king went to heaven to tell the imperial court. Only then did he know that he was afraid and asked the master for help. Who knew that immortal Taiyi gave him the idea of letting Nezha go to heaven to stop the old dragon king and beat him down.


The incident was over, and there was another incident. He secretly pulled the Zhentian bow left by Xuanyuan Yellow Emperor and shot the doorboy of Shiji Niang with an arrow. When people came to him, Nezha was very naughty. He not only didn’t apologize, but also scolded people. The angry Shiji Niang went to Taiyi immortal to reason with him. Who knew that Taiyi immortal’s protection of her shortcomings was somewhat outrageous. Instead, he taught Shiji Niang a lesson and used the nine dragon divine fire mask to make her original shape, Poor Shiji Niang’s thousand year practice was ruined. As soon as the matter was over, the old dragon king and the other three Dragon Kings filed a complaint with the imperial court. The Jade Emperor agreed with their story of catching Nezha and asking for help. He came to Li Jing’s house and asked for important people. Nezha saw that things were bad, and knew that he had made a big mistake, and didn’t want to implicate his parents. Then he ran to immortal Taiyi for help. When he had an idea, he went back with his sword in front of his face, went to his arm first, and then dissected his stomach. He gouged out his intestines and bones and scattered his soul. This is the end of the matter. It can also be said that in order not to affect parents, filial piety can be shown. However, this can not justify his evil deeds.

Later, he threatened his mother to build a temple for him to rebuild his golden body. Unfortunately, Li Jing found out and smashed the temple. So Nezha remembered his hatred and thought that he had returned his parents’ flesh and blood. In wuguaga, the angry Nezha was bent on killing Li Jing. Later, he was suppressed by lighting lamps and exquisite pagodas before he became honest. Since then, Nezha became sensible and made great contributions to the great cause of deification. He was also the best of the three generations of disciples.

He did so many evil things, and the master also helped. Many readers said that there were just as many disciples as there were masters. In fact, we all wrongly blamed immortal Taiyi. There was a reason for Nezha to cause trouble and mischief. In the original book, immortal Taiyi explained the reason in the 12th time when Nezha was born in chentangguan. But we didn’t care. What was it? When Nezha was born, immortal Taiyi came to Li Jing’s house to take him as an apprentice and asked Li Jing, “when did this son fall?” Li Jing replied, “I was born in an ugly time.” the Taoist said, “it’s not good.” Li Jing asked, “can’t you raise this son?” The Taoist said, “No. this son was born ugly and committed 1700 murders.” it turns out that everything Nezha did was originally arranged by God. He committed so many murders from his birth that he could compete with the twelve immortals. However, in order to prosper the Zhou Dynasty and destroy the Shang Dynasty, he had to try his best to resolve it. This explains why Nezha was so naughty, and the master still had to protect him.

Immortal Taiyi seems to protect his shortcomings, and his way of thinking in educating his disciples is also very bold. He instructs his disciples to beat people, helps them kill people, instructs them to commit suicide, encourages them to kill their father, and secretly asks his fellow disciples to subdue them to sharpen their minds. The cause and effect of the human world can be broken only by the means of monasticism. One is to return the cause with the result, and to kill with the killing. Take Nezha’s suicide as an example. Second, destroy the cause and the fruit, and kill to stop the killing. Take the killing of Shiji Niang as an example. But it has to be said that his method was successful, and finally he educated a good fairy who was loved by the world.


About Nezha’s bad deeds, it is hateful. However, there is an old saying that “people are not saints and sages, who can do nothing wrong.” yes, if we don’t talk about Nezha, we should have done a lot of wrong things when we were young. When our angry parents jumped, but when we grow up, don’t we know how to abide by the law and respect the old and love the young? So, it doesn’t matter if you do something wrong, but you need someone to guide you and help you correct it. Children will eventually understand. For friends with children, Xiaobian will say more here. It’s inevitable that their children will have some bad problems, which will make parents unhappy. In fact, we can think in another way. Are we good enough? Do you always pay attention to your child’s every move? Have you carefully observed your child’s hobbies and personality? Have you the patience to guide children? Believe me, no one in the world is perfect at birth. Children are naturally born, but they also need careful guidance from parents before they can become successful. If you ask yourself whether you can do the above, I believe your children will be dragons and phoenixes among people in the future. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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