Ni Hongjie asked her boyfriend for a diamond ring, but she said she would not affect her relationship

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There are many female stars in the entertainment industry whose marriages don’t seem to be so smooth, especially those with particularly good career development. Ni Hongjie has experienced an imperfect marriage before, and even paid tens of millions of debts for her ex husband after divorce. Now Ni Hongjie has started a new love life and has a boyfriend who has been dating for many years. Ni Hongjie refused to ask her boyfriend for a diamond ring, but Ni Hongjie said that this matter would not affect the relationship between the two people. What’s the specific matter? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Ni Hongjie asked her boyfriend for a diamond ring and was rejected

Ni Hongjie recently talked about an incident between herself and her boyfriend when she was a guest on the program. Ni Hongjie said that she once asked her boyfriend for a diamond ring, and her words also revealed that she wanted to enter marriage again. As a result, her boyfriend was very straight and asked Ni Hongjie why she wanted a ring. Ni Hongjie didn’t like wearing jewelry at ordinary times.

Her boyfriend even told Ni Hongjie that Ni Hongjie already had a diamond ring, so she didn’t need to buy any more. The diamond ring in Ni Hongjie’s boyfriend’s mouth is the wedding ring given to Ni Hongjie by her ex husband. Ni Hongjie said that she couldn’t laugh or cry. She felt that her boyfriend was one track minded. She only saw that she wanted a diamond ring and didn’t get the idea that she wanted to get married at all.

Ni Hongjie said it would not affect her feelings

But Ni Hongjie said that he and his boyfriend have been in love for ten years, and the two have long passed the running in period, so this matter will not become a disaster in Ni Hongjie’s mind, and will not affect the emotional state of the two people at all. Many netizens are also very curious about who Ni Hongjie’s boyfriend is. Ni Hongjie’s boyfriend is the staff behind the scenes. Ni Hongjie met her boyfriend who was the executive director of the crew when she was filming the TV series love long herb fragrance. The two people had a lot of communication at work, and then gradually became friends, and later developed into lovers.

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